Sonic Plays Best Hedgehog At Wedding

Sonic Plays Best Hedgehog At Wedding

SEGA France’s blog The Blue Room have added a new entry today regarding Sonic making a special guest appearance on Saturday at the wedding of a young woman called Alexandra who according to the blog makes regular appearance’s at trade fairs.

This Saturday the little Alexandra-some of you know her for having crossed here and there when attending trade fairs, married. Sonic himself came to him a little surprise visit to congratulate her at the exit of the town hall. Nice of him

PS: I said, it’s Sonic’s left and not the husband Alex

You can join us to congratulate her, of course!

Can’t say I know who Alexandra is myself but SEGA France sound like they know her, regardless congratulations anyway Alexandra from all of us at TSS. I wish Sonic could have attended my wedding, how about you guys and gals?


  1. I’m gonna make the music to my wedding myself, and I’m gonna slip in a few arrangements of Lava Reef Zone and Sky Sanctuary Zone here and there. Not that I’m getting married any time soon, but that’s one thing I always wanted to do.

    Also, my wedding music is gonna be NOTHING like my comedy music.

  2. There was that episode of AoStH called “Best Hedgehog”. In that one sonic wore the wedding dress and tried to marry Robotnik.

  3. The idea of sonic at your wedding rocks! And why stop at Sonic music, make the entire wedding Sonic themed, with an arcade of every sonic game, sonic wedding cake, just sonic everything.

  4. Let’s not take it too far guys, you still have a while to plot this stuff out……when you actually get engaged and have a girl/guy who says:

    “Hell no Sonic!”

    Course that won’t stop me…

  5. This would seriously make my wedding day.

    On another note, the guy I marry would HAVE to like Sonic at least a fraction of the amount I do. Or else it wouldn’t work out.

    …but I’ve got at LEAST 10 years until then. Thank God.

  6. I had a Sonic blue theme at my wedding! The wedding invitation design had Sonic and rings included lol. My profile page shows my very smart Sonic plushie taking part in the celebrations. My bouquet had blue roses, and as table treats we had blue sticks of rock – it was ace!

  7. I had thought about playing DREAM COME TRUE’s Sweet Dream, the English song, at my wedding. Maybe have it be the song that plays while walking down the isle.

    I wish I was kidding about that…

  8. I believe it is required by law that the Justice of the Peace must ask: “And who are YOU supposed to be?”

  9. @TheHumbleFellow and doc a doc: LOL Most sensible comments up there. 🙂

    Personally, I’d be a little concerned if I were marrying a woman who wanted to make everything at our wedding Sonic-related. I mean, I’d like to marry someone at least a little less strange than me. Although I have thought it would be cool to have T.J. Davis perform at the wedding. Hmm, Sonic as ring bearer would be really cool…

  10. @YoshiAngemon:

    “I believe it is required by law that the Justice of the Peace must ask: “And who are YOU supposed to be?””



  11. @imarafan

    I believe the answer would best be this:

    “Best Hedgehog, of course.” “YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!”

  12. @YoshiAngemon:

    It’s obviously “I’m Sonic! Sonic the hedgehog!”

    This is adorable, though just a little disturbing. 🙂 That’s gonna be one strange photo in the wedding album. The kids’ll be impressed.

  13. Aww, that was sweet of him. I hope the couple had plenty of chili dogs at their reception!

  14. …. WOAH. I want sonic to visit me at my wedding. Although, my wedding won’t be for, like 15 years.

    It would be so cool if at least PART of the wedding was sonic-themed, or at least the afterparty(or something).

  15. I swear, that is almost as cool as what I have planned for my wedding. My wedding is gonna be off the charts, the hook, the chain, the grid, and most importantly, the wagon (get it? Strong Bad?). First I’m gonna have Dream Theater come out and perform “I Walk Beside You” then I’m gonna have Limozeen come in and perform “Brain Sisters”… or I’ll play them myself… since I can do that… on my keyboard…

    And my wedding will have a cake that looks like Green Hill Zone, and you know how they have the dolls on the tops? Mines gonna be Sonic and Amy. As much as I hate Amy… ooh! It’ll be classic Amy! She was cool back then!

    And all the cool people in the world are gonna be there. You guys can come too… I mean, I think all of you guys are cool…

  16. Oh, and the guy that you had on here a while back playing Dr. Robotnik’s theme on the Accordion will be there. He’ll play the accordion version of “My Destiny”, because, I don’t care what any of you guys say, Sonic 06 was an awesome game!

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