Sonic Free Riders Split-Screen Footage

Sonic Free Riders Split-Screen Footage


Thanks to PunchJump we now have the above video of two player split-screen action in Sonic Free Riders. We see more of Jet the Hawk and get our first look at Tails being played in the game by the second player. Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 device doesn’t appear to have any problems detecting both players movement even with all of the waving going on so controls aren’t a big issue thus far and no doubt improvements will be made in the run up to release Late 2010.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Only one word can sum up the epic that seems to excude from this game: AWESOME.

    Sonic Free Riders=DAY 1 PURCHASE!(If i get the Kinect or if you can use the standard controller)

  2. That would suck…

    Split screen is where it’s at. Online play=no split screen. No split screen=crap

  3. @Edge

    What? If there’s online play it RISES the possibility of local split screen play, and Sonic Riders has always had split screen, it NEEDS online.

    Which reminds me….. Warez duh online SAYGUH?

  4. i think its funny how so many people were like oh this isnt gonna be a good game cmon sega ur failing again and so on, and they see that and go wow! awesome nice work sega (i dont mean people on this site)

  5. Looks great. I’d love if this will work with 4 players. We haven’t really had a chance to see that feature yet. Otherwise, this looks like the best Kinect game so far.

  6. Funny. I thought the Riders series would have died out by now. (I’m not too big a fan of it myself) Actually looks pretty cool, though, with the Kinect and all.

  7. I think Riders should have always been played this way since it’s a different kind of Sonic game, but whatev, it’s not like that technology was available when it first came out. I’m glad though, this definately looks promising.

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