Sonic Free Riders: IGN Impressions & Video Demonstration

Sonic Free Riders: IGN Impressions & Video Demonstration


IGN got to actually get inside Sonic Free Riders E3 greenhouse glass sealed area and get an extensive look at the games’ menu’s and first level aswell as hear details about the game, it’s development and it’s music and sound effects. Menu wise we see some of the Extreme Gears(the hover boards) in the game aswell as the characters seen in previous videos, the menu is very interactive with Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 device like the whole dashboard seen at Microsoft’s press conference.

Though they could film the SEGA rep and his actions, filming of the game still required IGN’s camera to be outside of the glass box but they still managed to a good view of the screen. SEGA’s rep reveals that character type specific short cuts are back as standard such as Knuckles’ punching ability to get through walls, the level-up system is in the E3 demo but the developers are still discussing wether that will stay in the game or not. The rep makes a point that nothing in the game at this stage of development is set in stone so we could still see alot of things change as we build up to release which SEGA has set as Late 2010.

IGN eyes-on impressions link
IGN video demonstration direct link

Thanks to Yong at the SSMB for the find and thanks to Woun also at the SSMB for the YouTube video conversion!

[youtube][/youtube] We’ve also come aross another gameplay video of Wave the Swallow in action by SBARTSTV which you can view above.

Thanks to Sweet Mountain Zone at the SSMB for the heads up on the second video!

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  1. Gah. I really want this now XD I don’t really want to have to buy a 360 for this though, so I’ll probably end up missing out unless they do something with it for the Wii.

  2. hopefully the level up system isn’t like the one in zero gravity where you have collect 30 rings to upgrade your gear just to grind/fly/punch through shortcuts. please be like the riders 1 where every 30 rings gives you speed, better attacks and increased air gauge.

  3. How about the game actually being good….

    Sorry but people who really enjoyed the last two Riders games really need to play some decent racers.

    The list of improvements that could be made to the formula is beyond me…….

  4. @ ProjectZuel

    The original Sonic Riders is the only racing game I like. You’re opinion on racing games is not everyone else’s. I hate games like Ridge Racer, Forza, every non DS Mario Kart, or Gran Turismo (games that are considered *better than decent racers*) so please don’t come on here and bash peoples opinions.

    I’m currently concerned about these things: Will the game have a level up system, mission mode, and a light-hearted story like the first one? And a very important one… how do you pause?

  5. @ Max Firestorm

    You should get a 360 if you want to play great Sonic games! (Wow. I usually say get a PS3…) It has great games like Sonic Unleashed and Sonic 06 (as long as you can ignore glitches)

  6. Once again, this looks like oodles and oddleloodles of fun!! Really dissapointed that I wont be getting it, unless someone decides to get me an XBOX360 AND Kinect for Christmas. And the game as well. From what I’m seeing I’d say the game looks quite responsive, I’d assumed it’d be a little difficult to turn, but it looks pretty simple. I’m liking the punching. C:

  7. @Edge: “You should get a 360 if you want to play great Sonic games! (Wow. I usually say get a PS3…) It has great games like Sonic Unleashed and Sonic 06 (as long as you can ignore glitches)”

    You’re kidding, right?

  8. @ needsmail1

    My catchphrase on this site is “I actually liked Sonic 06”. I think the game is fantastic. Why? I don’t let glitches, speed and loading screens ruin my fun.

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