Sonic Free Riders Gameplay Video

Sonic Free Riders Gameplay Video


Destructoid have posted up the first gameplay video of Sonic Free Riders on their YouTube channel. As we informed earlier, the demo is limited to demonstrations by SEGA staff only within a clear glass box for press to view the game through. The demo contains a selectable character roster of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Jet, Wave and Storm (though Amy can also be seen as an AI character) and a few laps of just one track.

The game looks to be going back to its air system seen in the first game where you gain air depending on a ranking you obtain from pulling off tricks on jumps then spending your air on boosting, only now players don’t leave air streams behind to drag others off course. As explained in the games press release you can use Kinect’s motion controls to launch items at your opponents but it seems you can also use Kinect controls when attacked such as clearing sludge off your screen when it is thrown at you. Kinect is also used in the track demoed to swim in a short water area, the faster you swim the quicker you move which fits in well with a racing game such as this.

Check out the video yourself and let us know your oppinions in the comments!

Thanks to riaz976 at the SEGA Forums for the find!

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  1. I’m impressed. That looks like it could actually be fun. It’s like Tony Hawk Ride (in a good way), but you can actually jump, and you don’t have to use a crappy board controller.

  2. oh wowowwoooow this new Xbox looks MUCH better than Wii. I wanna buy this game and ride XD

  3. Its like a Sonic version of eyetoy’s Antigrav, except 10 times better ­čśÇ

  4. This is an awesome way to get gamers off their asses.

    Fuckin’ buying this. WITH the kinect.

  5. So why don’t they let the guests play? hmmm, maybe because it is just a recorded video of the gameplay that the SEGA workers have memorized so as to make the game look responsive and fun? You never know. Even so, Jet’s response time to the guys jumping around was not the best. Good graphics though and the dolphin thing was awesome.

  6. I guarantee I’ll end up playing this the same way I played the first game: with goggles on and a fan in front of my face the entire time! Dang, this looks so realistic! SEGA and Nintendo are making me feel like a kid again! After watching this footage it’s shown me that SEGA are really the only people who showed a revolutionary game at E3! I want this so badly now, I guess I’m getting the 3DS, Kinect and a keytar by the end of this year…

  7. Once again it seems the majority are just letting first glances at the game immediatly tell them the quality of the finished product. In fairness this is all we have of the game so far and thus the only thing to get enthusastic about.

    Using the Kinect for a racing board game may seem like a good idea on paper but can anyone actually look at this and say it was a resppnsive experience? Apart from response time issues (which can be fixed) the shallow trick system of the Sonic Riders series has just been dumped down further, the guy was clearly doing a simple spins (jeez that will grate quickly) and jumps and he was getting perfect scores. Then again will the system be able to adapt to different jumps and grade them correctly?

    Accuracy uncertainties are the main issue here and it may take something better than this to ease my concerns that Kinect is a gimmiky addition hampered by lack of button adoption.

  8. You have to do your own spins?!! Doesn’t Sega realize that could be exhausting/dangerous for some people?

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