Sonic Colours Wii Tropical Resort Zone Boss Footage

Sonic Colours Wii Tropical Resort Zone Boss Footage


Courtesy of Game Plus Network we have the above new footage of Sonic Colours Wii from E3. The video is of Tropical Resort Zone which we’ve seen before but if you scroll to the 1:57 mark you’ll see the boss fight in action, which until now we’ve only really seen screenshots of. The boss fight is very short at just 3 hits but we’re told by Dusk the Alan Wake Keeper at the SSMB who attended E3 that a SEGA representative informed him that the hit total was kept short just for the E3 demo as a taster and associated cut scenes were also removed from the demo.

Since this is the first boss video it’s as good as time to say this, I was concerned about the boss only being 3 hits too, but a rep at E3 who I asked said the demo stage was edited for E3 to keep it a taste, including lowering the boss hit count (and the seen cut stages). So the final first boss likely won’t be just 3 hits, just they lowered it for the demo.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the find!


  1. The Egg Freaky Eye?

    I hope they put in chase-the-boss battles like Unleashed as well.

  2. EGG FLOWER, GO!! [/eggbeetle]

    What’s that supposed to be? An Eye Egg Flower? Egg Cyclops Flower 8D

  3. Looks sort of confusing at first, but after seeing what your supposed to do it looks nice. Just some more awesome from Sonic Colors C:

  4. I’m glad to know it will take more hits to kill him. I beat him in 30 seconds!!

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