Sonic Colours Wii: Full E3 Sweet Mountain Act 2 Demo Video

Sonic Colours Wii: Full E3 Sweet Mountain Act 2 Demo Video


We posted some Sweet Mountain Wii gameplay footage yesterday that claimed to be Act 1 footage but now we have a video of the full Act 2 E3 demo from WiiNintendo’s YouTube channel including Act 2 title cards that prove yesterdays video from HedgehogZone was in fact Act 2 footage. Despite being the same stage, the footage shown yesterday was barely over a minute long while this video displays the full E3 demo of the stage so it’s still worth a look. In the extra footage we get to see more side-scrolling action including a pool of popcorn(yes popcorn) and some more platforming which should put a smile on some faces before finishing with a grind rail ring collectathon.

We’ll keep an eye out for some Act 1 gameplay footage and report back here but it appears that this level is cut short for the E3 demo which is evident by the Act ending with a Goal Ring instead of a Wisp capsule, plus there is an Egg Pawn aswell as some obstactles on a path seen behind the goal ring so Act 1 might not be on the showfloor which would explain why the first video poster HedgehogZone mistook the stage for Act 1 despite the Act 2 notice at the start.


  1. I wonder how many zones and acts are in this game. If these acts are short I hope there won’t only be 7 Zones. Hoping for double the amount. No Werehog/other playable characters should equal way more regular sonic stage.

  2. Even I have to admit it’s looking good. Though I’m going to wait for written impressions of the game, to get an idea of how the mechanics handle before I start aplauding Sega for getting it right. Looks like the drifting is bad and the wide course at the start subtely backs this up so I’m glad the large part of this level took place in a 2D plane.

    If there are problems I hope Sega fixes them unlike how they usually just leave them hanging.

  3. 2 things

    1. I hope it has the optional GameCube control compatibility like Unleashed did. Unleashed was so much better with the GC control.

    2. I hope Sonic eats Chili Dogs in this game. Lots and lots of Chili Dogs.

  4. @sonictoast lol, he might find a mountain of them somewhere in a cutscene.

    Looking forward to this game and this looks like a good year for the hedgehog. I already have an idea of what it plays like from playing Unleashed, and that is awesome stuff 😀

  5. Why would an amusement park be full of spikes and collapsing floors? Did Eggman bribe the safety inspector or something?

  6. This looks most likely like a starter stage :l Hope its harder. But at least we get side step. I wonder why that dork playing cant drift >: Bah fail….I hope to see more in the future ~_^

  7. That is some super creative level design. I’m glad SEGA took some of the zip out of Sonic’s speed so that you can actually play the game.

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