Sonic Colours & Sonic 4 Dev Walkthrough Videos and Sweet Mountain Act 1

Sonic Colours & Sonic 4 Dev Walkthrough Videos and Sweet Mountain Act 1


Gametrailers have uploaded some new videos showcasing even more gameplay footage Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and Sonic Colours Wii but with the added bonus of the games staff members giving out some more details as they play. The staff on hand are David Allen, SEGA of America Brand Manager (Sonic Colours) and Ken Balough, SEGA of America Associate Brand Manager (Sonic 4). David doesn’t reveal much apart from the fact that both versions of Sonic Colours will have online leaderboards where you can post up your best Act clear times. Ken Balough doesn’t really reveal anything we don’t already know either but the footage is nice. Check out the Sonic 4 videos at the below aswell as a Sonic Colours on screen camera recording of Sweet Mountain Act 1.

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Sonic 4 walkthrough video 1 and video 2.

Sonic Colours developer walkthrough

Sweet Mountain Act 1 gameplay video

Many thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the Sonic Colours heads up and YouTube video conversions, appreciate it!

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  1. Shadz, the guy narrating the video says at around 1:50 that the scores can be put up on the DS console.

  2. is it just me? Or does Sonic’s voice sound a bit different. I’m only basing it off his attack grunts, but it sounds a little deeper than usual.

  3. This looks extremely fun! and also that’s like the 4th game this year! SEGA’s been busy.

  4. The second vid looks like its been shortened, because there appears to be a ramp behind the capsule.

  5. Sonic Colours really is looking impressive. That drill wisp thing looks like it has the most potencial for fun game design, as long as Sega stretchs their imagination. I still want to know from a good source how the game actually handles as this is the most important and least covered area.

  6. G4tv just finally showed a preview of Sonic 4 lol. from my tv screen the graphics for the 360 version look fantastic

  7. After seeing this, I simply CANNOT wait for Sonic Colors. Definetly looks like the best 3D Sonic game since the adventures. Fast, love the levels, they looks very colorful and fun, love what Ive heard of the music, and I’m liking the interactive score screen! Can’t wait. C:

  8. @ Sonictoast

    It’s because the Wii and Nintendo DS are the two best selling game consoles of this generation, so obviously, if they put the games on those consoles, they will sell extremely well.

    Colors is seriously looking like the best Sonic game since Adventure 2 and 06, my only issue is that Sonic’s sprite looks way too small, so it might be hard for me to see him, especially since the only console I play on my plasma TV is my PS3 (and occasionally my 360) so I’ll be stuck with Sonic being extremely small on my already small TV. As for 4, it looks pretty awesome too. Much better than it originally did.

  9. “I’m curious why colors is exclusive to Nintendo.”

    @sonictoast I think it’s because the Wii is easy to develop for – they’ve always had to find ways of slowing Sonic down or padding the games out to make them last longer on HD consoles (or end up with something unfinished like ’06) because the levels take so much more time, effort and money to make being that textures have so many more layers etc., by making this a Wii exclusive they don’t have to put half as much detail in it and yet it still looks good for the system, cutting down development time to about a quarter thus saving a hell of a lot of money – and I imagine an HD one is being worked on in the background as well, with this Wii exclusive strategically timed. Sonic runs at up to 300 miles per hour in the Hedgehog engine, so if they want a Sonic-only game they need to hire enough staff to model and texture 300 miles of level for every hour of gameplay, something much easier and more cost-effective to achieve on a system which doesn’t ask for detailed HD graphics.

  10. In Sonic Colors i see… uninspired level design and some degree of difficulty regarding controls (second vid, guy has a bit of trouble making smooth turning)

    Prove me wrong, Sega!

  11. And I’m just gonna get this out now: I really hate the ring boxes in Sonic 4. I hate being one of “those people”, but seriously, they look like they were edited in in the last minute.

  12. About Sonic Colors: OH MY GOSH, It’s the daytime levels of Unleashed! SEGA actually gave us what we asked for! *le gasp*

  13. @Sam:
    “I imagine an HD one is being worked on in the background”

    i really really hope so haha, im so gutted that colours isnt on the 360 or PS3, im praying they release it a few months afterwards, or even better and surprise us with a 360/PS3 release at the same time. I would be so happy lol
    although something in my head is telling me not to get my hopes up about colours for the 360 =[

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