Sonic 4 Website Updates With Fansite Kit #1

Sonic 4 Website Updates With Fansite Kit #1

SEGA have updated the official Sonic the Hegdehog 4: Episode 1 website but not with the usual content you’d expect, instead they’ve unveiled a surprise Sonic 4 Fansite Kit #1 which contains artwork, Xbox 360 version screenshots, music and a wallpaper. The content isn’t anything we haven’t already seen on the website but you have to admit it’s still pretty cool of SEGA to bundle it altogether for you to view, listen to and use however you wish on your computer outside of the internet.

Thanks to Crash at the SSMB for the heads up!


  1. Nice =D
    And good job on all the updates Shadzter, god knows there was a million of them

  2. @ Brocky_Christ
    Thanks, I’ve been doing my best so it’s good to hear someone appreciates it 🙂

    If there’s any you missed you’ll find them archived in the Sonic News link in the sidebar on the left of the site.

  3. Wait, Shadzter has been updating this site almost all on his own for the past few days? Then he really needs some type of award, there have been way too many updates to count in the past few days!

  4. Oh, Shadzter, can you post a link for the poor souls that can’t type in their adress bar?

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