SEGA Japan’s Sonic Free Riders Site Now Live, First 3 Screenshots

SEGA Japan’s Sonic Free Riders Site Now Live, First 3 Screenshots

After yesterdays official reveal of Kinect for Xbox 360 title Sonic Free Riders SEGA of Japan have now launched their official website for the game which gives us our first look at the game via 3 screenshots and a background image on the site showing one of the tracks. The screens show how the game is played via a silhouette displaying body actions for steering, balancing and collecting rings. Nothing else is shown on the site apart from already seen artwork of Sonic and Jet but no doubt the site will expand as time goes by.

Thanks to Sweet Mountain Zone at the SSMB for the heads up and thanks to Woun also at the SSMB for grabbing the screens and background!


  1. Maybe its just me, but the graphics aren’t that great for a 360 game…I do want to play it, though..

  2. A Sonic Riders game… WITH GOOD GRAPHICS!? This is what Sonic needs. Gamecube graphics! None of this ‘holy crap Unleashed is so realistic’ crap (opinion of course). At least the graphics look amazing. No stretchy limbs I see. And they still retain the cartoony look. All I can hope is that there will be an option for controller and that the game will be hilarious like the first one. I don’t want to fork out 50 to 150 dollars for a piece of plastic that does the same thing as an eye toy… but I will if I have to. Why? Because I’m a fan.

  3. @ Edge
    It’s likely the tutorial mode, since Kinect and this game are new the first screens they show would be from there so people can see how it’s played.

  4. The only thing really graphically updated in those screens is the character models…. All the other stuff isn’t up to par. lol

  5. well everyone remember that mario and sonic at the olympic games and winter games, it said u have to have a wii board to play then it got released then it said its optional maybe this is the same

  6. When your character jumps off, you gonna spin a 360 before he/she lands? Is that even possible? What if you tripped and sits right onto your cousin’s toy blocks?

  7. You guys ever notice how every spin-off sonic series has it’s own graphic style and character models?

  8. I have a Xbox 360, but it’s an arcade…. oh well. I also uploaded a video of these screenshots 12 hours ago xD.

  9. These are amongst the ugliest 360 graphics I have ever seen.
    The game looks like a bad Wii game. Ach.

  10. I’ve heard it a live arcade title rather than a full priced game, that would explain the last gen graphics

  11. I really can’t understand why so many people are getting excited considering that the first two Riders games where mediocre.

    Sega will need some kind of massive overhaul to the mechanics of the game to get this right and I doubt the use of 360’s Kinect will sort things out.

  12. Sega needs to release a sonic riders for 360 with next gen sonic styled sonic but with better improved sonic unleashed graphics and without the kinect LISTEN TO ME SEGA!!!!!!!!

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