SEGA Confirms No Control Pad Option For Sonic Free Riders

SEGA Confirms No Control Pad Option For Sonic Free Riders

SEGA of America community staff member Kellie has confirmed via Twitter that Kinect for Xbox 360 is the only control method for Sonic Free Riders.

Sonicfan1989 put this question to SEGA –

@SEGA does sonic free riders for kinect is it possible to use just the control? like for those who cant afford a new 360 and kinect?

to which Kellie responded with the below answer –

@sonicfan1989 No, you will need Kinect to play Sonic Free Riders. ^kellie

Since the games official announcement some fans who are unsure about the new Kinect for Xbox 360 technology and those who don’t like motion controls in general have been wondering if ordinary controller compatibility will be in the game but now it looks like Kinect is your only option. From what gameplay footage we’ve seen of both single player and split-screen it appears the game plays fine thus far with the Kinect device not having any problems detecting movement from both SEGA representatives demonstrating the game and controls can only improve during development in the run up to the games release of Late 2010.

What are your thoughts on this news? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to tjthefox for the heads up!


  1. Hmmm it’s trying to take advantage of the new control system, but the controller should really still be an opinion to sell more i reckon

  2. Crud… Well, I better wait a few months, and they’ll have Kinect packages with an Xbox.

  3. @ tjthefox
    That was you? Cool, thanks for obtaining that info and letting us know in the comments of one of my other articles ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Anytime im always emailing or twittering sega ill keep you all informed on what I find out ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. well, thats me not getting this game…
    free riders and colours i cant play now =[ this sucks, cos both look so awesome!
    Spose iv got 4 and adventure to look 4ward to lol

  6. Fudge.
    Heh, this was seen: Sonic FREE Riders means Free Moving, Sonic FREE Riders without Free Moving (Kinect) wouldn’t be Free, rite?


  7. Aw really sucks I can’t play this, shame its exclusive, but Kinect is what it was made for. Thats another sonic game I can’t own due to not having the console.

  8. Really? Dang… The game looks loads of fun, and I could possibly start investing in a 360, but another hundred fifty for the kinect is just to much to ask. They should really reconsider, I’m sure there are tons of fans in my situation as well.

  9. I want it for Wii…

    I still have a chance for the following:
    Sonic Colors
    Sonic 4
    and finally Sonic 3DS.

  10. Uh…how much is the kinect in the US?
    I have a chance at all of these games <3
    luck to the rest of ya
    and I count sonic color as 2 games because the wii and ds versions are way different from one another
    we're looking at 5 new sonic games already counting 3DS
    and quite frankly….that scares me…I hope they're all good or this may be sonics end…but my eyes think this is promising

  11. Its like they WANT to lose money. I would have bought this if I could use a controller, but now I can honestly say I probably won’t be getting it. Sonic Riders is not, and never will be worth buying extra add-ons for the console…

  12. needsemail : I have to argee now this game fails for fans of the riders series (such as my self) stupid internet why couldn`t this be a fake game

  13. Guess it’s good for me since I’m actually willing to buy Kinect to play this… as long as Kinect isn’t over 75 dollars… but I would still get it to play this game… I hope it has a story like the first game…

  14. I guess this is perfect for SEGA. See, they’re geniuses. They release Sonic 4 as download only so they can make nothing but profit, and they release colors for the two systems that sell the most. Plus, they know that anyone will by a re-release of Adventure, so they did that as well for the HD consoles to make even more money. I think this is a major factor in this being Kinect only. Along with the fact that everyone that buys the peripheral will want a big game to play on it, so they will step out of the casual games and buy something more geared towards hardcore gamers. SEGA knows this game may not sell well, so they purposely made those choices! Smooth move SEGA!

  15. Darn. Oh well. Perhaps I will have to become better with motion control, then (Which existed before with the Playstation 2’s EyeToy accessory).

  16. @ Edge They are very smart at marketing I agree

    I’d say the game would be a lot more fun with the Kinect anyway. I don’t know yet if I can afford it.

  17. i think their making everyone get one of each console as it was announced that they will be making a sonic game for Nintendo 3DS which means another consol for people to buy lucky for me i went the good way and got a 360 ๐Ÿ™‚ sonic free riders here i come, Kinect is gonna be such a cool gadget much better then eyetoy
    yes the kinects are expensive at the moment in australia they are listed as $200 bit pricy but hey they got me hooked in on it

  18. Well then, I guess Sonic Free Riders isn’t so free after all…

    Sorry SEGA. No controller options, no sale.

  19. Maaaaan…i would have totally bought this if it had the controller option. who wants to jump around all day to play this? Sonic Riders has gone down the drain…

  20. I have every Sonic game on every console, including both Riders, but I won’t be buying this one.
    Not only because of the no basic controller option, but also because you have to use a Kinect.
    If im going to play a video game I don’t want to have to jump around like a nut! On top of all that who has $150 laying around to buy it! If this is the future of Xbox 360 games I won’t be apart of it!

    At least Sonic Colors looks good………

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