New Sonic Colours DS E3 Gameplay Footage

New Sonic Colours DS E3 Gameplay Footage


NintendoDifference have posted up a new gameplay video of Sonic Colours on the Nintendo DS in which we get a look at the whole of Tropical Resort Zone Act 1 in it’s handheld form. Before the Act we also get a look a the DS version’s title screen, menu’s and stage select screens too. The act runs smoothly with plenty of speed and fun little gimmicks mixed into the stage to keep players on their toes. You’ll also notice the red Wisp’s fire and boost powers we’ve seen before are briefly used in this video to help get about in high places. A new sequence we’ve not seen yet in the form of a glider is shown in the video too where Sonic needs to move around the screen to avoid bombs while collecting rings much like the very similar sequence in the first Sonic Rush game.

One odd thing of note is at 1:57, Sonic gets a speed boost downhill coming on to level ground but falls straight into the water rather than running on it like he would in the two Sonic Rush games. Could Sonic not have the ability to run on water in this game?

Thanks to TheNintendoWiiPlayer at the SSMB for the find!


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sonic doesn’t have the ability to run on water, but it’s not a bad thing either, knowing that Sonic can’t swim in the games. Even fictional characters have disabilities, and they need to overcome them.

    On the other hand, I hope Blaze or Marine makes a cameo appearance in addition to Tails (They were awesome, too).

  2. If this were a game I’d invest in, I’d be fine with a Blaze cameo, but a Marine one? Hell no. No more annoying Aussie-coon shenanigans plz.

  3. Looking good, if the Wii version screws up, they can fall back on this version. :3

  4. Notice how at 0:21 in the top-left corner of the top screen, the game singles out the listed controls as being specifically for Sonic, instead of just saying “Controls”…

  5. Yes, this looks definetly like Sonic Rush 3 with neat little power ups. Let’s hope that when playing it it has a different feel than that though.

  6. Was that a wall jump? Looks cool!

    I don’t know though, Sonic falling into water like that didn’t look like it was supposed to happen. Maybe he was going too slow to run on the water.

  7. @Ethan Kerr
    Hey, I like Marine (and I support Tails/Marine). I know you don’t have to like her but it doesn’t change others’ views. Everyone in the world has a personal preference, whether you like it or not. On topic, they say that this game (Sonic Colors) will have multiple power-ups without having any gimmicks. Sounds good to me.

  8. I find it odd that it’s lateral when hang gliding unlike sonic rush the first..but i hope we’ll see more of those kinda breaks in this game too^^

  9. I think Sonic did only run on water with the boost, which this person doesn’t use at that time.

  10. Sonic has a lot nmore moves in this game than he did in Rush and Rush Adventure. He can ground pound, homing attack like Sonic 4, wall jump and even slide with a swipe of your finger. With all these extra moves, the game may be deeper than Rush was.

  11. @Vulpine Marine argument aside, to say that Sonic Colors has no gimmicks is to say that Sonic Rush didn’t come out on the DS. Sonic Colors has gimmicks. The alien wisps are your power ups. Power ups are gimmicks. Even the level designs are gimmicks. Just being reasonable here.

  12. It’s all apart of the game play as a platformer. When Mario has a power up, most don’t refer to it as a gimmick. Just, well, a power up. Sonic had power ups in various past games like the spring shoes, the rocket sneakers, the various shields in S3&K, invinciblity, speed sneakers. I could go on but, most get the idea. Those are power ups. Nobody refered to them as gimmicks then within the games.

  13. For a second there, I thought they were really playing Sonic Rush!
    Totally preordering!

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