More Sonic Colours Wii and DS Footage

More Sonic Colours Wii and DS Footage

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Courtesy of shigamodo and VGPTGS we have some new gameplay footage of both Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours. The DS video gives us a much clearer look than previous videos since the gameplay is being fed through a specially designed monitor (or monitors should we say?) and in the footage we can exactly how the Red Wisp’s fire abilities benefit Sonic by giving an air dash type of attack similar to that of Sonic 3’s, only now he can boost in any direction.

The Wii footage shows more of Sweet Mountain Zone where we see there are some simple puzzles in place to open sections of the act before you can continue and we also see the double jump we saw in previous footage, but now it’s use is more clearly revealed. Double jump hasn’t been seen in a 3D Sonic game since Sonic R, are you glad to see it’s return? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Dabnikz at the SSMB for the heads up on both videos!

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  1. I can haz dbl juhmp n mah sawnik gaym? AWESOME. Sonic Colors is looking awesome, glad to see more Egg Pawns layin’ around.

  2. you know if one hurd of sonic unleashed being a game after another game and you know i tink this is the game that the guy was talking about

  3. I almost can’t believe thats being played on a Wii! Looks to me like an even more high-res Sonic Unleashed 360
    And the DS version looks like Sonic Rush. Again thats no bad thing though <3
    The cutesy level styles look interesting! I'm looking forward to this~

  4. Glad to see some platforming/puzzles in the Wii version. Rolling around at the speed of sound the entire level gets a tad old.

    And the DS version just looks great.

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