Monday @ E3!! Under construction.

Monday @ E3!! Under construction.

Sorry folks, if you’re looking for Sonic news, move on.

I picked up Alex around 1 PM, and we head straight for the Convention Center. He had a little trouble getiing his. Badge. I guess the printed invite and page proof wasn’t quite enough, but in the end, they decided to let him pass. Not me though. Alex had to pay $500 to get me in!! I owe him big time. Lunch and parking is on me all week.

In the meantime, wee looked around the empty lobbies. Banners were up and everything is still under construction. I did manage to get some pics though. Here’s a look at a more empty E3…

The front









Yes, he made me make him a sign to pick him up at the airport.
Looking like a dork.

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  1. My goodness look at that amazing place! 8D

    Since this isnt a Sonic related post…..anyone else hear about that Michael Jackson game thats coming out? It actually looks interesting lol

  2. Epic Mickey. Do want. I love that huge banner they had up, someone posted pictures of all the little pictures that had the locales of the game on em. I’m sure the game will get talked about tomorrow.

  3. I do really hope they reveal more info about their tweaking of Sonic 4, and any new Colours info will be great. But as hyped as i am for info on the new Sonic games, I must admit those pic’s of Epic Mickey and Final Fantasy XIV have me excited too. Not enough info about either of those two have been revealed yet.

    If Final Fantasy XIV is as great as XI was when it first came out, and they actually have solo content, i may be able to shift my MMO focus onto something other than Warcraft >.<
    Also, TRON!! It's been away for far too long! Can't wait for more info on the game, the new movie looks great too!

  4. I pray that there is no Kingdom Hearts here. For goodness sake, I hate that series ever since the first game was introduced and released back in 2002. I know everyone has their different views, but come on: Kingdom Hearts is like the cancer that’s killing gaming. And it’s like some kind of trend that people are following now, which give video games (more particually, RPGs) in my opinion bad reputation. It’s only popular because of Disney geeks who will buy anything with characters that they know and love in it, and rabid yaoi fans who can’t get enough of seeing their favorite kinds of pairings. This is why the original characters in Kingdom Hearts are so terrible: Not only why they’re complete fanservice, but their supporters don’t even realize who owns them (According to the copyright disclaimer of the official Kingdom Hearts sites and an interview with Tetsuya Nomura (the series’ director and character designer) in a magazine of some sort: Disney owns Sora and the other original characters that are introduced within the series, not Square-Enix whom the fans claim them to be. The only characters in the Kingdom Hearts series that Square-Enix owns are the Final Fantasy characters, who only appeared as guest stars in the series). I feel that licensed games don’t count as actual high budget games and they were only made as extra pieces of merchandise of the license that are aimed at children, families with children, or hardcore geeks of said license. I have no problem with children or casual families playing licensed games but it’s not my thing. Kingdom Hearts is far the worst offender of any game that uses licensed characters for many reasons, such as what I said above. The reason why Kingdumb Farts, I mean Kingdom Hearts, is made is because that Disney is trying to cash in on the explosive popularity of the Japanese anime and video game crowd. Instead of trying to compete, why not leech off of it? This just further proves my point that shady Disney has insinuated itself into the video game fandom because of this putrid series. I’m not too happy about Epic Mickey, either. Because I believe it’s just another piece of Disney marketing. This is also because I’m a huge Star Fox fan, and Star Fox Adventures (which was a great game, and had one of the best graphics that I’ve seen) was released around the same month as the first Kingdom Hearts game. But fortunately, it did not sell as much. I still wish Star Fox Adventures have gotten better reviews and reputation then it did, but no: People preferred that overrated Kingdom Hearts instead. It is really sad. The last Star Fox game that did well in sales and reviews was Star Fox 64 (No wonder why people make random Internet memes out of 80% of that game’s dialogue), and that isn’t fair. I like Star Fox 64, so don’t get me wrong, but the other games in the series need care, too. And to me, the Star Fox series did not go downhill, and the only reasons people whined and complained is that the newer Star Fox games have on-foot missions (with the exception of Star Fox Command). Just hope the next Star Fox stops people from complaining and writing mean reviews. I’m also hoping that Nintendo reveals the next entry to Star Fox this year, but I have to see what happens. If not, they’ll make it next year. It’s nice to be patient once in a while.

    One thing I am definitely looking forward to in the future are the next generation systems. I believe they are going to reveal a few, such as the 3DS, but I am not quite sure what else. But still, it would be nice for them to reveal more information. I’m all up for seeing the Playstation 4 or Wii HD or X-Box 64 or whatever the future generation’s systems are called. I’m also excited about the new Pokemon games (Pokemon Black and Pokemon White), since I believe it is becoming better then before with all of these new features and gameplay mechanics, not to mention it looks like it introduced a ton of cool new Pokemon. I still wish there was an alternate way to obtain Zorua and Zoroark, though.

    On the other hand, I am keeping an eye on the news and see what newly revealed games and information pops up. This is going to be a good year for Sonic, and hopefully the success of Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors brings an end to those negative critics and the “Sonic Cycle”. For a change, I want to see a positive discussion on new and recent Sonic games. I am so sick and tired of all the Sonic 2006-bashing and whatever crud people say.

  5. lol@Vulpine. and his KH arguments xD… Why do you hate Disney? Your acting like thy are the only people trying to earn money

  6. @GamerKid125

    lol ya i didnt really like that moonwalker game that much either, but they say that the new game is supposed to be very interactive, since its gonna be using the 360’s Project Natal. They say that u literally get to dance right next to MJ as if your on the stage with him

  7. I, for one am very excited. Obviously for Sonic Colors and Sonic 4, but also for the new Zelda game, the new Spider-man game, Kingdom Hearts BBS and re:Coded, and the Force Unleashed II.

  8. I think its kind oh shitty that they’re still trying to make a profit off of MJ even though he’S dead D:

  9. @Marcellof

    actually, the game was being made even before he died. Along with the ‘this is it’ concert tour thing in london, he was working with ubisoft on making a new MJ game that was gonna specifically made for the newer generation. apparntley though, all he was able to do before he died was do a bunch of voice samples for them that would make him sound like he’s interacting with the players in the game.

  10. @Marcellof
    Disney is disliked because they’re greedy and they try to gobble up and acquire everything they see just to fill up their growing empire, and that doesn’t seem very nice or fair to me. It is also because of The Lion King, which I disliked it ever since it was introduced in 1994. And don’t get me started on High School Musical. That has got to be a piece of garbage that nobody cares about, and I don’t want to be associated with that mess. Ugh.

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