New Sonic Free Riders Info At

New Sonic Free Riders Info At

The U.S. Official Xbox site has put up a product page for SEGA’s first Kinect for Xbox 360 title Sonic Free Riders where there are some juicy new details about it’s online and offline modes revealed which you can take a look at below –
Offline features:
– Players: 1-4
– Players Co-op: 1-4
– Multiplayer Versus
– In-game Dolby Digital
– HDTV 720p
– Storage Device

Xbox Live features:
– Players: 2-12
– Content Downloads
– Leaderboards
– Voice Messaging
– Voice Support

The page also reveals the game is being made by Japanese developer O-Two and will be an Xbox Live Arcade title, which is odd as since the games announcement there has been a temporary retail type boxart going around plus SEGA’s product page has the platform listed as Xbox 360 instead of Xbox Live Arcade like they usually list downloadable titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. The official Xbox forum staff have also placed the games sub forum under the Xbox Live Arcade section.

That’s the new info for Sonic Free Riders, we’ll keep you up to date as more info is revealed.


  1. dont like that its only for 360… sega will not get much sales if they keep this up

  2. Online play? Sega must be idiots not to make a PS3 port. It could work great with PS Move.

  3. Riders really found its place in the world.
    As a XBLA arcade game for a motion thingy for families.
    Sega should do a trailer like Nintendo, with a happy family playing free riders.
    Just for a good laugh.

  4. There’d BETTER be online. FAWK YEAARRHHHH~!

    also @ Jordan
    No. It wouldn’t.

    Kinect uses your whole body as a controller.

    Move just uses it’s glowing vibrator thing from what I know.

  5. xD well Move may not be the best idea then. But Playstation has had PlayStation Eye for ages which did things like this on a smaller scale. If they upgrade the software and make the Eye better, they could easy port this over. And frankly I don’t want to have to buy a new machine and equipment just for one game when I prefer my PS3. There I said it, XBox fanboys come get me! 😉

  6. @ Cephrien
    Yeah, The Eyetoy was total fail. I’m hoping the kinect will be a hell of a lot better. Even though I can’t afford it… >.>”

  7. @ Cephrien
    The PS3’s PlayStation Eye isn’t going anywhere as it’s being used as part of PlayStation Move, Move’s light ball thingy can’t be picked up on screen without the PlayStation Eye and some of the games are planned to use the microphone on the PlayStation Eye too.

  8. It could if they changed the control set-up.
    You know…so you don’t look like an absolute moron.

  9. Xbox Live? Well, my high hopes just got shot down, trampaled into a million little pieces, those pieces disintigrated, the ashes burried, it’s grave danced on, cloned, and killed a million times over again…I’m sorry, am I rambling?

  10. Is it possible to use a controller to play this? I want to get it, but I have no interest in Kinect, and this game just isn’t enough to convince me to get it.

  11. *Sigh* Again; why did my 360 have to get the Red Rings of Death a few weeks ago? And only two years old at that (although I think that’s a lot longer than most 360’s make it XD). Either way, I’m not too sure about the motion feature…I don’t like looking like a complete idiot in front of people.

    And besides – my copy of Zero Gravity could use a buddy 🙂

  12. Ya’ll need to grow a pair.
    “Looking like an idiot”?

    Come on. It’s a video game.

  13. Ummm yeah looking like an idiot. At least the swimming part is optional.

    Also it’s stupid. The lack of a contrller option is not only dumb in general but as a company standpoint. You’re knocking out a lot of consumers. that’s never a good thing.

  14. @ Jordan-4K6

    Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move remote are totally different things and therefore a high level of gameplay movement mechanics would have to be prepared if it was to be ported to PS3.

  15. The whole point of the game is that it’s a launch kinect title and it’s supposed to help the kinect to get better sales, if they put a controller option people wouldn’t buy kinect, it’s simple, people need to think in a commercial way.

  16. I like how people on the webs are bitching about it being a 360 exclusive and much like the first poster being like, “if Sega keeps this up…”

    Is Sonic Colors not coming to the wii? exclusively? STFU and go suck an egg while I play me some Sonic teh hedgehorse =)

  17. Nothing realy exclusive comes out for the PS3 nd PSP there was Sonic Rivals 1 & 2 on the PSP I wonder if SEGas hiding something from us .

  18. @Jared.

    For some reason the hedgehorse comment made me laugh.
    Totally off topic but i feel people need to know =P

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