First Sonic Colours Wii E3 Gameplay Footage

First Sonic Colours Wii E3 Gameplay Footage


A user called tmacvskb8 has posted up the first Sonic Colours Wii gameplay footage from E3, the clip is very short but gives us a look at Sonic’s movement and the lock-on homing attack aswell as Sonic’s ring loss animation. Not much else to see in this short teaser but if anything more significant hits the net from the show floor we’ll post it up.

Thanks to Azure Lakeara Zone at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Animation looks good also the overall style is pretty awesome.
    Now if I just could see the level design.

  2. His timing is a little off…actually wwwaaayyy off.
    As for the game it looks like Sonic is still in ice-skating mode in terms of his acceleration and handling.
    I really hope Sonicteam tighten the controls this time around, but i wont hold my breath.

  3. Has that person playing ever heard of the Eggman springs? Obviously not. Stage looked a bit like Eggmanland from Unleashed…

  4. Aaaaaaah. Almost didn’t notice the Eggman insignia on those! Very nice catch!

    How does one get past that area, then? By the way, Sonic is looking very smooth and polished in this vid- the graphics and animation is far beyond the Unleashed engine’s.

  5. @Crysore Yeah, I noticed it too. This 30 sec vid may have just given us an inkling as to the control scheme. I’m presuming from what is seen in the vid that you’ll have a jump button which will give you a double jump, and probably the homing attack is placed on another button to be used at your own discretion. This is just my thoughts on it. I could be wrong, I could be right. Unless the developers found some weird and effective, or ineffective, way to give us one button that jumps, double jumps, and homing attacks. o.O;;

    Any who, this game looks pretty good. Of course, we’re still going off the tiny tastes we’ve been given so far so who knows.

  6. Wow Sonic colours is shaping up to be a very good game from what I have seen so far. I just wish that the person playing the game within this footage could be a bit more skilled, then obviously we could have seen more footage.

    And sorry about my bad grammar before but indeed check out the link I posted previously, it Is Sonic 4 on the IPhone.

    New PC footage (just found):

  7. @ Geist, Cause the developers noticed how annoying the mid air boost/homing attack was liable to quick, cheap deaths from falling, they decided that if there is no targets to lock-on to with the homing attack, it will do a double jump instead.

  8. Where the hell was he trying to go?
    Looks ok, nothing really stands out that makes the title different

  9. While the video seems to indicate that this sonic runs faster, I say it’s still at the 30fps cap on the Wii Sonic games.

  10. I would love if they made it for the 360/PS3. Oh well, it looks awesome anyway, the level sort of reminds me of a mix of Eggmanland and a Heroes level. The player could have had a bit more practice though..

  11. I wonder why the dude sucked so hard but more importantly are they gonna use the quick step again bc that had speed and looked badazz. And I guess that sliding for hard turns xD

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