First 4 Figures Reveal Super Sonic Figure

First 4 Figures Reveal Super Sonic Figure

Want a Chaos Emerald fuelled super powered hedgehog in your merchandise collection? Well want no more as First 4 Figures have lifted the lid on the latest figure, Super Sonic! When can you get it and for how much? That information hasn’t been revealed yet but as seen in the above ad originally posted on their Facebook page, you can pre-order from June 22nd to make sure you get your figure.

Source: First 4 Figures Facebook via Emerald Coast

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  1. Oh snap.
    I came.

    I wonder whether this is a part of the mini series of another 10″ statue, from the looks of the photo I’m edging towards a 10″, but I thought the next one of those to come was Metal Sonic…Either way it looks positively beautiful! Can’t wait to add this to my collection!

  2. Looks cool.
    I’m sure T-bird sneaked into the production to take some of these early.

  3. This has got to be a statue. The description of the original Sonic statue indicates “This is the first in the Classic Sonic the Hedgehog statue series” meaning this could be the next one. I don’t think they’d hype up a preorder for a normal figure, so a statue’s the only option. Come 22nd June I’ll be preordering one of these for sure.


    Maybe I’ll get two so I can give one swirly eyes.

  5. Holy crap… that is cooler than my Silver the Hedgehog toy… and I love Silver. Little douche bag…

  6. awwh man a statue… wont be gettin it… but i have heard series 2 on the 2 inch line is comin.. which includes Amy, Super sonic and yes… MECHA sonic… it must be a typo or a mistake. MECHA!? wow.

  7. Yes!Must have!Dad owes me money,I know what I’m saving some of it towards!I cant help myself collecting figures,there an addictive thing to collect.

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