E3: Sonic Colours World Map & 4 Full Stage Sonic 4 Videos

E3: Sonic Colours World Map & 4 Full Stage Sonic 4 Videos


NintendoDifference have managed to get a recording of the Sonic Colours title screen and more importantly the World Map where we can see 9 areas and Eggman’s rocket ship of which 8 have locks on including Eggman’s Rocket suggesting that will be a final 10th level with the inevitable last battle with Eggman. The planet’s all look like they have quite a variety of things going on and the top right one even looks a little like Metal Sonic, speculate away as to what you think each planet might hold in the comments.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for sending me the find and upscaled title screen and World Map pics!

In other news Gametrailers have uploaded 4 videos of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, 2 each covering a full Act from Splash Hill Zone and the final one showcasing the boss battle with Eggman where we also see Sonic’s looking up screen scrolling animation. A tidbit yes but cool nonetheless. You can view them all at the links below –

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3


We’ve also come across another Sonic 4 video interview from The Review Crew with SEGA of America’s Ken Balough where he reveals there won’t be big lengths of time between releasing episodes. Check it out below –

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  1. Sonic 4 is looking great. But seriously Sega. Up the ante with the music. Seriously, the soundtrack is kinda lazy.

  2. Is it me or does every person playing this game have difficulties with the drifiting system? This backs up my fears that the drifting system will be awful.

  3. @ProjecZule Indeed the drifting system has been the main complaint about Sonic Colors by most who have played the demo. The game looks awesome so I really hope they fix that aspect before release.

  4. Wow a world map. Like i said perfected version of Sonic Unleashed on the wii. And i thought the wii version was awesome!!

  5. There ‘wont’ be big lengths of time between episodes? Does that mean the’ve already started on episode 2?

  6. Hey Shadz. After E3 I just wanted to say HUGE thanks to you.
    You really dug up everything in such a short amount of time. It’s amazing
    This also goes to Jason and nuckles87.
    You guys really delivered the E3 right here for all Sonic fans.
    Way to go guys ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. @Eggman123

    Thanks a lot!! Also a big thanks to Shadzter for finding more material than even me and Nux could cover. We’re still putting up more articles and impressions over the weekend so stay tuned. Also, prepare for a big surprise from us to our Sonic fans!! It’s hush-hush for now, but we should have the details up by the weekend.

  8. @ Bd3

    Hopefully Sega will ask for detailed feedback on what the gamers and critics felt of the game (Sonic Colours) instead of just asing if feedback was positive or not; a lot of companies make this mistake.

  9. Wow.
    Colours is looking promising, although the drifting is looking a bit difficult to get to grips with – there better not be too many “drift or die” sections in later levels, and if there are they MUST be well checkpointed.

    Sonic 4 is looking rather nice now, I really did like Acts 2 and 3.

  10. When he said Feburary 2010, I got excited, like “oooh, a definite month!!” Then I got confused, “Wait, Feburary is over, do they mean 2011?? Are you serious?” Then he was corrected, and I deflated. I hate when release dates are so sketchy. “Fall 2010.” Do you mean September, or November? Oh, anticipation.

  11. I’ve seen the videos and I would say that I am already anticipating both games, and I hope they do well in sales enough that they will keep the Sonic franchise alive. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if more playable characters show up in future episodes in Sonic 4. However, it would be good to see Tails tag along with Sonic again.

  12. Suuuuuuuperrrr Soooonic Gaaaaalaaaxyyyy! Whooo-hooo!

    A rocket that explodes into sprinkles? Hardcore.

  13. I wish the planet aspect didn’t resemble Mario Galaxy so much..

    Sonic 4 is also looking awesome, Sega did the right thing delaying it. I noticed they used a classic Sonic sprite for the continue like on the old games lol.

  14. Y’know, I am more excited for Sonic Colors right now. Sonic 4 looks good and everything, but Colors looks like a continuation of all the goodness from the Sonic Unleashed daytime stages, and that excites me.

    Come on, a bakery weapons platform? How is that not flippin’ awesome? Dodging giant sprinkle missiles! Genius!

  15. What I’m seeing from Sonic 4 is consistent with the E3 players’ feedback. On an aside, I felt a happy little nostalgia kicking in upon seeing Sonic’s full-run sprite, and ESPECIALLY the Sonic 3 1-up! YES! Also:

    1. “It FEELS like a Genesis game because the level design is just as expansive” – It shows. The level designs really FEEL like they branch in all directions, and Sega captured that feeling very well.

    2. “Homing attack isn’t as bad as thought; actually, many players liked using it because it changed the tempo.” I can agree with this. Acts 2 and 3 were quite good about it.

    TBH, I really think the /speed pads/ will do FAR more damage to the gameplay than homing attack EVER could, because it completely 100% eliminates the whole “Fast speed is a reward of good performance!” design tenet that made the spindashless Sonic 1 feel so good. Spindash was excusable because the player had to get in a position to do spindash well, but not speed pads — just touch the damn things and you’re goin’! A perfect example of this is the beginning of Act 3, where you speed-pad down the first hill. The classics would’ve just sent you on your way without any help, and that restrained speed would have contributed to the nostalgia. When they get around to making Episode 2, I really hope they consider getting rid of the speed pads.

    But other than that, Sonic 4 definitely looks like a hit! I’d love to try it.

  16. Man I really hope Tails makes an appearance in the next Sonic 4: Episode 2. He really was always my favorite.

    Also looks like I’ll have to be investing in a Wii. Sonic Colors looks AMAZING! Can’t wait tell Fall now!

  17. I don’t know about you guys, but that world map is giving me a Sonic CD vibe… which is a good thing. ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. loving how sonic 4 is looking, cant wait to play it, though I have to do a typical sonic fan thing here and whine about something…
    is it me or is there alot of springs… Sonic barely seems to start running and he is already bouncing off another spring. i can understand it in a casino level but usually on first levels its just a good run with a few jumps here and there… but meh, still looking awesome =D

  19. My only problem with sonic colors is that it appears to be going down the same problem sonic unleashed had, and its that damn sonic boost, which makes everything ridiculously fast, the player in the video was clearly having trouble seeing where he was supposed to go. That and the way the game distributes platforming in sections, so basically the stage is just..run really fast for a while, then do some platforming, it should streamed together not segregated into separate parts of the stage.

  20. Hold on? He said Episode 1 will have 24 Levels? I thought there was only 4 zones and a final level. Providing they count boss levels that makes 17 in total. If the Final Level is actually a final zone that makes 20. Maybe there adding a 6th Zone in.

  21. @jackaroo: SEGA said they will delay Sonic 4 to redo, fix, and ADD things (Levels included).

  22. @Jackaroo: i think he means all the acts and bosses (17) plus the 7 special stages =] although I could be wrong, extra levels would be brilliant =D

  23. I’ve always been a huge Sonic fan and haven’t really had a major issue with any of the games. But I have to say Sonic 4 looks epic! =D Can’t wait to play it!

  24. Hey shadzter my friend. This is awsome what you gave out! Keep up the good work!

  25. Sonic Colours is reminding me of Ristar lol the level map if you do level select mode looks soooo similar to the Sonic Colours one and they were both Sega games and somewhat affiliated with eachother (they used Sonic 1 game engine to make Ristar) and its also giving me a Sonic CD feeling as well especially if its going to have Metal Sonic in it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay! (he’s my favorite villain!) and the whole 3D worlds thing reminds me of Sonic X-Treme so this game excites me more and more each time i see new updates on it! Hopefully the drifting isn’t going to be that difficult or it gets fixed near the final product.

    Maybe once people get the hang of it and figure it out it won’t be so bad, but other than that the game looks AMAZING and I can’t wait to play it! Sonic 4 looks good too and I’m very satisfied with the direction it is going, but I do agree the music they were kinda lazy on, some songs for some levels sound cool but for example Eggmans boss theme music I think sucks lol, his old Genesis music was more menacing and better in my honest opinion, love all the fun features Sonic 4 is giving and keeping its retro feel, I really don’t have any complaints about either game just shear excitement! ๐Ÿ™‚

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