CVG Preview, Including New Hi-res Sonic Colours Screenshots

CVG Preview, Including New Hi-res Sonic Colours Screenshots

CVG have just revealed the above batch of new screenshots of the Wii version of Sonic Colours that SEGA have released to the press for E3 which showcase the two areas Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain that Nintendo Power readers will have exclusively seen previously but now you can see the levels in beautiful high resolution. If SEGA’s previous multi-format title media releases are anything to go by we will no doubt see a DS batch of screenshots soon enough which if come to light we’ll post here.

CVG have also posted up their preview of the E3 demo where they reveal the game will have Acts and Wii Remote controlled drifting will be used for sections of stages to maintain speed like in Unleashed. In their final summary CVG reiterate the difficulty level being aimed at younger gamers but they think older gamers will find plenty to do.

The general difficulty of Sonic Colours will suit younger fans; zones still fly by and you’ll wonder at times just how much control you actually have. But each level is crammed, throwing you from one experience to the next. Couple that with the vibrant, colourful new world though and hopefully older Sonic fans will have enough to go at too.

Full CVG Preview

CVG Screenshots

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  1. Sega MAY have gotten a 3D Sonic game right! It looks absolutely gorgeous, so long as theres some platforming and it’s not just “press X to Boost” over and over again, maybe it’ll be worth a spell

  2. From that last pic, it looks as though the Egg Pawns are back. Although, is it just me, or have they been upgraded appearance-wise?

  3. The fourth picture on the lower column is very colourful. So colourful it reminds me of… that one game.

  4. But to uhh, hehe, actually comment on the game, it looks good. And that cheeseburger makes me hungry. And I hope the Egg Pawns will actually GET IN THE WAY as apposed to just being part of the scenery(they are just too easy to kill).

  5. Look at his animation.
    You can tell they’re just re-using the unleashed engine.
    And to that I must say.

  6. That hamburger looks very delicious on the other hand (just kidding).

    I knew future games at some point would use the Hedgehog Engine (which was used for Sonic Unleashed). Hope Sonic Colors would be good enough to stop the whiners from complaining and writing negative reviews. If anything, this game is looking great.

  7. Looks great! I can’t wait to see some in game footage!

    @Meg: Cheesy? Is it because of the cheeseburgers in those shots? JK

  8. In the main screenshot, dose anyone else aside from me think that, that Earth look suspiciously like the one From Sonic Adventure 2? lol.

  9. “Sings”

    I get to play it tomorrrow!!! I get to play it tomorrow!!! Nyah-Nyah!! XD

    We WILL have a hands on report and interview with Sega (Sonic Team?) From the show floor!!!

  10. A level with food?That’s an interesting one.This is actually looking to be a good one. I look forward to more shots.

  11. Honestly, I think the game’s graphic engine looks a lot like Unleashed but with a lot more polish- Sonic just looks smoother and more natural in the lighted areas.

    This game just looks fun, in every sense of the word. Running around on cheeseburgers and through cake and cool tropical planetoids is good enough for me!

  12. YES!!
    Look pretty cool. Like Sonic Unleashed with day- stages with Wisp- thinks and hamburgers.

    But i have only DS and Xbox 360.. :/ DS screenhots, please

  13. Stephen Perry: “this game looks like unleashed but better!”

    Hamburgers? Lollipops? Lollipop?? Lollilop?????? LOL

    But looks dam perfect…

  14. Are SEGA sure they’re making this for ther Wii? Those graphics are amazing! Looks awesome so far, still hate the theme song though. ¬_¬

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