2 Sonic Colours DS Gameplay Videos

2 Sonic Colours DS Gameplay Videos

1up.com have posted up 2 gameplay videos of the DS version of Sonic Colours, one showcases an act which as guessed from screenshots plays very much like Sonic Rush while the other video contains a boss battle where we see the red Wisp’s fire powers used in combat. Nothing much else is shown but we expect this is only the start of more media to come flooding in regarding Sonic Colours.

1up video 1
1up video 2

Thanks to PC the Hedgehog at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. 2 DS Gameplay Videos?

    No Wii Love?
    out of all the previews text posted. why no one brings the video camera to record a footage and most importantly why no trailer by sega?

    Any ways I loved the advanced series (specially 3) and Rush , so its cool.
    but i am actually more interested on a wii gameplay video 🙂

  2. I’m going to review sonic colors for both wii and DS on my twitter account. My upcoming twitter account is called Sonic_Speed. Expect it around the holiday season.

  3. Just like Sonic Rush/Rush Adventure. Yes, but better? Maybe.
    >Must get this game!<

    Nice job again from SEGA!!

  4. Looks too much like Sonic Rush for me to consider it a new game… but as long as the stages have platforming and aren’t a hold right and boost fest, then I’ll be okay.

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