TSS Competition: Know Your Enemies – The Winner!

TSS Competition: Know Your Enemies – The Winner!

A few weeks ago we set a competition in which we challenged you to name all of the badniks from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. A whole load of you dazzled us by correctly naming all 20 badniks shown in the picture, plus the 3 that did not feature! Not only this, a whole host of you got the Japanese names for these badniks! Some of you even named all the unused badniks too!

The 23 badniks are:
1)      Clucker – Kokekkou
2)      Buzzer – Stinger
3)      Masher – Gabuccho
4)      Slicer – Kamakiller
5)      Asteron – Terustar
6)      Shellcracker – Kanipunch
7)      Spiny – Randaa
8)      Grabber – Grabber
9)      Rexon – Saura
10)  Turtloid – Dousun
11)  Crawl – Gaadon
12)  Nebula – Potosu
13)  Balkiry – Barukiin
14)  Coconuts – Aiai
15)  Aquis – Shiidora
16)  Crawltron – Zakiin
17)  Flasher – Flasher
18)  Whisp – Punpun
19)  Spiker – Shinshin
20)  Octus – Octa

21)  Grounder – Handrill
22)  Chop Chop – Piranha
23)  Sol  – Gola

There can only be one lucky winner however, and by the power of the random number generator this is:

Brad M, UK

Congratulations! If you didn’t win this time, there will of course be more competitions in the future…or tune in to T-TIME tomorrow at 5PM GMT where there will be more opportunities to bag some goodies!

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  1. Well done brad… Sigh… I thought I would win for describing them. “The one with the Elvis style hair” “The one that looks like Mr Miyagi”

  2. Aw man, I was so sure I would win >.< Anyways, congrats to Brad 🙂 Looking forward to more contests in the future.

  3. Aw, man. I had them all right. I was sure I’d win for the missing Badniks. Still, congrats Brad, enjoy your goodies.

  4. Oh well. Maybe my japanese reading ability may come handy in the future 😛
    Congrats to Brad.

  5. The G-MAN says: Rise and Shine, Mr. Brad, Rise and Shine!

    lol, fun aside, Congratulations Brad, well done! 🙂

  6. Congratulation Brad.
    Wonder how many competitions T -Bird can held before he gave all of his merchandise away.

  7. There were nearly 100 correct entries guys, so it was pretty narrow odds for anyone.

    And Eggman123 – I’d have to host many millenia of competitions before all my merch is given away!

  8. Know the feeling Tom_walk but hey, at least I got the normal names right. Most of the Japanese ones as well.

  9. Congratulations Brad! I totally loved making my contest entry with the whole badnik/zone collage. I hope TSS has more contests throughout the year.

  10. Congrats Brad. Ok, hands up everyone who went to Sonic Retro for most of the answers… *raises hand* 🙂

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