Sumo Digital Have New SEGA Ideas Brewing

Sumo Digital Have New SEGA Ideas Brewing

Steve Lycett Executive Producer of Sumo Digital who are known for developing SEGA Superstars Tennis, F1 2009 and most recently Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing among other titles popped by the SSMB yesterday where he informed they are working on new things that can’t be talked about right now, a new game perhaps? Steve also in another post stated that they have some SEGA ideas brewing.

You can check out both posts quoted below –


I’m not dead, honest

I’d have a job playing the PS3 version, I don’t own a PS3! So sadly I’ll have to decline this for the moment. I’m also mad busy getting new stuff off the ground here at Sumo, nothing we can talk about just yet, just free time’s not been something I’ve had in abundance these last few weeks…



We’ll call it a draw I think

I’m not working on the Dr. Who game, I’m actually pretty jealous of the guys who are! I can’t go into any details sadly on the new stuff, right now we’ve got a few ideas brewing SEGA wise though



Time will tell what these new yet to be announced things are and E3 is coming up next month so we’ll keep an eye open to see if anything is announced there then report back. For now let the speculation commence in the comments section below.

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  1. It is a PC game the BBC are releasing in episodes if that is the right game I am thinking of

  2. @ Bonzi Doctor who… Games.

    Theres a series of games being made for free download.

    But what could it be? Maybe it’s the next Superstars game. Or…. 1970’s Trousers mode!

  3. I got an idea brewing for you > > Sonic>Storybook>Robin Hood
    :l I had that conversation last week with my friends and we were wonder what would such a transformation look like but then I remembered how sonic fans might react to sonic having a bow and arrow> >

  4. I wouldn’t mind if they tried making a new gameboard-style game, seeing as how its been so long since Sonic Shuffle graced our consoles. That frothy cup of farts…
    Also what about a Sonic RPG that isn’t for a handheld? Huh, huh?

  5. I wouldn’t count on a real, honest-to-goodness Sonic game here. This IS Sumo Digital we’re talking about, not Sonic Team.

    I’m thinking maybe a new Outrun?

  6. @Lunar_sonic96

    Please no more story book games… the black knight started my hate of sonic… so I don’t think that I would need to have another 50 dollar disappointment…

  7. Sonic Shuffle 2 would be awesome. πŸ˜€

    Also, I am glad Steve keep coming to the forums once in a while despite the “death” of the ASR topic πŸ˜€

  8. @ imarafan

    I personally think that a Shuffle 2 would only be awesome if they made the game beatable…

  9. Frankly he didn’t deconfirm something…
    No seriously I smell a new IP.
    Sega has a lucky streak with new IPs ( Bayonetta, Alpha Protocoll)
    these times.
    Wait, didn’t SOL once talked about developing Shenmue 3 O_o.


  11. Sequel to Sega racing please.

    With more advanced driving mechanics. I’m not saying it should be like Forza Motorsport, but I mean there should be a handbrake and better drifting controls and such.

  12. So we had All Stars Tennis which was average then we have All Stars Racing which, although clearly displaying a love for all things Sega was only an entertaining experience. To be honest I don’t see why everyone can get so excited for this announcement.

    The fact that Sumo Digital have a lot of respect for the franchise is still a good sign and as long as they improve their game design skills we could have a winning All Stars game on our hands.

  13. @ Lunar Sonic 96

    If you want visuals of your idea, just read the comic books. Amy’s cousin is a hedgehog named Rob O’ the Hedge and he looks just like Sonic except he uses a bow and arrow and wears hood, boots and quiver. He’s been in the comics for like ten years now.

    @ everyone who wants a sega smash bros.

    That’d be cool, but it doesn’t seem they would be able to live up to the real smash bros. so why try? The Ninja Turtles tried and no one seemed to like it.

  14. Oh, and for the record anyone who thought Sonic Shuffle was good and deserves a sequel is in dire need of brain surgery and a slap on the wrist. IT WAS BAD!!

    But if Sumo could fix the many faults, add decent mini games, scrap mini events, make the game faster then I would be interested.

  15. Either A SGA version of Super Smash Bros., or an adventure game with Mario & Sonic, not just the olympic crap.

    SONIC BATTLE 2 FTW!! I actually have the origional, and It(Somewhat) rocks!

  16. @knuxtaben

    Maybe, but at least it would its own title, not a whole section of a Sonic Adventure game which I hated…. -_-

  17. Pretty early to speculate.. could be anything.
    Could be the Racing sequel, but with the lack of updates on the first… ehhh

  18. I’ve never played Sonic Shuffle since I’ve never owned a Dreamcast console in my life, but if it’s going to be a remake/sequel, I’m up for that, if it’s an All-Stars Racing sequel, I’m up for that, if it’s a non-Sonic game, I’m still up for that… I guess. xD

  19. I think that Sumo should try the fighting genre, we need a fighting game that plays more like Smash Bros. but doesn’t feel like a rip off, a Fighter with no barriers holding you back from going crazy, the 5 main Sonic characters would be present, making old fans happy while using the new design to appeal to the newer fans as well, then they could use characters like Jacky and Akira from VF, Ristar, Vectorman, and whichever other characters seem like they could work in a fighting game. Oh and the guy from Shenmue, that was a fighting game-ish thing right?

  20. @ mulletboyjay

    Emerl doesn’t even exist anymore, he is Gemerl now, as seen in Sonic Advance 3, and now that he is SPOILER WARNING a good guy it would really be pointless to make a battle 2 and have Emerl rise from his grave again.

  21. Sega All-Star Tennis 2 or Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing 2 or Shenmue 3 or outrun?

  22. Sonic Rush 3 :l JUST SAYIN SONIC AND BLAZE >=D
    With a new mouth watering transformation for blaze o;

    But one note…..if they do decide to….er Make a Silver the Hedgehog game….be careful.Thats kind of a jump start risk….just sayn. I’d just continue having him as an unlockable character in multiplayer or having him in a sonic rivals 3 BAZ-AM :l or fit him in some new gravity game style of sonic riders 3 :l just sayn…

  23. @ Mulletboyjay

    (SPOILER ALERT) Emerl died at the end of the game. He went crazy with power, so Sonic had to kick his butt. Sadly, you couldn’t play as Super Sonic. Emerl already had the 7 Chaos Emeralds!!!


    I read somewhere(maybe Sonic Retro) that G-Mel from Sonic Advance 3 was built from the remains of Emerl, and At the end of THAT he was reprogramed into Cream’s playpal.

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