Summer of Sonic 2010 Website Launches

Summer of Sonic 2010 Website Launches

The new website for the Summer of Sonic convention has opened to the public, and already fans have started posting comments detailing their excited interest in the event. The launch of the website means that over the next few weeks, some exciting reveals and detailed information on the day’s activities will be trickled out ahead of the event, scheduled for the 7th August 2010.

Hotly tipped to be revealed first is the venue of the convention, which has been kept a secret up until now because of continuing negotiations. As it was confirmed to be hosted in London several months ago however, some attendees’ travelling arrangements have already been booked.

Past Summer of Sonic conventions have seen big celebrity guests appear – including composer Richard Jacques, singers TJ Davis and Bentley Jones, comic artists Nigel Kitching and Nigel Dobbyn and Sumo Digital. All eyes are on who will attend this year’s event – have any conspiracy theories? Post them in the comments box below.

2010’s Summer of Sonic website is inviting discussion on conventions past and present – opening the floor to suggestions at the same time. If you have something to say, why not write your thoughts on the SoS 2010 blog entry?

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  1. Hmm special guests? I would love to see Ryan Drummond attend! I’m sure he would love to attend too, it’s not like he has anything else going on at the moment.

  2. Let me guess who the “special guests” are…

    CRUSH 40!?

    That’s my guess, anyway, from admin comments at

  3. Special guests? What about that blue hedgehog I keep seeing people on here talk about?

  4. @casanova

    I’d hate to be the one to break it to ya. He’s fictional. That’s right, 19 years ago a group of japanese programmers came up with a blue Hedgehog and named him Sonic. He is not real.

    If he were real though, it would be cool if he came.

  5. It’s Bella Hudson.

    She’ll do an impression of Blaze, Wave, and Shahra AT THE SAME TIME


    Do you have any plans for one in America yet? There is a great convention center in Louisville, KY. It’s near where the old Six Flags used to be. It’s also quite close to my home!

  7. I might not be coming, but i would love to see Gunnar Nelson their on the stage though singing Team Chaotix, its so underrated.

  8. @ Edge

    Doubt it mate. Summer of Sonic is set up by UK Sonic fans. largely on the part of Dreadknux with the support of Sega.

    A similar situation would have to arise in America for that to happen, basically you could help start one up if you wanted to. Course, we have the advantage of living on a small island where it’s generally easy for small time events to be popularized.

    Don’t let that stop you though.

  9. Id definitely like to see a live performance of the Crush 40 vs Bentley Jones remix of Open Your Heart

  10. I wish I could go, but I’m here in America, and U.K. isn’t right across the street…. Why?? T_T

  11. Man i hope this year il get to go, i can just imagine being there….*Wakes up from day dream* anyway, i wonder what special guests will be this year?

  12. I will not be able to go this year I think. That is if I get lucky enough to win a lot of money!

  13. If crush 40 is this years special guest I might wet myself with joy > > I also wanna see Jaret Reddick and punch his for doing a badass job with Endless Possibilities xD
    I may just be able to go this year o;


    Seriously! There’s a WHOLE lot of Sonic fans in the US!!!

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