Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Announced For ‘Late 2010,’ iPhone Confirmed

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Announced For ‘Late 2010,’ iPhone Confirmed

Sega has announced that Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 will be hitting digital distribution platforms in the “latter half of 2010,” with the “added development” time spent on the ‘tuning’ and ‘balancing’ of the game. While no release date has been announced officially, the use of wording in the company’s statement implies an internal delay.

A press release went live today, officially confirming that Sonic 4 will also be released on Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch products. The game will be available via the App Store. One of Sega’s European arms has also released a video containing Splash Hill gameplay, watch it below.

This video will be shown in a new episode of GameSpot’s On The Spot feature, which will see Sega America community manager RubyEclipse to discuss the announcement. It will be aired in an hour’s time.

“SEGA is incredibly happy at the overwhelmingly positive response to Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I  from both press and fans around the world, and wants to ensure that we’re delivering the best Sonic experience possible,” reads the official statement, which was also posted on Sega’s Blognik. “With this dedication to quality and the Sonic experience in mind, SEGA has decided to extend the development of the game, and will now release Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I in the latter half of 2010.

“The additional time will allow the Development Team to focus on ensuring overall high-quality throughout the game by continuing to tune, balance, and maintain the kind of polish that an important title like this demands, and ultimately providing fans with an unrivalled classic Sonic feel.”

The details come after The Sonic Stadium gave you the scoop that updates were imminent, following a long period of silence from the publisher. Stick with The Sonic Stadium for any Freudian slips or other announcements as they happen.

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  1. I agree. THIS? Just a sliver of news I already knew, then something to make me wait longer! 🙁

  2. So that means gameplay improvements after all??? YEEEEEES!!! 😀

    I really really hope that´s the case. I´m actually happy if they delay it to make it as good as the classics… If they just fix the gameplay, it will be awesome 🙂

  3. “Get excited” “Big news”
    Woohoo, we won’t be playing this game til Autumn atleast. What an anti-climax.

  4. im fed up with constant disapointment from sega time and time again. the sega magic has finally gone…….

    very sad

  5. stuhp: It’s not that bad. If Sega’s taking additional time to fine tune the game, that can only mean much higher quality when it’s released. Nintendo delay their games all the time, and look at the results they get!

  6. This is good actually, because if they even thought of shipping the pile of crap that got leaked during the summer, it would be Sonic 06 all over again. I’d rather wait for a more complete product than get a half-asses version with horrid mine cart physics.

  7. Huh. Well, that was underwhelming. But looking at the bright side, we should have a more polished game than expected. And if it’s later than the Summer, then good! I’m in no hurry. And I’ve been playing lots of games for a while, too!

    So yeah, to everyone who feels disappointed with the news, try not to be too negative.

  8. Why delay? Why? why? i you know what should come next…why? I am not happy about this delay instead of summer. could they not have on xbox wii and ps3? And later Iphone? 🙁

  9. I’m not surprised, this is the result of everyone complaining about every last thing in this game. I don’t mind waiting longer. I’m glad SEGA did this, it shows that they care about the game and what the fans think, more than just money. We waited for Brawl, we’ll wait for this.

  10. its not the fact that they are polishing the game and fine tuning just the fact that it was a major announcement ? doesnt seem fair really. I mean we all knew iphone was going to happen….. even though we thought it could be different.

  11. Sure I’ll have to wait a couple more months … but that oughta give me time to buy a better TV so I can have a better experience. Plus they said they’re fine-tuning … I say “Go Sega!” For once I’m glad they’re not rushing it.

  12. I don’t see why everyone’s complaining, you’d only moan if they released the game earlier and it wasn’t up to standards.
    Extra development time means that hopefully they’ll be able to work out the kinks and bugs so i’m not worried =)

  13. It was the same with Starcraft 2, they delayed the game several times to improve it. I only say 2 couple of things…. SEGA, make the episodes coherent, like Sonic 3 & Knucles and give us….ex-spoilers here…..

    ORIGINAL BOSS FIGHTS PLEASE, we´ve played Green Hill, and Casino Night´s bosses SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVERAL times!!!

  14. @TheHumbleFellow

    Theres a difference between nintendos delays and anyone elses, whereas nintendo would scrap an entire game if it didn’t meet miyamotos standards, you can be 100% sure that bare some slight differences in stages, maybe a couple of animations altered for the sonic spite and enemy positions changed, the game is going to be virtually identical to the one we’ve seen in leaked videos.

  15. Please Sega, just release a freakin’ demo or something until then, PLEASE! 🙁

  16. Now that I’m done raging, here’s my stance on the subject:

    While I’m VERY disgruntled at the fact that we’ve ALL been waiting all day for this news just to find out it’s a DELAY (which, for good reasons or not, is never happy news to fans), I am delighted that they’ll fix what problems may or may not be found in the game.

    Think about it, maybe they purposely allowed these leaks so that they could get a jist of what our feelings for the game are, and then they gauge whether to fix it or not on that. Most people complained about the music, and about how the levels are rehashes from Sonic 1 and 2, so maybe they’re fixing some of that, along with the crude jumping and running animations and what not. It might be too late to fix the level design in episode 1, but maybe the other episodes might be fixed.

    To be honest I was hoping for the announcement of a disc release for all the episodes in one game that runs seamlessly.

  17. …I was waiting for the above rant. people really need to start putting a retrospective as to WHY these things get delayed.

    They want to give us a GOOD game. OH MY GOD THAT’S SO EVIL.

    Guess we’re waiting for the further announcement and that show.

  18. to be honets, if it wasn’t for leaks, then this WOULD be goodnews for us iPod/iPhone fans/owners, but people just can’t seem to wait. Haha. So dissapointment is our own fault really. XD

  19. Funny that everyone seems so displeased. I’m totally stoked. They’re going to hold actually push back a SONIC title to polish the game and make it play better? What strange Bizarro universe have I been sucked into? Next thing you know they’ll be releasing a patch to make SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (2006) play properly.

  20. I’m kinda happy that they are tring hard. Well done Sega. Though for the record, Sonic 06 was on a schdule from Microsoft. I think they learned their lesson since last time.

    Though I find it kind of weird that they said its a huge announcement and its “It’s late and on iphone”.

  21. Honestly, I think this is the best possible thing that could have happened due to the game being leaked in its entireity.

    Now SEGA have the chance to make the game new for everyone. Well at least new enough for people that have played it already.

    I must admit i am a little disappointed but I am also relieved.

    All together now … SEGA!!!!!

  22. YES!!!
    Sega learned their lesson.
    Delay the game till it is perfection.
    Good news indeed.

  23. Delay. Fair enough. It happens. But why get our hopes up and waste half a week building up to it? This is not news worthy of a big setup.

  24. very good News, sega takes much more time in this, than in Sonic 06. So we can await a very good designed game with sonic on autumn/winter 2010. Good News.

  25. well, considering that mos sonic fans are bashing the game because of the Semi-SRush physics, the NOT mandatory homing attack, act. 2 of casino street and lost labyrinth the “terrible green eyes of doom”, its good news their taking their time to polish those two levels and the games physics (which are the ONLY problem the game has)

  26. …..this was the anouncment? uve gotta be kidding. Dont get me wrong, Im super gald they are trying to finetune the game, but they could have told me this crap 3 months ago. This better be worth it sega

  27. Very disapointing. I come home from work to find that the game has been delayed!? Everyone’s seen the leaked footage, just release the game already. The only reason to delay the game now is to add more characters, or the option of ‘classic Sonic/Eggman’.

  28. This is actually the best news for the game so far. Take a second look at the entire soundtrack, stage structures, boss battles, and ESPECIALLY the Act 2 gimmick buried stages. Tone that stuff down.

  29. Oh lighten up. As Shigeru Miyamoto once said, a delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever. If they are improving the game, it makes the wait all the more worth while.

  30. This is a “Sonic 4 blowout” HOW exactly?

    I’m really sick of Sega hyping up NOTHING over and friggin’ over again. If you’re going to promise a blowout, GIVE US A BLOWOUT!

  31. ..“SEGA is incredibly happy at the overwhelmingly positive response to Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I from both press and fans around the world, and wants to ensure that we’re delivering the best Sonic experience possible”… I don’t think that about 45% of the fans being against this game is a very good thing SEGA, fuck you. Just when I started to like Sonic again SEGA let me down and told me more things that we all already knew… SEGA just likes to pretend the leaks didn’t happen…

  32. Look at all you idiots thinking this is not major news, or good for that matter. They’re giving a game that frankly looks atrocious extra development time, possibly to rectify complaints that have been circulating nonstop since the leaks began.

    Seriously, what do you guys want anyway? Do you want a bad game right now, or a (possibly) good game a few months from now?

  33. Why is everyone so angry. This is great news, so what if we have to wait another month or two for the game, we’ll have a greater game for the rest of our lives, I’m glad SEGA is taking more time on it.

  34. Hey remember when everyone was complaining that 06 and Unleashed were rushed and should’ve been delayed? And that Sonic games should be delayed to make sure they don’t suck?
    HERE WE ARE! 😀

  35. Basicly….. the game is getting delayed….. I can’t believe I waited all day for this.

  36. …well, can’t say this was the news i was hoping for, but at least their trying. Can’t really say im that sad. After surviving through super smash bros brawls 2 delays i think I can handle this. but Q3… this worries me a bit. There are a lot of games coming out then like halo reach. I may need to rethink my schedule a bit. well, it doesn’t matter. TAKE YOUR TIME

    P.S.It wouldn’t hurt to have a demo. That way you could get some feedback from fans. Also, I’m not sure how much of a story is going into the game but I would love to see a 2D sonic game with a story as good as SA2. Of course the gameplay should be top of the list but story is important too. And im not saying this because i want to see some of the other characters and a awesome CGI cutscene…;)

  37. I’ve said it before, take as long as you like Sega 🙂

    Kind of a weird announcement to look forward to thou 😮

  38. Ok, not that video has perfectly whetted my appetite for this game =D Cant wait!

  39. I lol’d at these comments.

    Me? I’m stoked they’re fine-tuning it. I’ve not seen the leaks and don’t plan to so I’m still excited for this. I’ve got a good feeling about it.

  40. We knew it was going to be available for ipoo ages ago, it was in one of their early press releases. This was such a waste of a news report and much excitement and anticipation. I am very disappointed in SEGA now – when will we get a real story?!

  41. This is bullshit. On one hand it could be better, and on the other hand it could be just a waste of time.

  42. Sonic cycle broken.
    Sega puts quality over money.
    Sonic 4 excitement doubled.
    Thank you Sega, I knew it since the announcement of Project Needlemouse.

  43. It’s not the fact that it’s delayed. It’s the fact that SEGA promised us a blowout and all we got was something we already knew and a delay on a game that is not going to get any better *unless* they change the stage design, because as of right now, the entire game looks like a remake of Sonic 1 and 2

  44. @Sonicyoda
    They sure are.

    If the game was rushed, like 2006, Black Knight, and oh so many other Sonic games- Majority of the fanbase/and every other gamer would complain with good reason.

    If the game was made with love and lots of time, like good games should- Majority of the fans would complain.

    Out of the fans of different games/movies/TV shows, I would have to say Sonic fans are the saddest. I am embarrassed to say I am part of the Sonic fanbase. At least there are some people with common sense.

  45. I guess the announcement wasnt too bad..But nothing thats *BIG sonic the hedgehog news!* though..So..they shouldnt have said that..xD

  46. Whew. Sorry, lost my cool there, anyways. This is rather good news despite how misled we were by SEGA, anyways. I really do hope they take their time and fix this game, please, please, please, make new level designs!

    I am also loving Sonic’s design in the game, it looks like he has gotten a little shorter… that or it’s just were I watched the older trailers on my iPod touch and now I have a laptop…

  47. Well, I guess I don’t mind this kind of news, though I was expecting something bigger.

    But think of the delay as a good thing; Sega announced that 06′ was going to be a huge comeback for Sonic, and they stupidly rushed the game for release, and look what happened? It’s not a horrible game (to me) but it could use a lot of work. They are being cautious and I can wait, it will be worth it.

  48. Yeah,i too can wait.I just wish i had another game i can play but im broke.xD So when im not busy with stuff im mostly just surffing the web lately.xD

  49. Thanks TSS for the awesome reveal! You guys are the only site in the fanbase deserving to give this big reveal, and you gave a wonderful write up, Dreadknux. It’s a very fun read, and more than deserving for this reveal.

    And also, many thanks to Sega for the incredible gameplay footage. The gameplay mechanics are the best I’ve seen in a Sonic game for a long time. Speed builds to a fast fury, and isn’t a mere product of overused boost pads or simply locking the d-pad to the right. And the visuals are a treat. If anyone is disappointed, shame on you. You get a taste of the best of the whole franchise with this game. You get the coolness of modern Sonic era swirled deliciously with the flavor-filled past of the blue dude.

    One thing’s for sure. With the release in later part of this year, I’m expecting an EPIC comeback for the blue dude. I found New Super Mario Bros rather “same old, same old.” Sonic 4 actually seems to do retro justice with a breath of fresh prespective in a video months ahead of the game’s release. I’m sold.

    (The real stinker is that I’ll be missing the Sonic 4 release. Oh, and IPHONE OS RELEASE FTW!)

  50. I guess the iDevice support could be a very good thing about this update though considering that it was never officially confirmed by SEGA.until just now, it was only discovered by hackers which back then, could only have been taken with a grain of salt as it could have been a fancy photoshop job.

    Right now it’s looking like I will get this game on the iPod touch, iPhone and PlayStation 3.

    By the way, I was wondering what the fans thought of Sonic 1 and 2 on the iMachines, I really want to have Sonic 1, 2, 4 and if it’s released before Sonic 4 Sonic 3 & Knuckles, on my iPod touch. I want to play the games on a very portable machine rather than having to play the original trilogy (along with Chaotix and the European version of CD with it’s awesome soundtrack) on my Kega fusion emulator and then having to pull out my iPod touch just to switch to sonic 4. Trust me, switching between games on my laptop in the middle of a car ride gets very tedious, and I really don’t want to buy Classic Collection since I can’t stand the way the game looks on the DS’s screens

  51. I will say this right now. Those of you that are bitching right now: it is YOUR incessant whining about problems that largely are not there that has CAUSED this delay. I really do hate this fan base sometimes.

  52. @Matt: Good point…

    But I’ve said it before, I would much rather wait ages for a game that absolutely rocks, than have one which feels rushed and incomplete, that we would forever be wondering how much better it could have been had it spent a few more months in development.

  53. Thank you for all your feedback about our announcements today. We’ve hit you with a lot — a delay, a new platform, a new trailer — and it can be easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. I want to make sure that you all, and all the Sonic fans, hear that we took your feedback and comments and we’re making improvements to the game based on that. All of us on the community team at SEGA listen to your feedback (positive AND negative) and bring it to other departments within SEGA. It’s not just words, it’s not just something we use to brush our fans off. We’re excited to show the results of that in a very specific and tangible way.

    You guys care a lot about Sonic and Sonic games, and we care a lot about you. Although many of you are disappointed in the delay, we hope that you’ll agree that getting your feedback incorporated into the game is ultimately worth waiting for.

    Kellie – SEGA Community Manager

  54. Now, that’s what I’m talking about! Good job Sega, this is what, I’ve been saying all along…more development time means a better game! For the empire! what, what, and all that, what. Good show!

  55. grr, I cleared my calander for most of the summer, FOR A *censored* DELAY??? WHAT GAME SHALE I PLAY???

  56. Man, I got nothing for summer except new Futurama, but thats ok, summer isn’t all that big for gaming anyway.
    Breath.. and take your time, you’re doing the right thing 🙂

  57. Here’s a little hint, SEGA. Coming from someone who’s in no rush to play the game, so isn’t really affected by this announcement.

    When you want to announce that your game is delayed, you find a quiet, sneaky way of doing it, to ease the fans into it.

    You do not hype up news of the delay as an important announcement. This, believe it or not, annoys fans.

    You also do not give the news as an “exclusive” to major fansites, and let them hype it up for you. This makes them look as stupid and arrogant as you.

    Like I said, I’m not really bothered. Looking forward to playing the game, but I’m patient. And hey, games get delayed every so often. But really. I had a good, hard think about your reasons for announcing it this way, and I’ve come up dry.

  58. @ Edge

    Do you remember when I said this game had potential if they threw some “ELBOW GREASE” in it? Now they’re trying to go over and beyond…

  59. Darn, I really was looking forward to playing it while I was home for college since I can’t bring my Xbox with me. Now I have to wait until winter break, this game better be worth it 😉

  60. “You also do not give the news as an “exclusive” to major fansites, and let them hype it up for you. This makes them look as stupid and arrogant as you.”

    Ahem. Let’s not buy into anti-fansite propaganda, now.

  61. Lame, now I have to wait even later for the game to come out… sell poorly, and be reduced in price before I can buy it for kicks….

  62. Wow, what can I say, been waiting for this big announcement to find out ill be waiting some more?? All we get is a trailer of Splash Hill zone that most of us have already seen after months of waiting??

    Im glad about this delay but I do hope we get to see more happen on the Sonic 4 Official Website because a trailer of Splash hill after a 3 month blackout is just terrible!!

  63. God damn it stop whining sonic stadium! I swear i come here every day and i hear allot of negativity out of so called sonic fans, but about just a delay? Do we hate nintendo for delaying twilight for a year? I sure don’t, that game rocked my socks.

    BOOP BOOP HISTORY LESSON! Sonic 2006 was going to be delayed by sega of america to fix all the problems, but Sega of Japan said NO and released it for the 15 year anniversary thing. Watching early gameplay of sonic 2006 and playing the 2006 demo in a walmart, i remember sonic 2006 being allot more fun and easy to handle then what it is now, but the final product wasnt prepared for all the characters, the engine could only use 3 characters, sonic, shadow, and silver, not all their buddies too.

    What i am trying to say is if sonic 2006 was delayed would you have waited to play it then? WOULD YOU? Besides, this announcement came with a new video. When sega says there is an announcement its not always gonna be super awesome.

  64. Well. There taking our suggestions. They’re trying to bring Sonic to his former glory. SEGA. Take all the time you need. Your going to have a lot of work to do. 😉

  65. Jim-x: Oh, I quite agree. I was referring to the chorus of “what delay this sucks sega you suck give us more info not a delay” when the only reason for the delay is this fanbase and its whining and the only reason none of the info is new is that talentless hack NDA-breaking leak artist 😛

    Some of the most bitterly complained about ideas are actually clever concepts that are nevertheless natural evolution from the original games. When I saw someone finally click that they needed to precisely time a Homing Attack on an upward spring to escape from two other springs pushing him into one another, I felt like it was 1992 and I was figuring out how to Spin Dash all over again. So take your time, SEGA. But keep perspective (as many here have failed to do), and only fix what really, really needed to be fixed.

  66. @Dreadknux I wasn’t putting any anti-fansite propaganda out there. I love the site. To be honest, I’m completely detatched from the Sonic community, so when there is a controversy over what someone at another site says, I avoid any mention of it.

  67. I don’t mind the fact that the game is delayed, but I don’t see how anyone can call a delay and a new 30-second trailer a “blowout.” Meh. I liked it better when Sega released stuff without fanfare instead of getting our hopes up for awesome things, then continually giving us pictures of trees and footage we’ve already seen.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely excited, but I really wish Sega would quit hyping up so much then giving us so little.

  68. If they cut off the dust, change the rush’s autoplay style (boosts, spings…)

  69. Lol wow is this what all sonic fans do baww and not be supportive thats ccool, and it is good new because they are working hard on the game and not bum rushing it like sonic 06, unless you want 06 sonic I say shut up and be happy.

  70. Why is everyone continually bashing 06? I mean, it’s almost like it’s the only rushed game you can bash about. Take away the bestiality and ignore the glitches and it’s a fine game! It’s actually one of my top 5 favorite Sonic games. Seriously, why can’t you bash Sonic Riders Zero Gravity and Sonic and the Black Knight as much as 06? They are worse.

  71. @Edge

    90% of the people who talk shit about Sonic ’06 didn’t even play it, they bash because the other guys bash, just to try to be respected.

    Sonic ’06 is not AWESOME, but it’s not as bad as everyone says. It’s a ok game.

  72. @ Edge

    Dont worry, I know what your talk about. btw > > I love crisis city. Reminds me of skyscraper scamper

    ANY WHO This trailer is getting more pumped up as the last did. The screenies, the enemies, the music, how much drool can I contain that flowing out of my mouth D; Another great game >> say it isnt and Ill beat you….

  73. Oho, that is a VERY nice video of gameplay. Bonus points for full speed animation for Sonic, nostalgic stage elements returning (like the speed booster) and invincibility animaiton! =O
    Also, it seems that if Sonic didn’t have that animation during the gameplay over in this trailer, it’s quite evident that his full speed in this game is just slightly higher than what we just saw. Am I correct or what?

  74. @Anybody
    It was not an “OK” game. Secret Rings is OK. Sonic Riders 1 and 2 are OK. Heroes was OK. Sonic 06 was below OK.

  75. There is a reason why they’re calling this game sonic 4!! It is because every sonic title between “sonic 3 & knuckles” (1994) and now has been absolute garbage as far as maintaining what made the franchise so popular. They know it and we all know it and they know that we felt this way. Any true original sonic fan knows that the 2d side-scrolling is essential to the gameplay. You guys can argue over all these other sonic games all u want but its a fruitless debate as all those games suck ass (especially heroes). The fact that sega has gone back to their roots only shows their attention to their fans. I can’t wait to play this game and thank you Sega for remembering the good old days, and bringing them back

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