Sonic Colours Announced For Wii & DS

Well colour us surprised! SEGA have announced Sonic Colours for Nintendo Wii and DS together with the above teaser trailer and a press release which you can check out after the jump!

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (May 26th, 2010) – SEGA® Europe Ltd. & SEGA® America, Inc., today announced Sonic Colours™, a brand new high speed action adventure in which Sonic the Hedgehog races through incredible theme park inspired worlds to rescue a colourful alien race from the clutches of Dr Eggman. Sonic Colours will be available on the home video game system Wii™ and the Nintendo DS™ system late in 2010.

An extraordinary amusement park has been seen orbiting around the home planet of Sonic the Hedgehog, and rumours are spreading that an alien race of Wisps, who have a unique colourful energy, are being held captive there by the evil Dr Eggman. Soon after arriving at the amusement park Sonic discovers he is able to use these mysterious alien forces to help the Wisps escape! Sonic Colours for the Wii seamlessly combines both 3D and classic 2D game play perspectives, whilst the Nintendo DS version takes full advantage of the console’s dual screen.

“The vibrant alien world of Sonic Colours enables players to race at top speed through incredible looking planets, each with their own unique visual style.” commented Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing, SEGA. “In addition to the classic Sonic game play style, the colourful new Wisp power ups offer a fresh new way of exploring these worlds and helps make Sonic faster than ever before!”

Sonic Colours sees Sonic accelerating to adrenaline-pumping super speeds and blasting through obstacles in ways never before seen in a Sonic game. The alien Wisps in Sonic Colours each have a unique “Colour Power” that, once freed, Sonic is able to absorb whilst speeding through the various theme park inspired planets. The Wisp energy enables Sonic to create new paths through the stages by drilling through the ground (Yellow Drill) for example, or speeding through the stage as a laser (Cyan Laser). Stringing the Wisp power ups together creates a combo that increases Sonic’s boost gauge even more quickly and exclusive Wisp power ups will be available for both Wii and the Nintendo DS versions, ensuring a unique and super speedy gameplay experience for Sonic fans everywhere.

Sonic Colours will be available on the home video game system Wii™ and the Nintendo DS™ system late in 2010.

Following the press release, SEGA of America and SEGA Europe have posted blog entries regarding the game with details, art poster and a link to the games official product page which contains a pair of temporary box arts which confirm both Wii and DS versions will support Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, as well as a full version of the new Sonic art render.

Official Nintendo Magazine UK have announced they will have a 6 page preview in their next issue –

You can read a huge six-page preview of Sonic Colours (as well as a world exclusive reveal of another brand new game) in the next issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, on sale 16 June

Nintendo Power U.S. have revealed that they will also have a big preview for Sonic Colours in their 8th June issue. They’ve revealed a teaser for the games feature by unveiling the upcoming issues front cover and first 2 pages of the Sonic Colour preview containing new artwork for the game as well as announcing the game to be a solo adventure with no gimmicks.

[FAQ]: SEGA Europe/Sonic Wrecks ArchangelUK  kindly answered some questions-

•Q: Good golly gosh Batman – where’s this come from all of a sudden? A: You don’t know everything we’re up to boys and girls, even if you think you do.

•Q: Why is the announcement trailer so short? A: The teaser trailer is a teaser trailer – more soon.

•Q: How will Colours/Colors be spelt? A: In the UK and Europe (well most of Europe) it will be Sonic Colours and in the US it will be Sonic Colors. One of the Euro territories I know has gone with Colors. Possibly Spain I think.

•Q: Is it a storybook series game. A: No its not part of the “Storybook Series”.

•Q: Will there be a full render of Sonic released? A: Not yet, but there will be along with the Wisps.

•Q: Is he wagging/raising his missing finger? A: 19 years experience suggests he probably is.

•Q: Who is working on Colours… you know Community wise. A: Me at SOE and Kellie over at SOA. I believe I’m leading so no doubt Stadium and Retro will be getting some exclusives down the line.

He also revealed at the Sonic City Blognik who exactly is working on each version of the game.

I’m pleased to give you yet more news on Sonic Colours which we announced yesterday. I’ve been on the boards and I know there’s a lot of interest in who is actually doing the game. Well I can tell you as of right now you’ll be pleased to know, so to clarify:

The Wii version of Sonic Colours is developed by Sonic Team. The DS version of the game is developed by Sonic Team in association with Dimps.

I hope that helps!

So, Wii = Sonic Team and DS = Sonic Team & Dimps.

More news as it happens!

Thanks to SSMB Staff Member remy ( ゚▽゚) at the SSMB for the initial heads up!


  1. I was JUST sending you guys the trailer for this as I receive a notification that you posted it already! Damn, you’re fast

  2. Sounds a bit like MegaMan Zero series (with the elf feature replaced by aliens)

    This is pretty exciting though! Sonic and Tails teamup? YES

  3. @ Kail
    Ha ha, thanks anyway though. You should know how quick I am with news by now XD

  4. …..where the hell did this come from? XD

    I don’t even know what to say. Can’t believe we’re getting another Sonic adventure already. I just hope it’s as good as Unleashed’s day time levels….

  5. Wow. it actually looks and sounds pretty cool…….. unfortunately for Sonic, looks are deceiving.

  6. Well this looks interesting, and these trailer CGI’s never fail to amaze me with their colors and render, but by the looks of the “energies can further increase the speed of Sonic and his abilities beyond imagination” part, its sounds like it might be almost near Unleasheds daytime stages, it did say the wii version will have the camera to change to 2D into 3D angle at times, Right?

  7. Wow…,
    Now we know what the rest of Sonic Team does while 4.
    Thought we would see this on the 20nt anniversary.
    Let’s see what they got.

  8. i hope it works like sonic 2 you have the option sonic on his own, tails on his own or sonic and tails together

  9. Is there some Avatar influence in there? The third piece of art looks that way to me.

  10. Wow i’m really excited for this! It sounds really good to me,and I can’t wait to see more of it.Between this and Sonic 4 Sega has definitely gotten me excited this year! 🙂

  11. *Spit’s Fanta out* What!!! That’s certainly came out of nowhere from Sega, I would have thought they do something like this after the first part of Sonic 4 came out, they’ve pulled a Square Enix, those cheeky lot have.

    That aside, the game looks, based on title and those aliens, very kiddie, i could be wrong though. If I’m not wrong I’m gonna have to buy the DS version to avoid embarrassment from playing it on the Wii that i have downstairs.

  12. Hmm… Certainly doesn’t sound like Crush 40!

    Still, hell yeah, I’m all up for a crazy sparkling Happy sonic adventure!
    Happy music, happy levels, happy Sonic and we’re set!

  13. The gimmick are those WISPs huh…
    Sounds better than a werehog or a sword.
    Maybe this whole wisp thing is like a chao garden.
    Grahh a Sonic game got announced and I become excited again.

  14. The gimmick are those WISPs huh…
    Sounds better than a werehog or a sword.
    Maybe this whole wisp thing is like a chao garden.
    Grahh a Sonic game got announced and I become excited again.

  15. A new 3D Sonic game by year’s end? Super happy bright colors? Sonic and Tails adventuring together? Splash Hill Zone remix?

    “Colour” me excited.

    I assume the American version will be called “Sonic Colors.”

  16. I’ve just noticed, on Sega’s page for this game, it says “Sonic’s home planet” instead of Earth and on the Sonic 4 website, it doesn’t say Earth or Mobius either. Hmm…


    @Shem I hope this won’t be ‘too’ happy

    @rhonddaboy13 I hope we’ll be playable too. I’m tired of Tails being in a Sonic Game while at the same time, not playable.

  18. Wow… That came out of nowhere.

    @Ein Eagle Vanato: I agree with you the title and the aliens does looks kinda kiddie. I think I’ll stick with getting the DS version first and see if that convince me to buy the Wii version.

  19. No xbox ='[
    and this looks amazing too, all colourful and happy
    Why couldnt it be on xbox too ='[

  20. His missing finger probably has something significant on it. Like a ring or something.

  21. Well this was very surprising, i have to say i’m rather intrigued and am looking forward to some announcements.
    Not too keen on the name, when i first heard it i though of a children’s game lol
    i’m pleased to see the Sonic Unleashed Models, a definite thumbs up =D I would love it if it turned out Like unleashed, especially in terms of quality with cut scenes should it have any =D

  22. Why do the Wisps remind me of Flickies?

    …whatever. This certainly looks a lot more happy, bouncy and random than previous titles. Hopefully that means it’ll also be better than previous titles.

  23. With all of those Sonic 4 leaks, I’m pleased by this annoucement, mainly because nobody seen it coming.

    The story and the concept reminds me a lot Sonic 3D. Maybe we will have to “collect” the Wisps to take them into safety.

  24. I hope it’s like the Daytime stages in Unleashed, because she story doesn’t matter to me, whether good or bad, so it might be EPIC
    EGGMAN CIRCUSSSSS 😀 (dear god, are japanese developers going into carnival fever, like Level 5’s Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracles?)

  25. Screw Sonic 1 HD (or Sonic 4 as some call it), THIS is more like it! =D

    Colour (-lol-) me excited!

  26. Ha! My god I’m just laughing my head off here. Sonic Colors?
    Why does this make me think about Mario Galaxy 2?
    I’m not saying whether or not the game looks good. It’s just that….
    the game looks somewhat kiddish…. but heck, I’ll wait for more footage, like I don’t know, GAMEPLAY, instead of just being excited for game I hardly know about.

  27. That title…


    It has 7 letters each filled with different color…
    Just like 7 Chaos Emeralds!!!

  28. Except for the Americal version which has 6 because of Spellling issues.
    Could this mean that the is going to be UK/Canada Exclusive!!??


  29. And at everyone saying that the aliens look kiddie…

    A giant blue talking Hedgehog DOESN’T look kiddie?

  30. Talk about comin’ out of left field 🙂 I hope they learned some good lessons about “classic” gameplay, and this trailer isn’t “discouraging” to say the least.

    “A unique playground has been seen orbiting the planet of Sonic the Hedgehog.” Makes me think of this as a “Sonic CD 2,” if you know what I mean.

  31. Announcement, yay. Now all we need is the mandatory tradition of having a fandom completely and rather baselessly tear it apart based on a press release and a couple of picture– Oh, wait. Oh! Oh oh my god it seems so kiddie and– wake up, people. Sonic has always been based around younger children. Thought some of you might have been able to square up to that by now. It’s not dumbing down, you’re just growing up.

    Let’s see what the future brings, eh?

  32. Damn… I fall asleep for a few hours and I end up missing this…

    “Classic Sonic gameplay” huh? Sounds like Sonic Team are taking a break from 3d for a while.

    And one more thing…


  33. OMG… this actually looks like it’s gonna be pretty fuckin’ cool!!!! And that music TOTALLY has that old school vibe!! I’m expecting something GORGEOUS here, Sega… can’t wait to speed through those amazing looking environments…



    If there’s one thing SEGA still do right… it’s cute.

  35. My biggest concern for now is if the game is going to be like a traditional Wii platformer (Wiimote and nunchuk or Classic Controller) and if the pointer will be used at all, like in galaxy (Please no…)

    And I want the game to be like Adventure 2 long. (about 12 hours, with a nice story, kinda like heroes and riders stories, not any of this apocalyptic crap that we get in every Sonic game ever now)

    Also, I want to know if Tails is playable (YES PLEASE…)

  36. @Animegirl: I think everyone here (minus the usual lot at sega) didn’t see it coming, kinda of like a Roundhouse kick to the head.

    Another point to make is that out of all the usual characters, those like shadow and rogue most likely WON’T appear in this if the trailer is anything to go by. More likely Cream and Amy would get a cameo or something. Not quite sure if knuckles would work in this game, he’d probably won’t be in like Shadow.

  37. I’m pretty sure Tails is set for playability…why else would he appear in the teaser, as an annoying tagalong?

    Also, I have my predictions for the plot…from what I can tell, Eggman may be using the Wisps for something to stop Sonic, so…maybe the Wisps will be endangered because Eggman is using them for his weaponry, causing them extreme pain? That’s a bunch of shit – who’d deliberately harm something so adorable? Eggman, you fucking bastard!

    …I could be wrong on both parts, though…

  38. Oh I hope to see some Sonic & Tails action.
    I’ve waited for this since Sonic adventure 1.
    God, as much as I hate the Wii, I’m sure happy to have bought it.

  39. Where in the heck did this come from??? I come home from my last day of school and find this waiting for me…..

    Well the music sounds…exciting. Don’t really know what’s going on with the aliens thing. Color me interested…

    Haha, I made a pun. :p

  40. At this point, I don’t really care what the game is like. I just want another Sonic game on a hard disk. It looks like it could be fun, and I have this strange suspicion that with Sonic 4 coming out, all the “true Sonic fans” will leave this game alone if it isn’t up to their standards.

  41. Wow, I was not expecting this! Sounds interesting though, I wonder where they came up with this one?
    Too bad it’s not for the 360.
    Doesn’t Sonic hate theme parks? lol

  42. I just seen the trailer and I love the game already, but they shouldve done is this at the End of Sonic 4 SEGA shouldv’e made a secret ending revealing this.

  43. Ummmmm last time i checked mario was in some deal with aliens but sonic cant do that. I mean i love the idea of Sonic AND tails but if they throw in random crap and pointless gimmicks its gonna SUCK!!!!!

  44. Not gonna lie: Very Colo(u)rful, interesting. I’ll have to look further into this when they release updates in the news about this.

  45. Game impression wise, don’t you think Sonic’s smile is getting better and better? Look at the scans :]

  46. I think when they say no gimmicks, they mean….the wisps are just power ups. Like the shields and special items in other Sonic games.

  47. If anyone else does another colour-related pun, or says anything like colour me this or that, I shall personally come round and punch them… in the jeans. Twice.

  48. @ nuckles87
    I forgot they were worded as power-ups in the press release, removed that bit from my update now. Thanks =)

  49. “Theme Park Inspired Planets”
    Funny, when I was playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 today, I was thinking “anything a plumber can do, a hedgehog can do better.” I just hope I’m right.

  50. Ah, good, a new adventure! I hope they can come up with interesting new concepts to stay away from critics saying that it’s a SMG2 clone.

    The aliens remind me of the monsters in Sonic Shuffle, I liked their designs!

  51. Wii and DS HA *evil laugh* I have both and a 360 xD Now back to the matter at hand

    Lets see. When I first saw the trailer, there was drool :l Second time, more drool. And you know the rest. Notice how the mario galaxy 2 review is at the top > > Make way fat man >: This looks like another great adventure, and the aliens look so cute. Has anyone else noticed how they is seven and theyre all the same color as the chaos emeralds > > just sayin….and tails looks adorable as always. I’m hoping they dust off the hedgehog engine and actually used it for this game. Even if they didnt, Im still getting it xD

  52. Those aliens look like a cross between a Manaphy and the London 2012 Olympic mascots. Hope that’s just a coincidence.

  53. Yeesh. They should come out and call it “Sonic Gimmicks” already.

    Ah well, at least there’s a little bit of enginuity with the character design. I’m not going to lie, seeing a new Sonic title has made me giddy. 🙂

  54. hmmm, a wii title with no gimmicks. I’m suspicious, but excited to see how it turns out. Glad its not multi console, those are usually the games that get the most guff.

  55. *Replays Teaser Trailer over and over*


  56. Wow. This is…Interesting. Those Wisps creep me out a little XP

    And I agree. I doubt Shadow would want to be caught dead in this game…*Imagines Shadow running around with a Crayola Crayon* …Oh my 0o’

    The music sounds cute; just enough retro in it. However, this game strikes me as being for the younger generation…Still, I’ll try it anyways. I tend to like the games others hate (Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Unleashed). Who knows? This game might be a ton of fun; I just hope it has good re-playability.

    …Sonic the Twinkle Fairy XD

  57. Hmm, Sonic 4 or Sonic Colors…

    AGH, this is too hard of a decison! Id still have to say Sonic 4 cuz ive been wanting to play a FULL 2D sonic game for awhile.
    Colours still looks great though, Its probably the most unique looking game ive seen in awhile

  58. No gimmicks my ass….

    but, whatev… not enough info, though the info we do have sucks.

  59. Wait a second!

    “Theme-Park Inspired Planets”?

    “Sonic the Hedgehog”?

    Sonic…Theme Parks… Sonic… Theme Parks….

    AH! Now I get it! THAT’S the reason why SEGA put Sonic back at Alton Towers!

    Who knows? Perhaps we may have hints in the game, such as “The Nemesis Planet” or “The Planet of Oblivion”? Perhaps next year for the 2011 season, the Wisps will be painted onto the Sonic Spinball cars, or be forced to wander around the park grinning stupidly and posing for pics with kids like Sonic’s doing at the moment (poor Sonic… he’ll do anything for chilli dogs to become part of the park’s catering!). Perhaps SEGA will “ignore” fans’ remarks and put in Sonic the Werehog as one of the many playable characters for the Multiplayer (theme park-related) minigames [if there is any]? Perhaps they won’t, and will finally make a 3D game that caters to everyone.

    Perhaps I’m thinking too deeply. But, if by any chance someone picks up any similarities between the Thirteen ride and a level in Sonic Colors that’s based remotely on a crypt and a path for Sonic to run on that’s remotely vertical a la the tracks on the ride, then I know I’m right!

  60. @ Dakota Jones

    If you want a full 2D Sonic game to play, there are 2 of them for the DS and PSP

  61. Oh, and all four are excellent titles. Particularly the PSP ones (in my opinion of course)

  62. I just appreciate that Sonic has finally found himself a firm character design. He’s been slowly changing all the years (heck even in the sprite days he still changed a little each time).

    But now he’s had a fairly consistent one. Happy looking, not to tall but not to ridiculously short. And he’s managed to stay like that. I like it.

    As for the game, part of me wants to scream that the aliens are little lumen rip offs… but that yellow fish one was too awesome!

    As with all games, it will get a chance from me. I hope it goes well!

  63. *sees tails running alongside sonic instead of being in some sort of mech or playing a side character*


  64. What the hell is Sega doing with the Hedgehog engine. It’s not like the Wii can support it.
    No gimmicks they say… okay this is new, but Solo-adventure?
    Ahem…this then must mean that Tails is only a supporter guy, and those wisps can’t talk. (unlike Caliburn)

  65. @ Nintendo Power : Sonic … Reborn? Couldn’t you guys have used something a little less eye rolling / head shaking 😛

    Man it’s going to be tough to avoid all the criticism leading up to the games release. :/

  66. Wow, yeah this would make sense for Sonic 4’s push back. But, I didn’t see it coming at all, it seems like they’re biting off Mario Galaxy but that’s just my first impression. I’ll probably end up getting both versions…<,< but I digress…Definately original..also, did you notice the aliens are the corresponding colors of the chaos emeralds…plz…don't let him transform into tentacle hentai Sonic for the final battle. lol

    Sega: Sh** how'd he know?

  67. Perhaps the Wisps are not a gimmick, per se, but unlocking them causes new ways for different paths to open up in the levels. However, it wouldn’t make much sense for the press release to state that chaining wisp powers together causes new levels of speed. I’m conflicted as to whether this “no gimmick” line is true or not.

    Another meaning they could be implying by “no gimmicks” is that this is a straight up “speed” game, or speed-based Sonic adventure. No slow Werehog or Silver portions, just purely speed levels- which, judging by the trailer, looks to be the case. Perhaps the controls will be similar to Unleashed with some sort of inventory system that allows you to change Wisp abilities on the fly- quite frankly, with Wii/Nunchuk control layout this could be achieved extremely easily, with something like (A) Being jump/homing attack, (B) being drift/slide/stomp, (Z) being boost, and having the D-pad act as a fast-change menu for switching between wisp abilities. Who knows?

    An aspect that truly interests me is how each of the wisps powers will work and how we’ll be cued in on using them. As stated in the press release, yellow drill allows you to dig through rock. But will I be able to drill through any surface, or only special segments of the levels? If there’s a wall that I’m supposed to drift around, can I simply drill right through it? If so, that seems to be quite the undertaking and I would applaud SEGA for even attempting something of that level. Cyan laser I’m assuming simply turns you into a beam of light that can pass through enemies and goes far faster than normal- almost like a limited invincibility meter. I could see this having two effects- if the laser travels close to the ground you may be able to pass through enemies that could have been homing attacked to get to a higher part of the level. Or, the laser allows you to go along certain rails or cords that will take you to previously undiscovered areas. Also, considering the amount of wisps and colors we see in the teaser alone, we’ll be using a fair amount of wisp powers, and I’m hoping they are all as unique and interesting. Of course, I’m glad that we’ll have to gather energy for all of these powers- it seems like a fair way to work things. I can see these wisp powers being comparable to the various obtainable mushrooms in the Mario franchise.

    The game supports 3d-2d gameplay, and the Wii version of Unleashed was received better than the 360/PS3 version (at least, by critics), so we may see a step in the right direction here. I want to see more gameplay before I can affirm any of these thoughts, but right now, I’m immensely interested. Let’s face it, whether it sucks or not, I’ll be getting it- I just want to see how it plays. I think that Sonic Team has their head on their shoulders finally, especially with Sonic 4 in the works and the huge step forward in control, speed, and level design we saw with Unleashed. We may be taking a small step in the right direction once more with Sonic Colors, but here’s hoping it’s a larger one!

  68. Oi… forgot to mention my thoughts on the DS version!

    First off, I’m actually very pleased with SEGA’s choice to bring this game exclusively to Wii/DS. I think it will minimize their workload and allow them to focus on creating two separate but impressive games. For the most part, their Sonic titles are a bit better received on Wii- Secret Rings surprisingly received mixed reviews that leaned towards the positive side, and though Black Knight did not win over IGN entirely it was extremely well-received in terms of graphical, presentational, and even combat related areas by more than a few reviewers. As stated before, Unleashed was better received on the Wii, even though the Wii version had its fair share of faults, it also had a lot of great things about it. However, enough talking about the Wii!

    So, DS. I’m immensely pleased with all of the handheld work that Sonic has had over the years, however, the DS has had Rush and Rush Adventure, which are absolutely terrific games that never cease to tickle my speed-bone when I’m craving classic Sonic action. Handheld Sonic games just work, unless they’re RPGs- no offense, Brotherhood fans. But in terms of utilizing both screens and delivering platforming gold, Dimps and Sonic Team are pretty much set with the formula they already have. However, the deciding factor here, once again, is the wisp system. Again, I’m hoping for a quick switch inventory system with the L and R bumpers to switch between powers, and of course, I’d like to see what this game looks like before checking it out. However, since the Wii and DS versions will be drastically different in presentation and apparently each with its exclusive wisps, I might end up buying both versions of this game.

    That’s what interests me most- the fact that this game is being released on both Wii and DS. It actually proves to be more interesting than if the game were being released on Wii/360/PS3, or even Wii exclusively. This tells us Sonic Team has been working on two completely different games with the same underlying mechanics, visual style, and story for some time, and the fact that they’re using the two systems that deliver their most interesting and most enjoyable games also has me convinced that Sonic Team knows what they’re doing with the latest outing of the Blue Blur. I’m happy to see this development, and I can’t wait to see more!

  69. Why do i get the feeling that the Whisp with the twirly bit on its head will be the “guide” character.
    It stands out from the other normal looking ones, and it isnt one of the other coloured type ones (like the orange/yellow one).

    Just thinking aloud 😛

  70. It says “Sonic’s solo space adventure” so maybe Tails is in but not playable…

  71. Very excited about that no gimmick line. I’ve got my hopes up for this one.

    I’m also excited that this is exclusive to Wii/DS. Not because I’m a fanboy, but because that means they’re probably developing something else for 360/PS3.

    And I’ll be able to get both games 🙂 2 are better than 1.

  72. I’m excited but I have to say “Sonic COLORS?! Sonic COLORS?! What the hell kind of title is that?” When I first saw this post I ignored it because I thought that it was a drawing game being released for WiiWare and the DSi Store. Really SEGA, if you want this game to succeed change the name.

  73. Now THIS is something to get excited about! I’m more excited about this than Sonic 4 (although I am also excited about Sonic 4)!

    I bet this is a Wii/DS only, because the next 360/PS3 Sonic game will come out for Sonics 20th birthday… and it’s gonna rock the world! Also, the DS version is most probably gonna be Sonic Rush 3 in spirit, wich is also fantastic!

    Man, as a die-hard Sonic fanatic, I am the happiest man on earth!!!!!!!

  74. Interesting!

    Naturally, we’ve yet to see what kind of game it even is, but I’m liking the sound of the setup. I’d like to see this ‘alien world’ to be in the style of the ‘alien’ approach to Sonic CD – very strange and different from Sonic’s world, but still designed like a Sonic game should. It’d be a step backwards if the world we ended up seeing was akin to that of Sonic and the Black Knight, or Sonic 06 or even Sonic Adventure 2. The ‘alien world’ concept shouldn’t be an excuse to make the landscapes not feel like a place Sonic would explore.

    Having said that, if that short trailer is anything to go by we don’t have anything to worry about. That area Sonic and Tails are zooming through looks pretty sweet. I’m liking those Wisps too – the one at the bottom with the bad ass face is my favourite. He knows the score, bitches.

  75. @ ProjectZuel

    When I did my fastest playthrough of SA2, it took me 12 hours (including cutscenes, loading screens, and accidental visits and immidiate exits to the chao garden)

  76. … AWESOME!!! It’s Sonic’s version of Super Mario Galaxy!!!!!!!

    If it has Chao Garden, I’m preordering it NOW.

  77. @ edge

    Fair enough, I might give a timed replay (including the cutscenes I normally skip) to test it out.

    @ Inferno the Fox

    How in the hell is this like Mario Galaxy?

  78. Hey! I just realized! It was announced… ON MY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!!!!!

  79. @ ProjectZuel

    Sonic Colors: Outer Space Adventure

    Super Mario Galaxy: Outer Space Adventure

    Get my drift?

  80. I would like to point out something interesting, guys.

    The press release does not mention anything about ‘momentum’. What it says about is ‘making Sonic faster’. Isn’t this something you’ve complained about with Sonic 4 for weeks?

    YOU WILL BITCH ABOUT THIS NEW 3D GAME NOW, OR THIS IS NOT THE SONIC ‘FAN’DOM (and half of everybody outside it).

  81. @ Inferno

    Sonic’s been going into space since Sonic 2…and much of SA2 took place in space. Even had little planetoids.

  82. @nuckles87

    Good point. I forgot about that game being in space. So basically, Super Mario Galaxy copied SA2. lol

  83. Yep. In SA2 you even rocketed from one planet to another, and each planet had artificial gravity that you could use to jump into the air and loop around it…

  84. Sounds like Sega just slapped Mario Galaxy with the white glove.

    Bring on the fire, Sega.

  85. @Inferno: If you want a chao garden, play Sonic Adventure/DX, Sonic Adventure 2/Battle, or any of the Sonic Advance games. The Chao Garden will NEVER come back. I’m being realistic here, but one can always be optimistic. But really, you’re not really going to see the Chao Garden in the near or distant future in a Sonic game.

  86. I don’t understand why everyone is comparing this game to Super Mario Galaxy. There’s a big difference between a game where a character travels all over the universe and a game where a character is on one planet for the entire game.

  87. This game is starting to sound like it will oevershadow Sonic 4, which was supposed to be the biggest Sonic game this year, or even this entire decade. So how long has SEGA been working on this? That, boys and girls, is an extremely important question. If there was a difference between Unleashed and Next Gen, is was the development time. Unleashed was in development for about 3 years. If this game wants to be great, it has to have been in development since at least mid-2008. I doubt SEGA could’ve kept it quiet for so long. Or could they?

  88. Yeah it does kinda remind you of MG but who cares I really thought Sonic unleashed was Sonic’s take on MG oh well, but I’m lovin this trailer it reminds me of the Sonic heroes opening !!!

  89. …What is SEGA thinking? Seriously, what goes on in their heads to think up this stuff? Let alone base a game off of it…

  90. That single orange alien looks suspiciously like Tails… a possible transformation?

  91. @ soranamineforever
    Yes SEGA kept this quiet for so long. but they where creating a sonic news drought, so they had to have sonic 4 as a shield for sonic colors so colors would get leaked but the sonic 4 ep 1 got leaked entirely.

  92. @ Inferno the Fox

    It takes place on another planet but so do a lot of other games. The mechanics won’t be like Mario Galaxy and (frankly) I doubt it will be as good.

  93. Why do people keep clamoring for a Chao garden with this game? O_o It’s just as unlikely to be included as any other recent Sonic game. Doesn’t seem like something they’re interested in including anymore. Heck, Sonic Unleashed was called “Sonic World Adventure” in Japan and even that didn’t have a Chao garden. It’s not gonna happen, especially since this is probably going to be a smaller project than whatever is in the works for PS3/360.

    Also, people aren’t complaining about this yet because there’s nothing to complain about! 😛 We’re all in the hype stage. So far, it sounds great. Once it’s revealed, well, I’m sure there will be plenty of people complaining and plenty of people that are excited 😛

    And lol @ Sonic Adventure 2 doing planetoids before Mario Galaxy.

  94. @ Projectzuel
    I agree with you. After what SMG 2 did, I don’t think Sonic Colors would have a big of impact as the super mario galaxy series.

  95. I would not be surprised if they brought back the chao garden. Much like how the gameboy advance games were able to connect with the gamecube games, they could easily do that between the wii and DS. I think the only reason they stopped doing the Chao gardens is because Sonic games started going on multiple platforms (big mistake) and not all the systems could support the Chao trading back forth feature.

    It would be cool if they made the wii version able to read our old chao off the GC memory card and be able to use them in the new game.

  96. The details of this game reminds me to be very Marioesque.

    No, I am not talking about the interplanetary space voyage here, but this Sonic game sounds to be very fancy free, imaginary and downright bombast in contrast to the realistic outlook from the previous Sonic games.

    And why would I want to rescue the Wisps from Robotnik’s Interplanetary Carnival? Come on, they would have loads of fun there, including the one that looks like a Rotom.

  97. @Ethan Kerr: You’re making me cry. T_T

    @nuckles87: I forgot about the space levels in SA2. Of course, I’ve often thought that Mario games copy Sonic games more than vice versa.

    As for how this game resembles SMG2, I was actually thinking specifically about the “yellow drill” power-up and the fact that a drill is picked up and used extensively in one of SMG2’s levels.

  98. The moment I saw this trailer last night I almost died with excitement, it looks really good, it has beautiful graphics, and Tails is flying with Sonic and not in some mechanical device again! It seems like Sega are going back to what made Sonic games so fun!

    I think the aliens are adorable and it has a retro feeling to it, this teaser trailer gave me a very good vibe. When I saw the news on Sonic Retro I was curious and skeptical at first due to the name I’ll admit, but I’m in love already now lol.

    A lot of people need to stop comparing this to Mario Galaxy because there is no game play footage yet so we’re not sure how it looks and how the game mechanics are yet. Also Sonics been in space since 1992 in Sonic 2 and all his Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, Gamecube games, and even in his own cartoons like Sonic X.

    If its game play is similar to Mario Galaxy then I would assume it has more in common with Sonic X-treme rather than Mario Galaxy. Sonic X-treme was a cancelled Sonic game for the Sega Saturn in 1996 and it had the ideas of fish eye lens and orbiting multiple planets and 3d extreme worlds.

    So if anything Mario Galaxy copied off of everything from Sonic X-treme and used it for their own game. So to me its more like this new Sonic game would have more in common with its cancelled Sonic X-treme game then Mario Galaxy if the game play is like that, that is. Mario Galaxy was made in 2007 and Sonic X-treme was made in 1996.

    Go to if you want to see videos and pictures of X-treme and you’ll see for yourselves. Sorry, I hate it when people automatically say its like Mario Galaxy when its space related with Sonic. Anyways I loved the very colorful, lush, futuristic and fantasy like environment they are in and the trailer and story remind me of the Sega Genesis games.

    Those games had pretty simple story plots and this one seems to have that as well. The power ups reminds me of the power ups in the old Sega Genesis games as well like in Sonic 3 you had the bubble shield, fire shield, and electric shield and each shield did something different and improved Sonic’s movements and performances. 🙂 Anyways I know what I’m getting for the holidays and thats Sonic Colours and Sonic 4! Thank you Sega for getting your acts together! 🙂

  99. Look guys, nobody copied off anybody

    Mario Galaxy was in development before Sonic Adventure 2 was released and anyone saw those stages, SMG has been in development since 2000, where it was known as Mario 128.

    There has been nothing about Sonic running on planetoids, in fact, from the sound of it, it’s going to take place on a single planet. And no Mario game features Bowser enslaving little aliens to work at a theme park. So please, quit comparing it to SMG, the only comparison is space.

  100. and needsemail1, this game has been in development since before we saw the drill in Super Mario Galaxy 2, it has to have been since we just saw that last year and this is almost done, so the game has likely been in development for about a year or 2 years now.

  101. No Chao Garden. See, that is a gimmick in order to keep people interested in playing that game, and there shall be NO gimmicks in this game.

    …Except for the aliens giving Sonic special powers.

  102. You know… I never thought about it, but if you consider the capsules and “boxes with screens” from the older games to be “cages”… then maybe the Wisps will just be trapped in them and freeing them will unlock their special ability…?

  103. You know something interesting, the teaser trailer uses a sped up remix of splash hill zone music from Sonic 4. I really like the music and it was also something that really attracted me to the trailer. If the game has good retro sounding music like that I’ll love it! 🙂

    They must have been working on this game for a long time…I wonder if they purposely distracted our attention with Sonic 4 as they continued to work on Sonic Colours. I also find it interesting that both Sonic 4 and Sonic Colours are going to be released in late 2010.

  104. So Dimps gives Sonic Team a helping hand for Colours (DS) and Sonic Team gives Dimps a helping hand for 4.
    Interesting, no wonder Dimps aren’t making awesome 2D DBZ titles anymore with Sonic Team being all over them.
    DS version just got really interesting.

  105. @Adriana You must not judge this so quickly. First off, it is a teaser, and these will most certainly only be the cutscene graphics- they are not gameplay accurate. The graphics of this game have yet to be seen, and unless you’re talking about the design of the background and the wisps, none of what the trailer has to offer shows us what we’ll be seeing. Also, the song that plays during the teaser is most certainly not a remix or any version of Splash Hill Zone, but it does bear the same sort of style, hopefully alluding to the nature of the game.

    We don’t even know if this game will be good or not, but do not say it looks like a good game or that it has won you over just yet. Now, being a shameless Sonic fan, I am going to buy this game simply because I love Sonic, and I love his speed-based games. If you can admit you’re going to buy it because you like Sonic then you have a good reason for saying you like the game.

  106. I gotta say, this sounds absolutely great! The idea is excellent, for once a gameplay and world enhancing idea instead of a gimmick (not that I hate the gimmicks, but still), sadly on the console I just gave to my Mum… Haha… Well, we’ll see how good this looks in motion as well as the new Zelda and decide if it’s worth me picking up another Wii or something.

    Seriously can’t wait!

  107. It’s funny how some people are saying this looks amazing. I mean, colour me curious but we’ve only seen a 20 second or so CG footage from the game!! We always see this kind of stuff for a Sonic game before we see the actual game itself and I think it always ends up misleading people on the quality of the final product.

  108. I hope there is no singing for the main theme……… >_> I’m tired of Sonic games butt rock.

  109. Well I am intruiged. Aside from shields, speed shoes, and invincibility I don’t think Sonic’s ever had power-ups, and those didn’t really change how you played the game, they just made it easier. I’ll be interested in seeing how they’re implimented. Personally I hope for multiple exits if you use them right, like Super Mario World. Sonic’s always had branching and numerous paths to the exits, but, at least from what I remember, there’s always only been one actual goal.

  110. The whole space vibe idea as a story sounds kinda gay, but I rate it will create opportunities for some awesome level design… Hell I’m interested…

  111. Okay, is it just me, or does that Whisp with two eyes in the corner there look like the Soul Eater logo? XD

  112. I think that it’s SEGA trying to compete with Nintendo to see who can make a better Mascot space adventure, I mean really, right when Super Mario Galaxy 2 comes out, they release a teaser trailer about Sonic on a space adventure, which is by the way solo. Plus it has Sonic on a Planet and he has wierd alien powers. It might just be interesting enough to get. If I do get it, it’ll probably be the Wii version cuz the DS SUCKS :P.

  113. @ Missioningninja

    Saying that this game’s space vibe is gay is like calling almost every Sonic game ever made gay.

  114. I’m tired of everyone assuming that this is Sega’s smaller project and that they have a bigger 360/PS3 exclusive game in the works. Have any of you considered the fact that the ONLY fully exclusive Sonic game for the 360/PS3 has been Sonic 06 which was released about 3 and a half years ago? Every other Sonic game that has been released this generation has been either multiplatform with a Wii version or Wii exclusive. Take note there are FOUR exclusive Wii Sonic games (Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic and the Black Knight, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics) compared to PS3/360’s one exclusive (Sonic 06). Also, consider the fact that Sonic games have consistently sold more copies on Nintendo consoles since the GameCube days. And there were ZERO Sonic games exclusive to Xbox and PS2. Every single one either had a GameCube version or was GameCube exclusive. Perhaps Sega realizes that the most money with Sonic is found on the Wii?

    With all this in mind, I find it quite illogical to assume that the fact that Sega is developing a Wii/DS exclusive Sonic game means that there is also going to be a 360/PS3 exclusive Sonic game in the works. Sega has made it clear since Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (another exclusive, excluding Dreamcast) on GameCube that Nintendo is their primary choice for Sonic games. But perhaps you are right and this is their “smaller project”. However, that won’t be because there is a new 360/PS3 game coming out; the bigger project is much more likely to be Sonic 4.

  115. @ Edge

    Touche bro… What I’m trying to say is that like most Sonic games recently it’s aimed mainly at the younger market instead of all round…

  116. hey um……doesnt this game remind u of a Mario game? You know, Super Mario Galaxy?

  117. Looks promising, I’ll probably buy it nonethless like with every other sonic game thats been released

  118. Ok then. Well, this a Sonic games aimed for younger gamers like Sonic Chronicles and even Sonic’s Schoolhouse for the PC. This a Sonic game I’m actually hesitant to even consider getting. Just have to wait for more information on the plot and gameplay.

  119. Oh wow, reading these comment only my fellow fans can post to show how much they love sonic > > oh and nuckles87, I like your smart mouth reply to “Oh in SA2 you can go on planets with artificial gravity”LOVED IT.But as we all said. Yes its like Mario galaxy.No its not like Mario galaxy. Its more so a sonic induced game.But now this, if gravity hoping from planets is part of the game > > The media might ride SEGA like a horse > > Remember 06 with the bestiality…just sayn > > We don’t want that again…

  120. @iProdigy101

    How the hell can you compare Sonic Chronicles to Sonic’s Schoolhouse??? I mean, WTF…

    No, Sonic Colors is not aimed at a younger audience than that of any of the other Sonic games, barring Shadow the Hedgehog and possibly Sonic 06. Every indication points to this being a mainstream Sonic game.

  121. @ Blahblahblah3210:
    I’m glad you noticed……along with everyone else. Only a moron would think this isn’t part of the main game line > >

  122. this sounds a little like it could fit in the same scheme of things as another of sega’s games- RISTAR

    do any of you kids remember Ristar?

  123. @Lunar_Sonic96

    Thanks for the complement! Really.

    I WAS sort of replying to a moron, so… I guess some things needed to be spelt out. Too bad you couldn’t see that. >_>

    He was probably basing his assumption (that this game’s being aimed at even younger audiences than what they usually are in what we call “mainstream” Sonic games) on TSSZ’s “source,” which I would take with less than a grain of salt.

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