CONFIRMED: Sonic Colours Info From Nintendo Power

CONFIRMED: Sonic Colours Info From Nintendo Power

UPDATE: Photo’s of the issue of Nintendo Power from shadowthehedgehog are doing the rounds and they confirm the reports he gave earlier that we quoted. Looking at the screenshots the DS version appears to be very much like Rush 3 with the tension gauge(with added Wisp holder), Sonic’s model, the level designs and familiar enemies. The Wii version looks very much like Sonic Unleashed Wii/PS2 with it’s own gauge(that contains a Wisp holder) that and similar HUD but graphically looks better with prettier level designs. Two screens show Wisp powers in action on the Wii version and reveal their powers use the energy in your gauge.

Due to copyright we can’t post the scans here but the magazine will be out 8th June to buy though it can currently be picked up from some stores now according to reports. Thanks to shadowthehedgehog at Find The Computer Room Forums for providing the pics!

Long time member of Find The Computer Room Forum shadowthehedgehog claims to have an early subscription copy of Nintendo Power’s next issue due out 8th June which we reported to contain a huge 6 page Sonic Colours preview. shadowthehedgehog has posted up some details from the preview which you can read in the below quotes –

Thanks to my awesomeness I have read the issue of Nintendo Power featuring the game:

The game looks pretty nice, think of it as a prettier looking version of the Wii version of Unleashed, the two zones that were featured were Sweet Mountain zone, and Tropical Reservoir zone, and the former is a mountain of pastries, the said they wanted to include the crazy level designs from the old games, which is fine by me. It also said that in the 3D sections it will focus more on running from A-B akin to the Daytime stages of Unleashed, while the 2D sections will be more for platforming.

The DS version, can easily be called Sonic Rush 3, it looks exactly like those games, even the tension gauge is there, they said it would be similar to the Wii version.

Tails appears in the story but Sonic will be the only playable, they said the story is simple, light, and goofy, which is fine by me. Knuckles, and Shadow may also make an appearance in the game.

If someone has scans, please show them, because seeing it, is better than me explaining it.

Oh and Eggmanland makes a return, Yaaayyyy.

Last time I checked the storybook games didn’t have platforming, and there will be platforming.

Also there’s a level with giant Cheeseburgers.

I’m being serious, its really there, you also bounce off jello.

No scans or photo’s are provided so take this as rumour for now but if true it sure sounds like we’re getting a return of some of the wacky and fun levels we’ve come to expect from the 2D Sonic games, only this time they will be in part 3D for the Wii version at least. We’ll let you know when we see some confirmation of these details and more.

Thanks to spiny blue at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. “Also there’s a level with giant Cheeseburgers.

    I’m being serious, its really there, you also bounce off jello.”




  2. This game is starting to sound really good, why do I not have a Wii!!!!?

    Ill just get it on DS.

  3. OMG! Giant CHEESEBURGERS i hope this isnt a lie this really looks promising but i hope the 3D will also focus in platforming not just in speed great to see the good old wacky designs make a comeback though they should remove the boost i mean come on when i played the PS2 version of unleashed i almost never used the boost and it was really fun without it

  4. No playable Tails? πŸ™

    I hope he still has an important role in the story.

  5. Cheezeburgers? Reminds me of the Sweet Mystery Galaxy. Wait… ZOMG MARIO GALAXY 2 RiPOFF.

    Kidding. Jello bouncing sounds fun!

  6. Damn Son, I didn’t think that FTCR would get quoted here.
    Well, you guys will have to be patient for scans

  7. Sonic Rush 3? YES PLEASE!

    And day levels of Unleashed is what I’ve been wanting since… Unleashed! I loved that half of Unleashed, so chances are this game will be awesome! πŸ˜€

    And I’ve always wanted to bounce off Jello and frolic in mountains of pastries.

  8. Oh! Like Sonic Rush 3 you say? Has Cheeseburgers you say? Sonic is only playable you say?
    BD I starting to like this game already!!!

  9. Knuckles better not make an appearence. He’s supposed to be on his own island in the sky, not above the stratosphere.

  10. Sounds promising, but then Sega have let me down before, so I’ll wait…

  11. Will the cycle begin again, or will this be a fun spin-off that we’ll all like? πŸ˜› Since SEGA now understand what we want better than ever before, I think that this is the end of the cycle.

  12. Cheeseburger…
    This can only be overpowered by a chilli dog boss.
    Really looking forward to E3 this year!

  13. Could someone please answer this for me? Eggmanland is that theme park level from Shadow the Hedgehog, right? :/

    The last newer Sonic game I’ve played all the way through & beaten was the first Sonic Riders, so I’m not sure what game Eggmanland is from.

    I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  14. Cool, but the rush series are too boring, for all that persons that says is fun,,, is not, in the rush series you must press the right button all the time, thats is not fun..

  15. @Eggman123
    “This can only be overpowered by a chilli dog boss”

  16. @ dravens_shadow : EggmanLand is from Sonic Unleashed

    Wow, I also read “Sonic Rush 3” and immediately my mood changed from “eh” to “is it the end of the year yet?” πŸ™‚

    Can Sega really pull it off with a game that was just recently announced?

  17. I MISS KNUCKLES. That Master Emerald will be fine unattended for a game or two while he glides up into space. Then when Rouge or somebody nicks it he can get it back next game.

  18. Alright, the classics had some goofy level designs, but giant hamburgers and pastries? I thought this was a theme park, not a restraunt. But you know what? I don’t care, it sounds awesome. I’ll just make sure I have a bag of chips with me so I don’t starve to death.

  19. While I’m all for cutesy goofy levels, I WILL say that the cheeseburger thing actually takes it too far in my opinion. I’m by no means one of those “THIS GAME LOOKS TOO CUTE AND KIDDIE” detractors, but the idea of a food-based level just seems out of place when referring to “crazy level designs from the old games”. The old zones were always bright and colorful, but never over-the-top corny and random. I know this is a theme park (IN SPACE!) and all, but I’d honestly prefer something a bit more down to earth.

    Not that I’m quite ready to believe any of this anyway. I guess time will tell!

  20. If Shadow is included the voice acting better be improved from 06 A LOT. Sounds cool other than that.

  21. It should be chili dogs instead of cheeseburgers XD Can’t wait for the next issue of Nintendo Power!



    as soon as Gamestop starts preordering, i’m buying copies on BOTH platformies!

    Sonic Rush FTW EPIC!!!!

  23. I’m imagining Shadow in this game….. the game’s too light. God that would be funny XD

  24. Because it is so hard to make a Sonic Adventure 3, let’s repeat the cycle of failed formulas. Im sorry but I don’t get why they don’t use the adventure formula, it was great. Sonic like this all the time gets repetitive, the adventure series had variety and intensity particularly sonic adventure 2. Why not make other characters playable but have them running like in Sonic Advance? Or like Blaze in sonic rush? they don’t have to change the format too much.

  25. I want playable Tails, darn it! I don’t care how many people demand “Sonic only.” They can make Tails an optional character like he was in the classic games. They don’t have to reduce him to perpetual NPC status just to make a few raving fanboys happy. Just don’t force us to play as him to complete the game, and there won’t be any problem.

    Oh yeah, and Wisp Garden, please. πŸ™‚

  26. I really don’t recall any Sonic game having that goofy of a level. Seems like something out of AoStH… I’m crossing my fingers for… ‘DA BEARS!’

  27. @needsemail1

    I hear you, man. I miss the good ol’ days when you could play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles while going through the same exact levels without having to create separate storylines for each of them. The problem was never “too many characters”, but too many gameplay styles and too many plotlines. Back in the day, every character just played through the same zones, and their unique abilities just allowed for slightly different or faster paths… they didn’t have to create special shooter levels for Tails to pilot a robot in, or hunting stages for Knuckles and his “emerald senses”.

    I was hoping to see Tails be playable again. Maybe even a co-op mode… God, it’s been awhile.

  28. Shadow in this? Well, since he’s stopped angsting and seems to have struck up a healthy rapport with Sonic, he can appear in as cute and cuddly a game as he wants.

    (I personally like to believe that when he doesn’t appear in a game, he’s babysitting Cream for Vanilla.)

    Also, I’m preeeeetty sure Sonic had no food-based levels in the old days. I think the closes the series ever got to that is that one music-themed level in the Advance series. Ah well. Jelly bouncy castle, anyone?

  29. @Meta77 Hopefully they might for his 20th anniversary game

    This sounds really cool, Unleashed day stages for the epic win!


    I don’t think I could see Shadow fitting in with this game, but it would be nice since he hasn’t made an appearance in a while. I wonder what role Knux would have..

  30. @ Sharky
    The guy who posted the info ‘shadowthehedgehog’ hasn’t provided any scans for some reason so we’ve labelled this rumour for now. Hopefully another subcriber will post scans soon.

  31. Well…….Damn, I just became famous didn’t I.

    Well gotta give the people what they want, Imma get those scans tomorrow, don’t expect high quality though, my camera isn’t the best.

  32. This is great.
    Hopefully the story is alot like unleashed.
    (Not the plot, the style)

    Sonic suits the “saturday morning cartoon” type of game as opposed to the IN REAL LYFE LOL. MILITARY WILL GET ME.

  33. Hmm…Personally, I enjoyed the Night stages of Unleashed more than the Day stages. It might just have been I couldn’t control Sonic well, though :/

    Very interesting. This is going to make me hungry! And glad to hear Shadow might be making an appearance – I missed him in Unleashed, and didn’t play Black Knight.

    Hmm…Maybe Shadow teaches you new techniques? I don’t know; you’d obviously have to do a favor for him first XD Money won’t work. And maybe Knuckles will open up new pathways for you, if there is a select stage style – similar to the 360 version of Unleashed.

  34. @Shadzter

    Well Shadow tells me that he may provide either some scans, or some snapshots on this afternoon(in the USA), after school.
    I’m not guaranteeing anything but I’ll let ya’ll know if anything happens later today.

    If some snaps turn up over at FTCR, then I’ll provide a link.

  35. @Meta77 oh fuck you we got enough of those shitty Dark-Wannabe Serious Stories that isnt what sonic is about at all if you want a cool story then go and play sonic 3 & knuckles now that has a cool story and it doesnt go over the top like all 3D games has gone with ancient god monsters like chaos,dark fukin gaia etc. im glad their taking this to a more light-hearted story though i do agree chesseburgers and jello are a bit over the top the classics were surreal but not THAT SURREAL though it is STILL BETTER than those SHITTY DARK-WANNABE SONIC GAMES we had over the last few years

  36. @ Scartillery
    Thanks πŸ˜‰ Much appreciated, we can’t post scans on the front page here at TSS but scans will provide a confirmation of the info of course so would help greatly. No worries about not guaranteeing anything πŸ™‚

  37. @TheHumbleFellow how can i chill out its because of fans like him that sega messed up in so many games and that they wont play a sonic game without being DARK,have tons of shitty cities and a huge useless cast of characters πŸ˜›

  38. ….
    Giant Cheeseburgers….

    my dream has came true…

    This game is an instant buy.

  39. :l It can’t be sonic rush 3 without my lovable blaze, but it sounds just as good. Sounds like they actually used the hedgehog engine > > Finally.

    Knuckles and Shadow make a cameo > > Knuckles=Worse guardian >: That master emerald better be on his back. Shadow, I wonder what hes doing. Oddly this sounds like a backwards version of sonic unleashed, minus the annoying amy and the furry cool werehog.

    Lastly, it sound like its going to be another great adventure. You got levels that look like theyre from sonic unleashed and sonic rush. You got sonic only playable :l I’m ok…I guess. And you get tails, knuckles, shadow, and NO amy =D And also some new zones. WOOT Gonna get it

  40. Shoryuken: Maybe. But isn’t this game proof that they’ve learned their lesson?

  41. @Lunar_Sonic96

    Sorry, the Hedgehog Engine can only be used on HD consoles. Colors will probably just be using the same imitation engine that was used in SU (Wii). Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. πŸ˜‰

  42. Nice to hear that it’s confirmed now.
    Really anticipate Shadow in this game: ” THE COULORS, THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!! GRAHH!

  43. Good to see Shadow got these up.
    We apologize for the current poor photos.

    Though I am not certain, Shadow may attempt to get some clean scans.
    If he isn’t able to do so, I’m sure somebody else will

  44. @ Cephrien
    Sorry about that but we’ve put scans of upcoming games up before and Future Publishing have been on our asses so we had to take them down, even GoNintendo who have also reported about these scans have only put 1 of the pics up and disabled the comments section because they know Future Publishing will send them a cease and desist.

  45. “Light and goofy story”?! FUCK! >_<

    Ah well, at least they had the decency to tell us beforehand this time round. Still, I dunno whether I want this game anymore…

  46. @Kits’okami

    Umm….Its a game about a blue hedgehog, I don’t think you can really make it serious.

    “light and goofy” is the way to go with stuff like this.

  47. @Scartillery: I wasn’t really expecting a “serious” tone. Something along the lines of Sonic Adventure would’ve been perfect; Light-hearted but not completely patronizing i.e Unleashed and Heroes.

    It was sounding so perfect as well. Sonic and Tails, surreal levels, (relatively) gimmickless gameplay… Ah well, I’ll just skip this one.

  48. @ Shadzter

    I know dude. I know it ain’t your fault. I just wanted to go see the scans really bad, so I just went to another site that put them up.

    No harm done, bra’.

  49. @Jim X: ‘Cos Sonic Team seem to think that simple/lighthearted = kiddy and that’s just as embarrassing to a long time Sonic fan as the super serious shit.

    @Lunar Sonic96: So by your logic, real Sonic fans are apathetic to the state of the franchise.

    Wake me up when SEGA grows some balls and bring the tone back to how it was in Sonic Adventure.

  50. Personally I think it’s about time the Sonic franchise took itself less seriously.

    Exactly HOW “light and goofy” the story of Colours gets remains to be seen. It could indeed get too kiddy, and that would be a shame. Would it send me, as a long-term Sonic fan, into paroxysms of rage? No, no it wouldn’t. And nor should it anyone.

    I love the word “paroxysms”.

  51. @Shadzter

    Well, Shadow may be able to get some clean scans today.
    Again I’m not promising anything.
    Hopefully they’ll be cleaner and less blurry.


  52. For some reason, I can totally see Big the Cat cameoing in the food level, munching on the scenery.

  53. I get the feeling that this will turn out to be a great game to get stoned too… with all the scenery and amazing visuals, which seems to be the general theme thus far. tbh I’m quite surprised this isn’t gonna be a PS3/Xbox game… seeing as it seems to be so focused on speed and the environments…

    I’m not thinking of this is a “kiddy” game as such… although it is quite clear that this game is aimed more towards the newer generation of fans while the older ones will be appeased with Sonic 4… just one purely intended for the experience and effect, seeing as there have been so many complaints about contrived storylines of late. As a massive fan I’ll be getting them both anyway =) cos the cool thing about this franchise is just that it doesn’t get old once ur past the age of 10… I wonder when I will actually tire of Sonic? Coz tbh i can’t see it happening for a long time… it’s been with my whole life, i’m 21 now =)

  54. Light & goofy, Dark & serious, as long as the gameplay is good I could care less

  55. @SonikkuForever

    As much as I would like to see that, I doubt it would happen. Big the Cat eats fish, not cheeseburgers, and I don’t think giant seafood will be making an appearance in that level. We may see sushi though.

    For Big’s sake, I hope we do.

  56. @Kits’Okami I love how you’re taking time out from your life to make the effort to write comments on this article, return to read the responses and respond to said responses, to let us know about how much you don’t care about it.

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