Playing ASR With A Dreamcast Controller

Playing ASR With A Dreamcast Controller


Ever wondered what playing Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing with a Dreamcast controller would be like? Neither have I but it’s a cool concept. In the above video AdamKoralik shows us how to perform the task on the Xbox 360, since the game doesn’t require as many buttons the game is able to be played well with the Dreamcast controller even though the analogue stick doesn’t seem to work. Awesome work AdamKoralik! Thanks to blib at the SEGA Forums for the heads up!

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  1. “play a sonic related game with a sega related controller, though it doesn’t work so well”

    News is slowwwwwwwww this week

  2. Play the worst kart-racing game in the past year with the best videogame controller of the last decade? Sounds pretty pointless, although pretty cool…

  3. @ Kail
    This is the Community Blog section not the Sonic News section. I do agree news is slow but there’s nothing we can do about it unless SEGA, Sonic Team or whoever else start announcing news.

  4. Cool thing to see…wait.
    Does that mean you may be able Sonic 4 with a mega drive controller with this converter?

  5. This was the most awesome thing I have readed in this “slow news weeks”, too bad about the analog but I never use it anyways πŸ˜› (I guess I am too old to get used to that kind of things πŸ™ )

  6. I totally agree with him about the PS controllers, though the Dreamcast Controller wasn’t the greatest either.

  7. Mr. Twohands made this video 10x more enjoyable than I thought it would be. This was quite informative. All hail the Dreamcast controller, and all hail Shenmue! πŸ˜€

  8. Wow! I wanna try it! I got the DS version so it’s not going to be a problem since I use the D-pad. πŸ˜€

    @Will: Yes, those converters still really exist.

  9. That’s so awesome! I’d love to play it with the good ol’ dreamcast controller. [joke]And it would be funny if on your vmu it showed the SSASR logo[joke]

    Also I’ll post this here since the SSMB won’t load for me whenever I try: Check out Sonic 2 on the Itunes store, a multiplayer update is coming. Not sure if you guys knew about it yet.

  10. @ will: I have a PS2 to XB Converter and let me tell you it was very interesting to play Halo 2 with a PS2 Controller.

  11. I like these converters. It exsist converters that makes it possible to play Wii with a PS2 or Xbox controller. That’s pretty cool.

  12. I wonder if you can play sonic 4 with a gamecube controller on the Wii then converting that somehow with a Genesis controller πŸ˜›

  13. @ Hudson

    It hardly kicked ass……When you think outstanding games even in the mainstream you don’t think of ASR. It falls more into the entertaining catagory.

    As for using a Dreamcast controller to play it? Sounds interesting but no proper anolouge control would kill.

  14. @Hudson: When I say “in the past year”, I mean “one year ago (or less) from the time of writing”.

    Oh, and SaSASR did not, as you said, “kick ass”; it sucked ass, played like ass, and the vehicles handled like ass (and not the good, Daytona USA type of “handling like ass”), but ass the game certainly did not kick.

    Sure, it would be better with a Dreamcast controller, but it would still – at heart, at least – be the same old pile of ass that it would have been with the regular Xbox 360 control setup…

  15. @Extaticus: The game did not suck. You just suck at it. The vehicles rocked, and it was certainly a playable game.

    @ProjectZuel: Well I think of ASR as an outstanding game. I mean what other game has Sonic and Banjo & Kazooie together? That’s awesome beyond explaination!

  16. Interesting technique. If these controller converters work as they should, then I should be able to play Rare games using the PS2 controller and enlighten myself evn more with the idea of them joining Sony πŸ˜€ Why this chap hates the PS2 controller so much is beyond me.

    @Hudson: Banjo & Kazooie may have been in it but they were not marketed enough to be considered a big part of the game. There were no B-K challenges, music except for that remix, or courses. Even so I still agree with you that the game was awesome.

    @Extaticus: Well it was certainly more entertaining that Mario Kart Wii. And no it’s not a rip-off. Even if it was it would be a GOOD rip-off like the movie Anastasia. It was considered a Disney rip-off, but it was a GOOD Disney rip-off. I’m sorry but your arguement about the game not being good is not strong enough. Only few vehicles had bad handling and the game was playable by all means.

  17. Exactly. Yeah Banjo & Kazooie could have had more to do with the game if they were to be considered a HUGE part. But hey, to me they are!

  18. I think we should focus more on the game, less on the characters; I don’t think Sega characters themselves give us an outstanding game.

    The game handled well, played well and Sumo Digital put a whole lot of love into the atmosphere. But it never once threaten Outrun, Burnout or F-Zero for arcade racing supremecy.

  19. YES. The PS controller has some layout issues, but I still think it has the best D-Pad of any current gen console. That aside, its time Sony updated/redesigned the Dualshock 3…but not that mutant banana thing that they used as a concept for the pre-production PS3.

    Anyways. Hells yeah, seems interesting to me. I’ll try to see if that works for the PS3. Dreamcast was a WIN console.

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