RECAP: RubyEclipse and Ken Balough’s “On the Spot” Appearance [iPhone Gets Exclusives]

RECAP: RubyEclipse and Ken Balough’s “On the Spot” Appearance [iPhone Gets Exclusives]

Hey, knuckleheads.  I’ve been assigned to live blog today’s “On the Spot” episode here at TSS.  Good shit, homie, nah’mean?

Today was mad weird.  There was a lot of confusion about when and where all this information that we told you about with Sonic Retro was coming.  Then, wanna-be journalists shit their pants (while that’s an everyday occurrence, it was especially funny today).  To put it briefly, our “joint-exclusive” was getting to announce today’s SEGA blog announcement/”On the Spot” appearance.  (Announcing the announcement!  Fun, right?  Eh.)  We did get the press release before everybody else, but that was an hour before it went live today.

Honestly, with news like a delay, it should not have been hyped back on Monday.  While I personally think a delay is great news, the masses aren’t too happy with having to wait around all day, only to find out that they have to wait longer.  However, maybe tonight’s episode of “On the Spot” will make up for the delay and we’ll get that promised “blowout.”  RubyEclipse (aka Aaron) and Ken Balough from SEGA of America will be on the show to talk about Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1.

Keep refeshing this news post for happenings, images and commentary.  The show starts at 7 PM EST on

7:06 PM EST: Some guy is playing “Ivy the Kiwi” for Wii right now and talking about how it’s a “very original idea” for an action platformer.  This guy apparently has never played Kirby: Canvas Curse. Good job, Yuji Naka.

7:11 PM EST: HOLY SHIT, THE 3D0?!  Best console ever.

7:15 PM EST: Ruby and Ken are on.  Here we go.

7:17 PM EST: Are they just going to read their press release on air?  Ffff…

7:18 PM EST: PR bullshit, PR bullshit, PR bullshit… oh what was that?  Redesigning levels?  Improving physics?  Hmmm… sounds good.

I also love how they keep having classic Sonic sneak in from the side as RubyEclipse talks about fan suggestions.  Cheeky bastards.  Haha…

7:20 PM EST: Trailer?  Seen it. The whole game?  I’ve seen that, too.  Why is there a trailer being shown for a game that is being delayed for quality issues?

Also, the only new information we’re getting tonight is that the iPhone version will have two levels (that the consoles won’t have) that take advantage of the iPhone’s tilt functionality.  Mine carts, maybe?  Haha… dear God no.

7:21 PM EST: Win a Project Needlemouse shirt by answering the following question on

“Who created Mr. Needlemouse?”

And that’s it for Ken and Aaron on “On the Spot.”  Thanks for the hype, gentlemen.  Haircuts for everybody!

To recap:

– Ken and Aaron just said their press release on air.

– We watched a trailer that leaked two hours before the show.

– The iPhone is getting two exclusive levels.

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  1. Dude, we KNOW it wasn’t you guys’ fault for hyping it up like that. At least, the people with SENSE know. That kinda counts, right? I personally will be doing a little “Live blogging” for my deviantART demographic, obviously with links to here for reference points. Ya get me doe?!


  2. Maybe a delay is okay, just for fix something. But I think Sega marketing is a suicide marketing. Why hyped kids for a delay?

    “The Big Sonic 4 News is Finally Here!”…:|

  3. This had better be some god damn terrible joke. SEGA PR hyped up a delay and a “LOLredesignBRB”.

  4. @Partius Well, when you think about it… Seeing as this overhaul has largely been down to actually listening to feedback, I suppose- when thought about- the reason for this delay is… The fans?

    *runs before he is bricked*

  5. I’m so glad they delayed this game. I really hope they go back and fix the many issues that the leaked build had.

    I played the game on a friend’s tagged X360. It was horrible. I’ll detail this all for you later in an article.

  6. i feel maybe my previous comments were a bit harsh, just very annoyed with segas marketing in the last few years.

    thanks sonic stadium news is better than no news i guess even if it was a bit disappointing on the face of it..

    keeep up the good work sonic stadium 🙂

  7. I’m glad they delayed it, i’d rather not see another sonic 06 thanks. I’ve only seen the original leaked video besides the official trailers, and i am rather glad they are taking the time to listen to the fans and tweak things for the better.

  8. @Syaming Li
    Don’t worry, I stopped carrying bricks! I can appreciate they are listenning to fans and when I had gotten over my initial RAGE moment, I really have to thank them for taking the time to create something perfect and not rush it for the cash, gives me more money to spend on some other games and I can focus now on E3 without chasing down Sonic 4.

    But I can imagine right now there are alot of fans in the world who aren’t so forgiving screaming bloody murder that the promise of news has in effect yielded bad news.

  9. SEGA: Send me your needlemouse shirts or I will reveal that Shadow is in the next Twiglight movie as the love interest,
    Love, T.

  10. What the ?

    “Yes ladies and gentlemens, Sonic 4 is delayed. Thanks to your reactions and comments, we know that our game suck so we have decided to delayed it before being headshoted one by one.
    We’re truly happy ’cause if we haven’t seen the press and fans reactions, I think we’ll have released the game in time which will probably be one of the top 10 error in SEGA’s life so once again, thanks”.

    Basicaly, with the iPod thing, this is what I’ve read.

  11. It would be really funny if they cancelled the game altogether, because they felt like it wouldn’t be good enough to meet the fanbase’s standards… =)

  12. @Truesonicfan1980

    The funny thing is the only people I see complaining, are the fans themselves.. Most reviewers and game journalists love how the game is now in its “current” state.

    As well, the game will sell, well, I might add because its a cheap $5 game, and its a downlodable title and most if not all Sonic downloadable titles usually sell quite well. Not only that, SEGA has “NEVER” delayed a Sonic game these past 10 years to my knowledge, if they say improvements are going to be done then wait for the supposed polish then spill your guts out. I highly doubt SEGA would go though the trouble of making a PR on delaying the game because it needs to be polished and not do anything about it.

  13. @ RGX

    My point was that it should have been done right in the first place.
    The only reason it’s now being delayed is because of the fan reaction to the leaks.
    It will sell well because it’s a Sonic game. But it won’t be a ‘classic’ if it isn’t done right, which it should have been from the start.

    Also no reviewer or journalist has actually played the game yet. They’ve only watched some Sega PR guy play Splash Hill to them.

  14. The blowout is the fact that they just bitch-slapped every whiney fan who’s been moaning about the game and the people who claim SEGA don’t give a shit about quality and/or Sonic anymore.
    SEGA, for the first time in…I don’t know when are delaying a Sonic the Hedgehog in order to make it the best it can be rather than get their money ASAP. Now THAT’s a blowout, and a damn good one at that.

  15. @Truesonicfan1980
    All I saw in the second half of that was just a whole bunch of negativity. =w=
    Sonic 4 is going to be amazing, and it clearly shows in the trailers, the leaks, and this announcement.
    The reason why it’s being delayed is simple– because the game is being built FROM THE GROUND UP by a dedicated team which is an entirely DIFFERENT team from the original, and they want to make it just right for all of us. They are obviously trying their best. Of course they are not going to make the game without a delay, because they are trying to match the mechanics and gameplay of the original games, and that requires a lot of analyzing and tweaking. I know this because I’ve been developing games by myself since I was 12, and it’s the same freaking thing. Only my games were always glitchy because I was a kid, and I didn’t have the patience to debug my games. xD

    Bottom line, Sonic 4 is going to be well worth the wait. This is a brand new team working on this game from scratch, and they’re just trying to make it the best it can be for us, so there’s no need for the negativity.

  16. Who knows? Who cares? It’s just a game. If it disappoints then so be it. But if its great then thats excellent news!
    Truth is, none of us know until we play it for ourselves.

  17. If you don’t care, then why did you spend all that time writing a novel about how this game will be an epic fail? xDDDD

    And you’re right, we WON’T know until we play it for ourselves.

  18. @ Tommy

    I didn’t say it would be an “epic fail”
    I just said it would disappoint. You wait 16 years for something, it will disappoint.

    My point was that if handled correctly from day one then no delay would’ve been needed.

    That’s all.

  19. Truesonicfan1980,
    Why are you so adamant it will disappoint? Everything I have seen so far looks fantastic (bar the mine cart level but even that looks like it could be fun once you get the hang of it). Plus all the previews I have read seem rather positive and uplifting despite these websites usually being the harshest of Sonic critics in recent years.

  20. @ Cerium

    Well, as much as my opinion has changed over the game after hearing that the game is going to be remade, I must say that the original build did not look fantastic, especially since all the stages originally were just copy-and-paste Sonic 1 and 2 stages and bosses, I really don’t think that reusing old *bosses* is fantastic, its redundant and stupid.

  21. @Truesonicfan1980
    Okay. I didn’t restate what you said word for word. Epic fail = disappointment in my book.
    The point I was trying to make was, don’t be so negative. Give these guys a chance.
    When you a baby, did you start walking immediately, or did you fall down a few times? 😛
    I know it’s been 16 years, but I think that actually makes it that much more exciting.
    Besides, if you don’t want the game, you don’t have to buy it. :3

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