Joint-Exclusive: Sonic 4 Blowout Coming This Week

Joint-Exclusive: Sonic 4 Blowout Coming This Week

Mark your calendars for Thursday the 20th May. On this date, Sega will be revealing a lot of new information regarding Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1.

And it won’t be anything to sniff at either – some “very big” and “very good” news will be announced by way of a press release, which will go live in the evening (UK time – morning in the US).

After a successful online PR push that involved community challenges and badnik reveals, Sega suddenly went quiet about Sonic 4 when leaks started to flood the internet. A source at the company told us that the information revealed via Thursday’s press release will explain the reason for the “last couple month’s blackout” on updates.

In the meantime, the world continues to be excited (or afraid) of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. For what it’s worth, we think it’s going to absolutely rock. Roll on Thursday! Stay tuned to The Sonic Stadium for the latest news!

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  1. This is exciting, are they finally gonna reveal that they’re changing EVERYTHING in the game so it looks like something new rather than just a compilation of levels from Sonic 1 and 2?

  2. Good to hear Dread! =D Look forward to the big reveal, hopefully a release date will be announced.

  3. That’s cool, I guess.

    Even though many have already seen the entire Episode from start to finish and I can’t really imagine anything revealed that would surprise me.

  4. I bet they added a new stage/a few new levels to the game. That would rock.
    Or they made some changed to the physics… idk I have a feeling this announcement will be something GOOD.


  5. Big announcement? You mean all the leaks so far are actually a fake second build they did and the final game is actually totally different to all the leaks we’ve seen?! πŸ˜€

  6. I’m kinda hoping that the “very good” news will be that the game will be released in disc format. It’s most likely false hope, but I can dream…

  7. heres hoping its gna be special and not all the leaked stuff that 99% of us have seen, i gues the best thing they could say is a release date ;o

  8. A thought just occured to me…

    The reason for the blackout in announcments; maybe Sega have finally given in to the whiney fans who are complaining about “Green eyed” Sonic and Modern day “Eggman” being in the game, and are going back and puting the classic characters in XD

  9. Looking forward to this! i do like sonic 4 alot but its the biggest hd rip off of sonic 1 and two
    Splash hill: emerald hill and green hill but all sonics have to have one of these as the first lvl ripoff(s2)
    casino street: casino zone (s2)
    Mad gear: metropolis zone(s2)
    Lost labyrinthine: a little of sonic 1 labyrinth, but pretty original wit mine cart πŸ™‚ (s1)
    death egg: some sonic gba game i played, dont remember! from a while back

    1st boss: green hill zone
    2nd boss: origional
    3rd boss: casino zone
    4th: dont remember vid

    still looking forward πŸ™‚ for announcement and game alot! but just feel that this needs to be said about it!

  10. @Will

    Man I hope that’s not the case. I like the character design for the new Sonic…. to be honnest I don’t think Sonic started to suck because it went 3D, it’s because he tried to be TOO realistic. (Not graphically, but in other ways)

    Anyhow I’ll be waiting to see what news SEGA has to share with us… lol all the leaks were fake… that’d be pretty darn funny.

  11. OMG, FINALLY. After months of NO NEWS, something big is finally about to happen. YESYESYES. So excited. =D

  12. I almost had a heart attack ’cause I thought it said “Sonic 4 coming out this week”

  13. The news I’d love:

    “We’ve been listening to the discussions of the fans, and we have replanned the stages. Labyrinth and Casino acts 2 are gone, replaced by normal gameplay. Physics have been remade, to mimic the original trilogy. You’ll also be able to pick a Classic Looking Sonic to play with, and Robotnik will also change accordingly. Also Super Sonic looks better now. And you may turn homing attack off now. Finishing the game without it will award you with achievement and avatar items”.

  14. I didn’t watch the leaks, but, I don’t think they’re going to change much, or anything in the game that people saw from them. Why should they, really?

    There will probably be a release date announced.
    They will probably post the Splash Hill video on the site that they mentioned in a past update.
    It would be nice if they maybe they teased us with a screenshot of a zone in episode 2.

    Can’t wait for Thursday now!

  15. Hopefully they reveal the final platform (confirmed by them) and with any luck it will be the i phone and the graphics are 16 bit.

  16. Excited as hell, and since you and I nearly had no disagreements about the past games, I’m bound to love it too Dread.
    God this is like the 4th February, only this time for us europeans!!
    This is it Sega, show us what you’re made of.

  17. @Dreamcube017

    If it was getting too realistic that was the problem, I find it quite ironic that most reviewers who bashed Sonic Unleashed said one of the issues was that it was “comparable to a Saturday morning cartoon”. Is it just me, or are most videogame reviewers (and most fans for that matter) a load of complete hypocrits?

  18. Yay, things are getting exciting again! lol

    Im really interested about the whole blackout delay thing though

  19. Hey everybody ray here from forums I hope they announce Crush 40 in it.

  20. “We want Sonic to go back to how he was! 2D! More like the good old days!”
    *6 years later*
    “OMG NEW SONIC! IN 2D? Ah man, its too much like Sonic back when he was in 2D!”

    And so begins the mass facepalm at SEGA HQ. I’m just as big a fan of Sonic as anyone else, playing Sonic 2 back when I was 5 on my good ol’ Megadrive. His appearance will have no bearing on how much I enjoy this game. He has now been the green eyed alternative for just as long as his black eyed old self. And this is a change that the “fans” want so much… /end rant before I go on too long

    Sorry…Really excited for the news!!

  21. @ Will

    β€œcomparable to a Saturday morning cartoon”? I thought it was mainly bashed for the werehog. That’s the only thing I didn’t like about it

  22. maybe they will be crazy and release episode 1 for free and episode 2 u buy?

    oh well i can dream lol

  23. Hey will the “big news” be uploaded on the sonic 4 website? I went there just yesterday and the shits the same. Lack of updates. :/ Cant wait to read the news.

  24. Not sure what they’re going to announce,
    They’ll probably let us know what the fourth platform it’s coming out on will be, and if tails or knuckles will appear in later episodes.

    I Want tails to follow sonic ala sonic 2 again XD

  25. What happened to Tails in the first place?
    *Thinks back*
    He died because there wasn’t an extra seat in the Eggmobile at the end of Launch Base Zone… so he couldn’t resurrect as usual to join Sonic in Sonic & Knuckles and beyond….

  26. Perhaps they will finally reveal the release date for this hyped and anticipated game. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 looks awesome and I hope it gives the series a positive image for a change.

  27. So SEGA are finally giving everybody what they wanted, and it looks good, and all the gaming websites love it, and now everybody wants them to go back and change it?

    I just – I can’t… I can’t bloody believe that.

    The big announcement better be that they’re cancelling the game, since it seems to be what you want them to do.

  28. I hope they announce that Knuckles, Tails and Shadow will be selectable characters.

    Sonic 1: you just could play with Sonic.
    Sonic 2: Sonic and/or Tails.
    Sonic 3: Sonic and/or Tails.
    Sonic & Knuckles (which is like “Sonic 3 Episode 2”): Sonic or Knuckles.
    Sonic 3 & Knucles: Sonic and/or Tails, or Knuckles.
    Sonic 4: c’mon, let’s follow logic. Four characters! It can’t be that difficult to design.

  29. This is sweet. Eager to hear about Release date, demo availability, and the 4th platform. I’m still guessing it’s gonna be Steam or iPod Touch/iPhone, but considering how many of the Sonic genesis games are on there, I’m LEANING on iPhone/iTouch. However, a Sonic game for webOS (aka Palm Pre/Palm Pixi/Pre Plus/Pixi Plus) would be even better, imo, considering I have a Pre Plus.

  30. I am really hoping this is something BIG!!! And not an “oh ok…that’s coo” announcement

  31. Ethan Kerr: I have my bets on Sonic 4 hitting the iPhone/iPod Touch. The release of Sonic 2 (and probably Sonic 3, and Sonic and Knuckles in the next couple weeks) is proof enough.

    But if I’m wrong, I think it Sonic 4 will probably be on 3DS. You say webOS?! Windows Mobile would have a MUCH greater chance of having a Sonic game release than webOS. Palm lost to WinMo over 5 years ago in popularity. And still, I think a WinMo release would be highly unlikely compared to iPhone OS or the 3DS.

  32. @Dreadknux: I just hope this isn’t the same “BIGNEWS” we had last month. lol

  33. Honestly it would be really cool if Nintendo’s first game on the 3DS showed at E3 would be Sonic 4.

  34. I’ll spontaneously combust if the final platform turns out to be the Dingoo A-320…

  35. For a Sonic fan most will probably be marking their calendars and putting big arrows pointing at the 20th of May. To be honest… I won’t be able to play it because I have a Wii, and to get Wii points you need to get god damn expensive cards… I’m not blaming Sega, in fact I blame Nintendo! Greedy Wazzocks! Sitting on their Throne of Money! I’d love to se the day when they fall and Sega rule the world with their many Fans.

  36. @ Scarlet the Hedgehog
    You can buy Wii Points in cheaper smaller amounts from the Wii Shop Channel with your credit/debit card than the points cards.

  37. Lol. You know what I just thought of?
    Maybe during these past few months, Sega got their hands on the original source code for Sonic 3 and have been building Sonic 4 off it. So Sonic 4 would look like an updated version of Sonic 3 and Knuckles, giving it the exact same feel and look of the older Genesis games. That would be pretty amazing. xD

  38. Well, I actually think that there would be a possibility of SEGA creating another console. And that may be the mysterious 4th Platform that everybody is SO convinced that is the iPod Touch/iPhone. You never know. It’s not like SEGA actually said that the DeamCast was gonna be the last console.

  39. @Robbie
    Yeah, that’s another thought I have about this game.
    I think the 4th platform could either be the Sega Genesis, or an entirely new Sega console that’s in the works.
    The latter would definitely be much more likely though, even though the Genesis still has blast processing. ;D

  40. @Molul
    Shadow!? Are you nuts!? Continuity errors everywhere!!!
    No new characters please, SEGA. That’s what a problem with a lot of the newer games is.

    How the heck could Genesis pull off HD graphics the likes of which we’ve seen from screenshots of this game?
    Plus, SEGA would not release this game on the Wii, PS3, and 360 and make a new console. Why would I buy a new SEGA console to play Sonic 4, when I can download it on the Wii I already have?

  41. @molul

    But theres the problem you see, Shadow wouldn’t bring anything new to the game.
    Tails can fly to find new areas, Knux has his gliding and climbing,
    Shadow would essentially be the same as playing sonic but more angsty lol

  42. @Burtzman
    Okay, then that’s why I also said it could be a special Sega Genesis version. It’s possible to port Sonic 4 to the Genesis, they just need to scale down the graphics to smaller resolution and remix the music to work with Sega Genesis’s FM synthesizer. xD

  43. Not entirely related, but did anyone else notice that Sega of America shut down their public FTP? Anyone think it has anything to do with all the leaks in the past? Just a thought.

  44. @XD375
    Well, considering the game is just a platformer, I assume it would be possible to port Sonic 4 to the Genesis. The level designs, the animations, and all the objects can be recreated for the Genesis, but the graphics would be scaled down. I imagine they’re doing a similar process for the Wii version, since it can’t produce HD graphics, yet it’s still getting the same game. The music is simple enough where they can remake a synthesized version for the Genesis version. o;

  45. I hope it makes me excited, after almost a years worth of hating Sonic the Hedgehog (series) I’m really starting to like the series again, almost to the point of where it used to be me sitting in my room playing about 10 games a day and then listening to his music and nothing else… except now it’s just me playing about 1 sonic game a week and playing at least one of his songs on my keyboard. Bring it, I really, really want to like this game.

  46. Okay, I couldn’t resist to make this joke:

    Sonic 4 Episode 1: The Mechanical Menace
    Sonic 4 Episode 2: Attack of the Badniks
    Sonic 4 Episode 3: The Revenge of the Eggman
    Sonic 4 Episode 4: A New Hope
    Sonic 4 Episode 5: The Eggman Empire Strikes Back
    Sonic 4 Episode 6: The return of the Hedgehog

  47. Most exciting announcement – “Dear Fans, why are you here reading this? Sonic 4 released today on Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 ”

    Least exciting – website fully updated?

  48. Why do people keep wanting to see this on the genesis?
    As awesome as it’d be, sega would make stuff all money from it.

    Very few people were smart enough to hold on to theirs.
    If you have one.
    You are a smart person and i love you.

  49. Who in there right mind would get rid of there Sega Genesis? I have a model one Genesis, and a Model 2 genesis complete with the 32X & SCD attachments. Oh yeah, did I mention I have the box with it to? LOL

  50. @HighCaliburFun

    Well, I was quite young at the time, lol, and didn’t have a thing called “Sentimental Value” either. ^_^

  51. 2 questions
    1. Will Retro have the same new info as you?
    2. Will you give us an exact time when you will post the info?
    Would be nice if I get answers. πŸ™‚

  52. …I still have my genesis and it is easily the best consoles… ever. Stuff Mario Kart, Micro Machines Turbo Tournament 96 is easily the most fun I’ve ever had playing a party racing game. Plus you’ve got the original Sonic the Hedgehog tri-and-a-half-gy (more fun than that mario shit) and tons of other games. For all the games on the Wii now, are any of them really worth playing if you aren’t a 7 year old girl? No.

    The genesis had amazing 3rd party support, it’s just a shame Sega didn’t follow through for the Saturn and Dreamcast…

    …Having said that though, the market for videogames has changed. Lots more people own a video games console than before – meaning lots of people missed out on the good ol’ days. It wouldn’t sell because people snuff at anything that isn’t on the cutting edge of technology.

  53. I still have my Sega Genesis and Sega CD hooked up to my TV along with 8 other systems. xD
    If they released Sonic 4 on the Genesis, I would so fudging get that version! O:<

  54. @Eggman123
    Dreadknux leaves hints for times on SSMB Status Updates bar like he did the other day he hinted the time when this is article being posted up so i’ll expect the same sometime tomorrow morning(UK) maybe

  55. EGM reports that “A character no one has seen in a long time will appear at the end of Sonic 4”. It is also someone that fans have demanded to see once again for a long time. Let the speculation begin!!

  56. @ Brocky_Christ

    Who would be dumb enough to sell theirs?

    @ SonikkuForever

    Looks like someone hasn’t watched the ending! Look man their is no speculation to be done. All I’m going to say is that he has been in a *lot* of recent games such as Sonic Rivals 2, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, and Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing

  57. Actually… nah, I’m just joshin’… But I hope this news will be awesome. I’ll need something to keep me sane while at work lol.

  58. @Edge

    What do you mean he hasn’t watched the ending? Sonic 4 isn’t even out yet. Also, why would that character be in any of those games mentioned? Those are all recent titles, and IGN says we haven’t seen him/her for a while.

  59. I had always had a dream as a child to play as sonic with knuckles as a partner. I hope the roaster would be like this:

    1) sonic and tails
    2) sonic and knuckles
    3) knuckles and tails

  60. @Beast1

    Wait…. Why did I never hear about that? I’ve been all over the Sonic 4 news. lol

  61. Ive seen a good few leaked vids, like the one with [SPOILER] in the middle of the place,but never seen the ending.

  62. @ HighCaliburFun
    Out of respect to Sega, TSS didn’t cover any of the leaks.
    At this point the whole PartnerNet version of Sonic 4 is free for download at some sites, which is really bad.( Not the game itself imo)

  63. @ Eggman123 : You’re kidding right?

    It’s Thursday! We want news! We want news! We wa.. *struck by a truck*

  64. I can’t wait for this big news! Hopefully, it’s so big that no one expected it coming! πŸ˜€

  65. Well if it has anything at all to do with the “someone you have not seen in a long time” comment, personally i am hoping that it is Nack/Fang. Metal Sonic should be a given, since he has been in all the Megadrive games in the numbered series has he not with the exception of the very first game. Besides that, Metal Sonic has been in most of the recent games in some way or other, so he does not really fit the “not seen in a long time” thing does he.

  66. Plz people stop wanting other characters in this game; not gonna happen!!

    I reckon that the update won’t be that special but will include the actual release date of Sonic 4.

  67. Well it’s been the 20th for more than 22 hours here in NZ, and about 10 hours in the UK, it’s the morning in the US on the 20th SO HURRY UP SEGA LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!

  68. Well according to my calculations, its about 12 in Europe right now so since its 5 hours ahead of KY time it should update aaaany minute now…

  69. Why would “the reason for the lack of updates on the games website” be that they were planning to reveal the release date, that makes no sense. Then again the lack of updates as of late is kinda weird anyway, since the game is obviously finished or is going through its cosmetic finishing touches atm. What with the game complete with ending being leaked. Rough time frame of release and 4th format for the game having also already been leaked via the website hack right from the get go. Those would not really be big news.

    Unless Sega is just going to pretend the leaks did not happen and announce the stuff the fans already know or accidentally stumbled apon during their google searches, it would have to be something new that nobody knows about to be “big news” and the reason for the lack of updates.

    I am probably just having really wishful thinking here, but they must still have some secrets up their sleeves!!

  70. I’m routing for the Sega Genesis to be the mystery console! xD
    COME ON, SEGA! You know you miss blast processing! P:<

  71. Tommy: That would be so awesome,but we know that wont happen.xD Great idea though.

    Sonicspeed: Yep.Here in the US its 10:15 AM.So whens the press confrence?

  72. Heh. Calm down guys, it’ll come soon enough.

    Tyoshi: It’s not Thursday evening yet. It’s still the afternoon. 6pm would be classified as the evening.

  73. I feel like grabbing a Rolling Rock and playing all the old Sonic games as a sort of celebration thingy for Sonic 4’s big announcement. xD

  74. @Tommy

    Heck no man! Go ahead and rip open that Rolling Rock! Who cares is its just info? When Sonic 4 comes out, u can have 4 of those XD

  75. So,guys.What verson of STH4 are ya’ll getting?

    I have a Wii and Xbox 360,so im getting the Xbox 360 verson.Wii would be fun for motion,but it probally will look cooler on 360.And the xbox 360 verson has achievements and possibly avatar awards.:D

  76. I’m getting the PS3 version, since I need more games for it. xDDDDD
    Also, if the mystery console is Sega Genesis, I’m DEFINITELY getting that too!~ xDDDDD
    But that’s wishful thinking. :B

  77. Tommy: The mystery console is most likely going to be Iphone.Some say DSiware,some say 3DS.Some even say PSP.All could be right,but notice Sega is making more sonic games for IPhone now.

  78. And you know what sucks?Im like the only one getting the Xbox360 verson.xD

    Has to be more people getting it than the Wii verson.xDD

  79. I’ve got a Wii and a PS3 and I think i’m going to buy the PS3 version. Not sure if i’m looking forward to the motion controls on the PS3 version though…

  80. its 11:10 in central time USA,
    and it said it will go live in the morning in the US…
    where’s the news…
    much longer and it won’t be morning

  81. back when the concept art and stuff was getting released, wasn’t it always 6 the info was released? That’s making me think it’ll be around 6 we’ll get the update.

  82. Its 12:16 PM here.I got work to do right now so i’ll check back up on this between 1:00 and 2:00.Maby the news will be up by then.

  83. It’s close to 10:20 am here in Wyoming (aka Western US), and still nothing. My patience is wearing thin, Sega.

  84. Guys dont worry its not even evening here its 5:24 and according to what people have told me evening is 6:00

  85. Actualy, im going to go edit fazwax, and ill come back at 5:30 then if nothing ill come back at 6:00

  86. I’m starting to get the shakes… I swear to christ if its anything less than Tails, 2 player racing, new unseen levels, a release date or demo, I’m going to strangle a kitten with the blenderised remains of my dreamcast, made into paste, into a fine dreamcast rope. Then whip my Megadrive with said Dreamcast rope.

    (All comments made in this post were not that of Sonic Stadium, or even that of a sound mind . Thank you)

  87. @Eggman123: “PartnerNet is the name of the developers-only alternate Xbox Live network used by developers” – Oh, Wikipedia; how we love your incredible continuity…

  88. @Partius
    Actually, I have a strange feeling the update will be much more interesting than that.
    Like a complete re-write of the game or something. xDDDDDDDD

  89. I’m sorry, but “spot” doesn’t automatically mean “GameSpot”. There is no evidence suggesting GameSpot will play any part in this event.

  90. @ XD375
    ‘On The Spot’ is GameSpot’s main show where SEGA have made reveals before with past Sonic games.

  91. @ Shadzter:

    The context in which RubyEclipse used “on the spot” didn’t seem like he was referring to GameSpot, though. He just said “See you all (on the spot) tomorrow!”

    I guess it is possible, however, that he was hinting at a surprise GameSpot announcement.

  92. im going for a bit, i cant be bothered with it anymore. I bet there just gonna say at the last second “Sadly no news”

  93. Ivy the Kiwi?
    What a coincidence.
    Naka’s new game gets new info on the same day as Sonic 4.

  94. Weither its Gamespot or not,theres soposed to be something here,too.So when is it gonna be?Ive been waiting for hours now..:\

    Its 1:20 now..

  95. When its 3:00 here, it will be noon at SOA

    by circa 3:00EST we should see something. ^_^

  96. I would play Sonic Classic Collection but my ds broke…I might hook my old PS2 back up,and play some Sonic Gems Collection.(Im from the US,but i have an import of the UK gems collection for PS2,since it only came out for gamecube in US.)

  97. @Tommy
    I hope you’re right amigo! But anything is better than nothing I guess!

  98. Why exactly do the parties involved not reveal the time of the “blowout” so people don’t sit at their computers for hours on end waiting? I mean sure, we probably shouldn’t be waiting by our computers in the first place, but it seems like it would be courteous.

  99. @Mariosonic

    How come you imported? Did you not have a Game Cube or something? (I’m from the UK, but I still got the GC version :D)

  100. 2 P.M. Here in the Mountain State of West Virginia, USA. Is this update coming or not guys?

  101. I’m waiting for the update too… I was expecting it to be posted int he morning and was excited to wake up. It’s past 2:15 PM here and I’m still anxious for the update. Come on Sega hurry it up, you’ve put out so much hype, if you don’t show us something we’ll explode! :O

  102. Ugh, now I can’t do anything to kill time for the Sonic 4 announcement, Bungie just ended the Halo:Reach Beta!

  103. From SOA’s kellie –

    “SOA’s kellie has announced the schedule –
    I know that many of you are continually refreshing, so I wanted to provide some clarity on what’s happening today.

    We’ll have the official announcement at 3pm US Pacific time on the SEGA blog and Sonic 4 website. That will be followed by RubyEclipse’s appearance on the On the Spot show on Gamespot at 4pm US Pacific time. (I believe that will be airing at http://www.gamespot….y-on-the-spot/)


  104. Guys! Gamespot changed on todays on the spot later!! It says sonic the hedgehog 4 now!So when RE said (on the spot) i think he was right!

    So is all information gonna be on todays on the spot,or some information still on here?

  105. Official announcement by Sega:
    Ruby will be at Gamespot.
    Found this in the official forum.

    Originally Posted by kellie
    I know that many of you are continually refreshing, so I wanted to provide some clarity on what’s happening today.We’ll have the official announcement at 3pm US Pacific time on the SEGA blog and Sonic 4 website. That will be followed by RubyEclipse’s appearance on the On the Spot show on Gamespot at 4pm US Pacific time.

  106. Wait, I thought SonicStadium and Sonic Retro were getting the announcements first? That’s not right of Sega to change what they said.

  107. Are you serious??

    Gah, would it kill Sega to tell us this crap before we spend the day waiting?

    This announcement had better make me wet my pants.

  108. If im right it should be 2:38 where some people are, so this means the On the Spot will be in 1 hour and 30 mins

  109. Tailsspin. I am as confused as you, if you live in britain, look to see On the Spot at 10pm

  110. so:

    3pm PT, 6pm EST, 11pm GMT: SoA Blog and official Sonic 4 site tells us what to expect on GameSpot, which airs an hour later

    Sonic Stadium and Sonic Retro hopes to have the info revealed on GameSpot before it is revealed on GameSpot. right? πŸ™‚

  111. @ Barry the Nomad
    Yep, Dread will be here posting the news as soon as it hits SEGA’s blog and Sonic 4 site at 11pm GMT befoe it hits Gamespot and hopefully before it hits anywhere else with his speedy awesome editorial skills =D

  112. Just 2 hours left… Seriously SEGA, you had better excite me… I just started liking Sonic again after about 5 months of hate about 3 days ago. The drama of the fanbase is what kept me around and now that I’m back and about 50% excited for Sonic 4 I better not be let down… Please reveal something new…

  113. When its 10pm in britain sega will update their blog and we will see an update πŸ˜€

  114. @ Cephrien

    Don’t get my hopes up, that was probably one of Sonic’s most awesome Super Forms

  115. @Cephrien: You probably don’t read the manga called Soul Eater, but I do, and you can’t even think how much I lol’d at your commentary. πŸ˜›

    Also, I almost forgot there was supposed to be some news today (imma hyping KOF XIII).

  116. @Shadzter Actually Tyoshi’s right if Sonic Retro is anything to go by which does confirm it to be happening at 10pm UK Time.

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