Exclusive M&SATOWG A2 Poster At Pure HMV

Exclusive M&SATOWG A2 Poster At Pure HMV

Redeem an A2 size poster printed exclusively for purehmv!

While browsing HMV’s Pure HMV reward points store to see what I can spend my 72,514 points on I spotted the above exclusive A2 sized beauty which for 5,000 points can be yours. If you aren’t already registered for Pure HMV you can sign up online or in-store, every penny spent earns you 1 point which you can save to buy exclusive merchandise on the Pure HMV store or money off vouchers to spend.

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  1. That’s a schnit-tonne of points you have Dale. I barely have half that and I spend half my wages there :3 Sadly once upon a time you could get the Sonic statues on here for 750,000…no longer though ;___;

  2. @ T-Bird
    Yeah XD Used to spend them on money off vouchers but I’ve been saving them up for about a year now incase anything special pops up. I remember those Sonic statues appearing, I hate when things that cost hundreds of thousands of points pop up as there is no way you’re going to save up enough points before they disappear off of the store.

    @ Casanova
    You get 1 point for every penny so £1.00 will get you 100 points and £45 would get you 4,500 points. You’d need to spend £50 to get the 5,000 for this poster if you don’t already have any points.

    @ Baking Blue Potatoe
    HMV deliver orders overseas to anywhere in the world but I think the Pure HMV reward scheme is UK only and orders on the points store only deliver to the UK from what I can see in their help section on both of their sites. You can check them out if you like incase I’ve missed anything –


  3. Cool i was in one of the HMV when i was i London and it was on Wednesday and I got back to Sweden yesterday! I went to London on Monday so I was almost a week there. I got hold of Sonic stuff that I can not find so easily in Sweden!

    I am so HAPPY!!!!

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