Bentley Jones “WE Я ANIMADE” Trailer for MCM Expo

Bentley Jones “WE Я ANIMADE” Trailer for MCM Expo


Those of you who are regulars at London’s MCM Expo have an extra treat in store this year! All-round J-Popper and Summer of Sonic star Bentley Jones has just released this new trailer, giving a sneaky peek at what could potentially be a performance at the event! The video also features what appears to be a snippet of what we can expect from future BJ albums; if it is fans can expect to get a much more rock-tastic treat from the Jonester!

It also appears that NiGHTS Into Dreams founder TRiPPY has been recruited to help produce some of the jawesome anime art featured in this teaser, and possibly more! Keep your ears open for more info soon.

The London MCM Expo will run over the weekend of May 29th-30th 2010. You can buy your tickets here!

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  1. That was super gay.

    [You know what they say: It takes one to know one! – T]

  2. xD I was watching this on youtube. I was like :/ wow he finally uploaded a video [[subscribed to him]] and I was like wheeeee anime and bentley *faints* What joy and fun for all. YEA =D

  3. Hopefully it’ll less like the crap-tacular So Much More and more like DoaA…

  4. Is it going to be called “Incoherent sentence structure|desudesudesudesu”

  5. Holy shit, this is so awful I died. For someone so obsessed with Japanese he should at least KNOW the language, (which he does not, by the way. I have proof of him saying so in a note lol) ANNIMAAAAAAY

  6. Please can you take this down TBird? It has nothing to do with Sonic and It’s incredibly infuriating to watch people with next to no talent be treated like they shit gold.

  7. D: and I wanted to go to the MCM Expo this month as well.. I may have to burn my skin off to feel clean if I do go now.

  8. I’m not getting all the Bentley hate. D: I’ll admit I think he’s making himself a bit… overexposed, but I still don’t have a problem with him, really.

    That said, his Japanese accent is pretty bad. >.>

  9. It’s not just his accent Mahzes, he thinks he’s amazing. And he hit it off with ONE SONG that he didn’t even have much hand in producing, he didn’t write the lyrics to dreams of an absolution, he just auto-tune sung them. After finding out all this stuff then seeing his constant embarrassments, It’s so annoying. It’s nothing to do with Sonic The Hedgehog and noone gives a crap. Apart from the guys that don’t know the full story behind Bentley’s “success”, he should’ve stuck to remixes. He can’t sing and he clearly can’t speak japanese.

    I think this just says everything.

  10. Someone tell me what he just said? I don’t speak…. um, I believe that was Japenese….

  11. @Crystal
    I think he’s saying “I am animade, you are animade, we are animade” I could be very wrong though lol

  12. Anime is awesome.

    Bently Jones is not.

    Anime Bently Jones is like making a terrible anime.

    Anime Bently Jones is most definetly not awesome.

  13. I’ll be going to the Expo, but after watching that, I think I’ll avoid that show.

  14. Jack: What’s with all the hate? If you don’t like his style I can understand he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you despise him so much why do you feel the need to post three comments?

    Dakota: Spot on!

    Eggman123: Damn straight! TRiPPY is an awesome artist, we want to see more!

  15. All the hate?

    I’m glad you asked why I posted three comments…

    Because I’ve been here for a long while and gradually Sonic news turned into boyband news apparently. What does this have to do with Sonic? It doesn’t, logic.

  16. Yeah, I am still wondering why we’ve put Bentley Jones news up that’s not Sonic related. 😐

  17. The fact that he did two songs for the Sonic games (Silver’s theme and ASR theme) and most Sonic fans are (probably) his fans? I am. I believe he and AAUK are close pals and Bentley himself simply lives among Sonic franchise.

  18. It’s news, as Skrown so obviously puts it, because BJ has not only performed two very popular songs for Sonic titles, he’s also performed twice, FOR FREE, at both Summer of Sonic events.
    And oh look! TSSZ also think it’s news too, you know, promote the people who do stuff for the community.

    As far as I’m aware, I, nor anyone else has written anything regarding boybands on the front page. perhaps you need to visit the optician?

  19. I for one, am grateful this has been news’d as I will be attending the Expo and I enjoyed his SoS 2009 performance so I’ll probably end up tagging along here and see what’s going on. I’l also bring my Sonic06 soundtrack for an autograph opportunity if he’s offering them.

  20. @ T

    Uhm. Nice comeback? Not that my comment had anything to do with you. You almost fooled me into thinking that you’re anything above the 3rd grade. ;/

    [If it had been constructive critisism I’d have had no problem with your opinion. My teacher says my finger painting is at a 5th grade level though! – T]

  21. @ T-Bird

    Yeah, Bentley isn’t everyones cup of tea, so I was wandering (purposly spelled that way), at SOS do you have to listen to Bentley, like do all the activities stop when the music starts? I can’t stand to listen to *shudder,shudder* Synth-Pop… Now if it was a metal band performing Sonic music…

    [Who says BJ is performing at SoS this year? – T]

  22. Lolz at the haters who can’t tell what a good singer he his, if you don’t like him or his style of music why even bother reading this news then ahh silly silly people XD

  23. Is this still going? Honestly. News comes out and it gets reported, even if it involves people who aren’t currently working on Sonic projects but have done in the past. For instance when we find out more about Bubblicious Blvd, I’m sure it’ll get reported here because its to do with Jun Senoue. If Richard Jacques wins an award for a non-SEGA product it’ll get reported here. Julien-K’s bus caught alight and set a sausage factory on fire – that’ll be reported here too.

    The fact BJ seems to appear more on TSS is that he’s a) clearly a very busy fellow and b) is more open and regular in his announcements – he does a lot of community stuff. Please name another individual who has worked on SEGA/Sonic products that interacts with the community as much as him? I can only think of S0L… and me I suppose.

    The other BIG thing people are missing is that there’s also a SEGA community connection here if you had not noticed with TRiPPY’s involvement. Which people should be celebrating more – a community individual has become officially involved in potentially a big announcement for someone connected with the series. That I think is pretty much a first.

    Personally not all news on this or any site interests me 100%, that doesn’t mean I go on it to post multiple times like a couple have done here like its a personal affront. If you’re not interested in it, er, don’t read it?

    As to whether or not Bentley is or is not appearing at SOS that shall be revealed in time, whichever guests are appearing not 100% of the audience will be interested. The fact they will have given their time out to meet with, interact with and take a lot of effort out to do things just for the fans at that event should at least generate some modicum of respect amongst them WHOEVER it is.

    As with anything going on at SOS if you don’t want to participate we’re not forcing you. There’ll be other things to do.

  24. Who the fuck are these people that are suddenly posting and moaning about the guy?

    Is it a multi? Only I can’t imagine that theres more than one person out there sad enough to moan for this long about the guy.

  25. @AAUK


    and, it’s not Sonic news. That’s all we’re complaining about. Shove it under some Bentley Junes bad japanese category so I don’t have to see it. And Casanova, jumping on bandwagons doesn’t make you smart.

  26. @Extaticus: So much more was awesome!!! How could you say it’s a crappy song?!

  27. @sonicfan

    But you have to admit it isn’t as good as Walking Contradiction by Green Day.

  28. Not gonna lie, I really don’t like his music. Most of it is heavily edited. Granted, most bands and artists edit, but I think his songs overdo it. I’ve seen videos of him live, and he didn’t sound very good. If you ask me, he doesn’t have much talent. It seems like the younger fans are the ones that like him the most (especially the younger girls =P). I hope they won’t be using him as much in the Sonic games now. As for main themes, Crush 40 is okay, but I kinda like the route they’ve been taking with the recent main game themes. Using other bands such as Zebrahead and Bowling for Soup. In my opinion, I think that works out great. Here’s to 30 Seconds to Mars doing a theme for a future Sonic game! Haha.

  29. @Cloverdox

    I’m totally with you on 30 Seconds to Mars making a Sonic theme
    That would be amazing

  30. @Jackskellinghog

    Hey Jack, Do you remember how sheepish and cowardly you went the day we met in the que at SOS? How would you like me to tell the rest of the Sonic community your exact words when you realised who I was on that day?

    Or do you think you’ve got enough standing that people will think I’m making it up? Because rest assured sunshine you knew I could crack you like an egg last summer and I’m more than capable of doing it via snide remarks now if thats the road you want to keep going down.

  31. I understood the Japanese, like right away… Maybe my studying is paying off!

  32. @Casanova

    I remember that I was annoyed that the one person I could’ve stood next to had to be an over weight northerner like you… Sunshine.

  33. @Casanova

    “Crack you like an egg”? That’s.. an incredibly fucking stupid thing to say. XD Wow, that’s made up the stupidity quota for today. Thanks!

  34. Furthermore, I don’t think that threatening me where all the moderators and administrators can see, is a very clever idea. Good luck on the egg cracking though.

  35. Bentley Jones February 21 at 11:33am
    Hai, skoshi(sic) hanshimasu!! (^^;)

    I can speak conversational Japanese (I’m still learning) but I can only read and write Romaji for now. I’m hoping my skills will get much better this year!

  36. @ Jack

    I don’t believe I did threatten you, I said if you wanted to play the snide comment game it’s one you wouldn’t win.

  37. @Casanova

    Another name for the Snide Comment Game is the Asshole Contest, so I don’t think he would care that you’d win.

  38. Hooray for TRiPPY! It looks like this will be quite a bit of fun for you. Though I am a bit curious (for some reason), how busy will you be because of this?

  39. Cool, I like Bentley, he has a nice singing voice and music.

    Why is there so much hate and arguing going on under this article? Sure it isn’t 100% to do with him that doesn’t make it bad news, or give an excuse to start flaming each other. I agree with AAUK, get over it already. It’s almost like when they first announced Sonic 4..

  40. Okay, comments are getting personal and increasingly off-topic now. I’d appreciate it if you guys kept personal differences OFF the forums and comment threads and simply talked about the articles 🙂 Thanks.

  41. I’m sorry to bring this up again but have any of you actually been to the Music section of TSS?
    You’ll notice Dreadknux included Bentley’s Japanese debut in that list. That might be because he values Bentley’s contributions to the Sonic community.
    You’ll also remember this is Dread’s website so if he supports Bentley’s work then it’s obvious Bentley will appear in news bulletins. Just saying.
    If you don’t like how TSS run their news service, go somewhere else or read the stories that interest you.
    Here’s a thought, you could even be proactive and start your own Sonic news service!

  42. Woa Woa Woa.
    I thought this was a sonic community XD
    Its more like a middle-of-the-day drama.

    Im not a fan of Bentley, but I am interested as to what TRiPPY will come up with =D

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