Ask Ian returns: Ask the writer of the Archie Sonic comic questions!

Ask Ian returns: Ask the writer of the Archie Sonic comic questions!

Greetings, Sonic fans! Thought you guys might like to know that Ian Flynn, the current head writer of the stellar Sonic comics, is now taking questions from his fans. This isn’t the first time he’s done this. “Ask Ian” has long been a stable of the Bumbleking forums, the forum Ian uses to interact with his fanbase. He’s had discontinue it for most of the last year due to a very busy schedule. As of Sunday, however, Flynn has decided to bring the feature back, and in audio format no less!

I skipped over advertising this feature in the past, because it was not particularly practical to copy and paste the often gigantic question and answer sessions. However, with Ian now answering his questions via audio, it will now be possible for TSS to bring these often enlightening question and answer sessions to all of you!

However, there are some rules which you must follow, which I will paste below:

#1 – ONE question per person per answer session. This is in the interest of making it easier for me to keep up and less work for the fine volunteer force.

#2 – I reserve the right to skip your question. That sounds mean and heartless, I know, but sometimes it must be done. There are some question that I just can’t answer for whatever reason, so I’ll leave them be. Just know it’s not personal.

Please note that since this thread is for the questions only, there’s a talkback thread for discussion. You may find that the answer to your question is already available, so check it out.

In addition to these rules, you also cannot ask a question on the behalf of another. You must sign up to the forum in order to participate. And, of course, please respect Flynn and follow the forum’s rules. With luck, your question be will be answered when Ian posts the audio questions.

To ask Ian your question, go to this thread.

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  1. i heard many of the ideas were rehased from ben dunn was it. or one of the old artist. i miss the more mature storyline of the past but the storys going back into a mature direction so am happy. also more anime like style. anime sells……most the time.

  2. No questions, just tell him and the rest of Archie to keep it up, I’ve been reading and collecting since the beginning 🙂

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