TSS Competition: Sales Pitch…for Jazware Figures! [UPDATE: Moar Prizes!]

TSS Competition: Sales Pitch…for Jazware Figures! [UPDATE: Moar Prizes!]

[UPDATE: Holy Mackrel! 100 posts – well then, it’s time to up the stakes!!! The best entry will also receive (in addition to the Black Knight figure) a 3″ Sonic and Tails Jazwares figure too!! Feel free to make multiple entries – remember you have until Wednesday night to get your entries in!]

More goodies up for grabs again peeps, this time we’ve got 3 Jazwares Sonic Black Knight Action Figures to give away to 3 lucky winners. But of course you know me; I like you to work for your goodies, and so here’s the deal:

Imagine you are a Sonic the Hedgehog toy designer working for a company like Jazwares.
You have come to a meeting with you’re fellow designers, and the boss wants ideas for new Sonic toys for the company to sell!

Your task is to come up with an idea for a Sonic the Hedgehog themed toy!

I don’t mind what you want to pitch: it can be a soft toy, an action figure with a super cool action, a figurine, a statue etc… all it has to be is something that could be realistically made, and would get your fellow collectors queuing for days outside of the shops to get them!

To enter, simply post your idea in the comment box! Try to keep your entries to a few sentences (the boss wants brief, punchy pitches, not to be bored to death!)  and most of all, be original in whatever way you want!

The competition is open until Wednesday, 21st of April 2010. Competition winners will be notified on the front page so keep an eye out! The competition is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. With the exception of people living on Bishop Rock.

Props to Marie and Richard for donation of prizes!

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  1. A Sonic 1 Special Stage styled mini pinball machine. In which you guide the ball to the ’emerald’ in the centre by rotating the stage (just as is the rumoured play style for the Sonic 4 special Stages)!

    The play area could be liquid filled to give the ball the same speed as Sonic in the Special Stages. The stage could be designed like a maze, or run on a points and timer system. Not forgetting the cool jingle when the Emerald is achieved. Bonus points are scored for taking routes that collect rings (shown as light up rings that go out when passed). Points are completely reset when an evil ‘goal’ ball is hit.

  2. what about Sonic in a replica car from SSAR but the car would be remote controlled. There could be other characters too!

  3. A statue of Sonic that is the same height and proportion of his official size and a super one with 7 Emeralds included maybe? Lame I know, but meh.

  4. T-Bird Example: My idea would be for a special “Fighters edition” double pack of figures including Fang the Sniper with a firing cork-gun and a Bean the Dynamite with a bomb-throwing action!

  5. How about good ol’ Eggman riding in his classic Egg Mobile, complete with a ball and chain hanging from the bottom! Maybe we could stuff in a sound box too with the sound of him laughing or saying something.

    Come on, you know you want it!

  6. The best I can think of is a replica of the Tornado-2 from Sonic Adventure. Basically it’ll have the ability to transform from normal bi-plane to the super jet plane! (Kinda like a Transformer, hope its not ripping it in anyway…). Plus it can include a miniuature Tails figure for the cockpit and a Sonic figure to stand on the wings! It should be small in size and easy to transform, good for kids ages 6 and up.

    Even cooler would be the same plane from Sonic Adventure 2, which can turn into the walker-mech Tails uses!

  7. Hope that being among the first doesn’t put me at a disadvantage >.>

    My idea is that of a classic collectible classic Sonic the Hedgehog 1 Egg ‘O’ Matic action vehicle. A premoulded figure of the classic doctor sits as pilot in his ever trusty floating craft-of-death which would include good cockpit detailing. This whole assembly would stand on a tall clear plastic stand and base (The reason for a tall base is explained next).

    The most exciting aspect however is the craft’s underside. The base would have interchangable bottom ‘modules’ for each of the craft’s many weapons seen throughout the game. So be it the Protruding spike seen in Spring yard… the classic checquered wrecking ball from Green Hill… Or even an unaltered plain base; theres something to suit all classic fat-doctor fans out there!

    That is all ^^

  8. I think it would be cool to sell Then and Now figure packs. They would be packs with Genesis appearance figures and their present appearance together, so both retro and today gamers would be satisfied. I’d think it would sell well.

  9. Why not ry doing an Unleashed pack containing Chip, Super Sonic, Sonic, and the Werehog. I was also thinking of a Pingas pack which includes Robotnik (AoStH Design), Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts as well as a Knothole pack which has the Freedom Fighters from the Archie Comic.

  10. How about… an Eggman Kart? Same design as the Egg Mobile, except with wheels. Designed for children of 5-8 years of age.

  11. How about the Egg Carrier from Sonic Adventure, that can change shape, launch missiles, and comes with a Sonic & Tails in the Tornado figurine.

  12. A 10-inch animatronic E-123 Omega action figure, with spinning head and torso, that can say quotes from the games.
    [I hope he comes with an alarm clock mode! – T]

  13. An EggRobo figure/statue, complete with detatchable gun and bomb!

    I know I’d queue for that anyday!

  14. How about the mecha sonic from S3&K with 25 points of articulation as well as the super form of mecha sonic.

  15. We need action figures for Mighty, Ray, and the Freedom Fighters. We need them because they were characters who died off and if they/we made figures of them maybe more people will know about them and will be brought into Sonic Games once again. (I can only hope 🙂

  16. Well since they are coming out with Team Chaotix I would have to say some of the freedom fighters. Because they were a part of sonic from the beginning. Also, they should be in the next line of the comic book pack series.

  17. I think a statue showing Hyper Sonic is needed. Featuring Sonic in his Super tranformation pose, with skin colour painted with paint that appears different colours depending what angle you look at it (this does exist!). The 7 Super Emeralds can be on stalks surrounding Hyper Sonic, as can two clear or glow in the dark star shapes

  18. I think that for the 3 inch line i think there should be a to scale eggman with some boss robots to scale that eggman can sit in sutch as the last boss from sonic 1 as a set thing, last boss from sonic 2 (from the genisis duh),, the last boss from sonic 3 last boss from sonic and knuckles and the last boss from sonic heroes

  19. How about some action figures of Emerl (from Sonic Battle), Chip (with a free chocolate bar), The Egg Beetle, Egg Devil Ray, Egg Lancer, and Egg Dragoon (from Unleashed), Chaos (and all of his transformations in Sonic Adventure), Tikal, Egg Cerberus and Egg Wyvern (from Sonic 06), and all of Eggman’s other most bad-ass giant robots. They should also make figurines of Hyper Sonic (Sonic3K), Darkspine Sonic (Secret Rings), and Excalibur Sonic (Black Knight).

  20. To Promot Sonic 4. A 10 Inch Sonic And Dr Robotnik (Eggman) Figures Will Be Sold At Comic con 2010 With 18 Points Of Articulation. That Will Be My Idea

  21. How we about join Hasbro to create Sonic the Hedgehog Transformers action figures. They make you go AWSEOME!!! Thats right kids! Sonic the Hedgehog Transformers by Sega “Were Sellouts!” 😉

  22. A color changing action figure. Place Sonic in cold water and he’ll magically change to Shadow…
    [Don’t leave him in too long! – T]

  23. Sorry, but this sounds kind of poorly put together for a contest. Having people put their entries in the comments box is a bad idea; Anybody can see it, meaning people that haven’t entered yet can get ideas from others, figure out ways to improve upon other entries, and overall use them to get ahead of the competition that’s already posted. The people that submit early on are already at a huge disadvantage because of this and it seems really unfair to them. You really should have entries emailed or PM’ed to someone.

    SatBK figures? Again sorry, but you guys usually do better prizes than something you can easily find and that cost only 10-15 bucks.

    [Uh oh kids! It’s the badnik parade come to spoil our fun! Believe it or not, T-Bird has an IQ higher than 8 and will be able to spot repeated ideas! we’re sorry you think writing two sentences is too much work for a freebie – maybe you can point us to your competition with better prizes? No? Then I’m demoting you to Toilet Monkey Third class – T]

  24. If i were a kid this is exactly what i would want…
    A Sonic Adventure “Chaos” Figure set, it comes with all the stages of chaos and Froggy with a detachable tail that you can attach to Chaos 6.
    Included are chaos emeralds and a few Chaos for chaos 0 to look over.

  25. Although I agree with the fact that entries are made in the comment box, I simply love the prizes given.

    As you may know, Sonic merchandises aren’t available at everywhere in the world. My country, for one, doesn’t at all. Even with eBay, they costs 20 bucks, and that doesn’t include the shipping charge! So for some people like me, an SatBK figure is so worth it.
    [And FREE! – T]

  26. New Chaos Emerald base and figures with Super transformations. Simply put, the base would look like a shrine to the Emeralds and the Emeralds themselves would be inserted into little switche things and encircle an area where you can stand the action figures up. When all the Emeralds are in place and one of the specially designed characters is standing in the center pushing a button on the Master Emerald (which cannot be removed) causes an electric current to flow through the toy and change the color of the paramagnetic paint covering the figure to the character’s Super Colors. Initially Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Metal Sonic (he kinda went Super in Sonic 3 & Knuckles) will be the only characters sold, but soon after Tails and Knuckles figures will be released along with Super Emerald accessories and then Blaze and the Sol Emeralds will finish off the set.

  27. A 10-inch Sonic the Hedgehog posable action figure, much like the Metal Sonic toy we had, expect the blue skin is translucent and inside the toy is a light that you can switch on, which will make Sonic glow yellow and raise up his quills in. Super Sonic action toy.

  28. How about a Mecha Sonic figure standing on the Master Emerald while in his powering up stance? That would be sweet!
    (With a bonus glossy sky sanctuary background card).

  29. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Sets.
    Duke it out with a hero and a villian with a stage theme also included. Available in 3 types:
    Sonic VS Shadow in Green Forest map (Big the cat hiding in the vent included!)
    Knuckles VS Rouge in Meteor Herd map
    Tails VS Eggman in Weapons Bed map
    Now anyone can have an epic battle of good and evil to settle the score!
    (Each map is a fully modeled arena based on the stage’s setting)

  30. My idea would be play fields. That way you could actually use those action figures of yours in more unique ways. Hell, it could even come with action figures, it’d be better than all the crap action figure puppet movies on YouTube all featured in “Someone’s Room”.

  31. “Uh boss I got a fantastic idea!”

    Boss: “Lemme hear it”

    “Uhh….what if we made a replica Green Hills playset from the Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise and it came with a figure pack of Sonic, Dr. Robotnik, Buzz Bomber and Moto Bug….”

    Boss: “Is that it?”

    “I got more, and every month for the next two years, release figure packs of not just classic characters and/or badniks but updated characters and/or badniks”

    Boss: “Hmmmmm……..I’ll get back to you on this…”

  32. I propose a statue of the Final Hazard boss from Sonic Adventure 2. Based on the success of the recent ‘First 4 Figures’ Sonic statue, this will be a sure seller for Sonic fans and collectors alike. Please see the basic idea below.


    A possible extra to really set the scene of the statue would be the ability for it to play the music track ‘Live and Learn’ as heard during this scene in the game. Small details such as this would guarantee this item would be an instant buy.
    [Love the drawing! – T]

  33. I’m going to go for a Robotnik mech series, featuring detailed replicas of his greatest machines.
    I’m thinking the Eggmobile with an optional Wrecking Ball attachment. The Emerald Hill Zone Drill Car with a drill-firing action. The final boss robot from Sonic 2, with a spring loaded hand-firing action. The Doomsday Zone escape ship and robot, it would include the outer blue ship and the escape robot inside which would be able to break away from the Blue ship (perhaps the ship could simply be a series of plates that fit together around the robot), give the escape robot a Master Emerald to be able clutch to. A model of the Egg Viper and I’d also really like to see a detailed replica of the Egg Carrier from Sonic Adventure. Lastly, throw in miniature figures of Silver Sonic, Mecha Sonic, Metal Sonic and his Neo alter ego.

  34. Mario & Sonic At the Olympic Winter Games 2 in 1 Pack!!!

    Each pack contains a special figurine and 2 cards about the characters you chose

    Mario & Sonic – Mushroom & 3 Rings

    Luigi & Tails – Boo & Blaster

    Knuckles & Yoshi – Yoshi Eggs & Master Emerald

    Peach & Amy – Parasol & Piko Piko Hammer

    Daisy & Blaze – Fire Flower & Sol Emeralds

    Bowser & Eggman – Koopa Troopa & Kiki (Coconuts)

    Bowser jr & Metal Sonic – Paint Brush & Spikes

    Wario & Shadow – Garlic & Green Chaos Emerald

    Waluigi & Silver – Tennis Racket & Spring

    Donkey Kong & Vector – Espio/Charmy & Diddy/Dixie Kong

    EXTRA: Fire Mario & Super Sonic – Fire Flower & 7 Chaos emeralds

    USA – $6.00 Each
    UK – £4.99 Each

  35. How about a sonic and sega allstars racing figure of METAL SONIC! I bet that can shake por spines, if not, then how about banjo as well?

  36. Four Words.

    Its a toy big that cat that can fire out lollies like pez and smarties and whatnot XD
    [How about dispensing frog-shaped Pez! – T]

  37. I use to love Lego as a child, and i’d think it’d be pretty sweet to see some Sonic themed LEGO figures, maybe even in the style of those old BIONICLE sets?
    Seeing as LEGO has done some pretty great jobs with themes in the past, i believe the Sonic series would look quite nice with the multicoloured blocks.
    And just imagine an Eggman themed set, you could build any mech you desired.

  38. how about a 38cm sonic the hedgehog figures with 7 chaos emeralds. it would be about for uk ten pounds, 12 bucks for us and i don’t know about the other countrys. the 38 cm sonic the hedgehog toys are sonic, tails, knuckles, amy, cream (with a cheese clip on), metal sonic, shadow, mecha sonic, dark sonic and more from the series’s. for the whole collection it’s most likely gonna be in the uk fithty pounds, fithty five bucks for the us and still don’t know about the other countrys. every figure has moveable arms, legs, hair, tail, feet, body and head.

  39. Heh, I was hoping to expect a more polite response to what’s simply a suggestion, but it’s the internet. I guess you can’t put up a sound argument without getting some sort of flac.
    [Are you going to submit an idea or just moan? – T]

  40. For the 3.75 inch line there should be a bonus figure that you get with every set of five. Similar to the Sonic x Mega bot series or the Marvel Legends and Futurama figures. Each toy comes with a limb of a large character, then when you have collected all five, you can piece together the body of an additional character.

    Take a look, i made visuals:



  41. Eh, I don’t need them. They’re on sale in my local toy shop.

    I got a Tails from there! 🙂

  42. Two words – EGG CARRIER.

    After pressing a button, the entire ship transforms. Also, as a tribute to Matchbox, you can open it up to reveal a Sky Deck playset! The set also comes with foam darts and the gigantic light up laser cannon on the front, so you recreate the Sky Chase battle from SA1. Also includes transformable Tornado 2 figure.

  43. So here are my Sonic The Hedgehog Friends & Foes statue line!

    Each figure is made from high quality resin material (same as the great 15th anniversary Sonic statue) and placed on a sturdy wooden base and a little plaque showing where Sonic first met that friend/foe. As you can see, some figures are held up using small, transparent plastic poles to make it seem like they are in mid-air.


    This is just the first line of statues. The 2nd line could include more recent characters like Big, Cream & Silver for the friends and Chaos, Shadow & Mephiles The Dark for the foes.

  44. Oh hell, heres my idea anyway;

    A CHAO GARDEN PLAYSET. Small “Polly Pocket” style Chao gardens that you can take with you anywhere, includes miniture Chao figurines.

    [As long as I can buy a mini Eggman who says “Yoooooosh!” when he pets them! – T]

  45. I would make a exact replica statue of Sonic and Metal Sonic with going head to head just from the OVA with every detail in the them. Its going to be a collectors item for both Sonic and Anime fans of the OVA, but I’m not sure about the size boss.

  46. Naw, I’m just going to chill and look at how poorly you portray yourself as being. Next time someone gives a suggestion try politely telling them you’re not interested instead. Have a nice day.

    -It is the highest creatures who take the longest to mature, and are the most helpless during their immaturity.
    ~George Bernard Shaw

  47. “Imagine if you will, boss, we’ve been doing toys for All Stars Racing recently, but what if we made a special edition figure for Banjo & Kazooie, as well as their Bolt Bucket? When one opens Banjo’s backpack, they can reach in and pull out Kazooie, who has posable wings, and even comes with Mumbo’s Wrench packaged with it!”

  48. So i said earlier about Sonic based LEGO? well i had a go at mocking up a design http://truekaoz.deviantart.com/art/Sonic-Lego-160832056
    The heads are meant to rotate to give you various expressions, like some of the lego harry potter characters, i remember them fondly.

    Eggman was awkward, considering there’s no real way to make him fat or taller and the mustache would have to be painted on =/
    Hope you like it anyhow =)
    [Are you kidding? That Eggman is fantastic! -T]

  49. [I posted this before but I can’t find it so I post it again]

    So here are my Sonic The Hedgehog Friends & Foes statue line!

    Each figure is made from high quality resin material (same as the great 15th anniversary Sonic statue) and placed on a sturdy wooden base and a little plaque showing where Sonic first met that friend/foe. As you can see, some figures are held up using small, transparent plastic poles to make it seem like they are in mid-air.


    This is just the first line of statues. The 2nd line could include more recent characters like Big, Cream & Silver for the friends and Chaos, Shadow & Mephiles The Dark for the foes.

  50. My idea is a toy robot of the final boss from Sonic 2. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJwKcOaXHiA&feature=related) yes, that one.
    It can walk forwards and backwards and it also has the ability to shoot out his arms (the arms are detachable, you just click them back into place afterwards).
    They toy will have the same sound effects/music as the final boss.
    And the remote that contols the robot is in the shape of a megadrive controller.

    That’s my idea. Kinda dumb and I bet someone’s said it already but it’s something I’d like to own 🙂

  51. Here’s my pitch:

    How about a jacket that looks like Sonic the Werehog’s chest and arms? It could have fluffy white fur on the cuffs and stomach, and maybe even a tail on the back and a hood with the Werehog pointy ears.

  52. Lets not forget that Sonic fans are not just the young! They’re grown up and as grown ups we want grown up toys! So lets look at what older Sonic fans like! Going fast and cars! So lets combine the two! So lets make a life sized badnik thats around the size of a quad bike that people can ride! They can use it to go to uni, college, work, terrorising the south! You name it! Imagine it! A Motor Bug badnik that breaks the speed limit and you can ride! It’ll have a rocket booster on the back for a quick escape and a claw on the front in case you encounter a sunday driver on a weekday! It’ll come in handy if you decide to fight crime, no criminal is safe from the Motor Bug Biker!

    Here is a piece of concept art!


    Get to work men!

  53. With Sonic 4 coming out soon, now would be a perfect time to release a set of remote-controlled badniks! Who wouldn’t want their own personal Motobug or Grounder? Collect them all and have badnik battles with your friends!

  54. An Eggman toy where he’s dressed in his El Gran Gordo costume – but with a twist: it’d be in the style of Stretch Armstrong. So you could stretch that egg till it cracks, or spews red syrup at you. And if you squeeze the middle he’ll come out with some of Eggman’s greatest phrases:
    “Get a load of this!”
    “The more the Merrier!”
    “I hate that Hedgehog!”
    “Why you little!”
    “You’ll pay for this!”
    “Find the computer room!” – Wait… wrong guy.

    A prototype model has already been made:


    Avaliable in every Eggman fans imagination =]

  55. This one just popped up…

    I’m thinking of making a vehicle that Miles Prower couldn’t live without, the Tornado! Scaled for 3 inch figures (Tails for example) to fit in a cockpit,
    have one of your favorite characters stand on either side of the wing or behind the cockpit. But that’s not all, we’ll make Tornado 1 and 2 that can transform, like they’d done in Sonic Adventure and Unleashed! Not to mention there would be Tornado 3 aka the Cyclone from SA2.

  56. Now everyone is using my idea of providing links to fan made concept art. what have I begun!?

  57. I could imagine a full set of badnik figures from Sonic 1/2/3. Crabmeat, Buzz Bomber, Coconuts, etc. All in a small Green Hill zone playset, with a transparent peg extending out of a palm tree where you can stick in one of the buzz bombers so it appears that he’s flying through the zone. There would be one loop, a removable extra life box on top of it, and a path extending a few inches out from the loop. And it would come with a Sonic figure. Along with it(sold separately) would be released a set of other figures including Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails, all in one package. It would come with 3 PVC Chaos emeralds and 5 PVC rings.

    I know it’s a bit longer than what the requirements said, but oh well.

  58. @sonictoast – Go back to the first page and locate my comment. I was infact the first person to submit concept art. Everyone stole my genius!
    [Peace and love, people! – T]

  59. Does anyone remember that post Thenumber1Yoshi did in the EuroGamer Sonic 4 Preview thread, and how it restored my faith in The Sonic Community having at least a bit of class and civility? Well, it was fun while it lasted 😛

    “Uh oh kids! It’s the badnik parade come to spoil our fun! Believe it or not, T-Bird has an IQ higher than 8 and will be able to spot repeated ideas! we’re sorry you think writing two sentences is too much work for a freebie – maybe you can point us to your competition with better prizes? No? Then I’m demoting you to Toilet Monkey Third class – T”

    SIGH…it’s time like this where I longly stare towards the horizon, and I wonder, what the Mario fans are doing?

    *meanwhile, thousands of websites away… *

    “Hey! I want a Mario game thas just like the one in my childhood: 2-D Platforming with no gimmicks like squirt guns or star shooting, with power-ups and Yoshi, and the Koopalings, and all the traditional Mario levels and Luigi better be there or we riot!”

    *handed New Super Mario Bros Wii*

    “What? Helicopter Helmets? Penguin Suits? Triple jumps and Butt Stomps? Super Easy mode? Mini-Games? Motion Control?! 4 player co-op?! Wait a minute, this is NOTHING like my childhood….. IT’S BETTER!! This game and the fact that Super Mario Galaxy is basically just the same game but with all the stuff, we the fans, requested just makes this a wonderful time to be ALIVE!!!”


    [Why don’t you just Marry Mario then? :3 – T]

  60. UPDATE: If we break 100 comments I’m totally going to make the first prize bigger!
    Cut the fighting/whinging/I heart Mario comments though peeps or I’ll get my deleting stick out!

  61. How about a Knuckles kite? Kind of simple I guess, but it would be fun to run around with it in the fields on a windy day. It would be like he’s gliding!!!

  62. How about the Egg Viper?
    Fires lasers (glowing, Buzz Lightyear-esk light), launches detachable disks, and even talks! Press the button and…

  63. Sonic adventure 2, sonic with soap shoes and mini rail stand, and a different emoction on his face. :3

  64. I have a simple, yet awesome idea. Have a plain action figure of Sonic with him slightly leaning forward. When you press a button on him, he turns into a ball. It’s perfect for the kids. They’re all into that bakugan stuff. Anything that pops open or transforms always excites people. It would also be very nostalgic! I want this idea to get in so I can buy that toy myself.

  65. Product: A 5-inch Sonic the Hedgehog action figure with movable spikes on the back of his head, 12-point articulation, and with interchangeable plates that can snap onto his face, body, arms, and legs. One set of plates would make his look like Super Sonic and another would be Darkspine Sonic. Would also come with the 7 chaos emeralds.

  66. How about a Sonic and the Black Knight set. The Sonic and Caliburn figures could be re-re-released. New to the line would be Shadow as Sir Lancelot, Knuckles as Sir Gawain, Blaze as Lady Percival, and The Black Knight and his horse, and a special edition figure of Excalibur Sonic. Each figure would be 5 inches, come with a sword, and removable armor.

  67. A collect and build wave of figure, to make Omega,

    Wave figures:

    Sonic (Head)

    Shadow (Body)

    Tails (Left arm)

    Metal Sonic (Right arm)

    Knuckles (Left leg)

    Silver (Right leg)

    What do you think?

  68. This had better not have been said already…
    -steps up to front-
    The build-your-own Egg-machine!!
    Start with the basic Eggmobile (featuring of course, the fully articulated doctor with alternate heads of increasing degrees of rage) and use the peices provided to constuct your favourate bosses or your own attempt at hedge-cide! buy booster packs as well as new mobiles with different versions of his moustatchedness for endless possibilities(to kill sonic)!! made to scale with our current lines, naturally
    (c) yours truly
    How DO YOU like it?!

  69. *pieces
    I typo, I shame.
    @BoyleVoices: HELL YEAH, especially if it did that weird “roll around on it’s own” thing i’ve seen things do.
    or maybe just a strait transformer-sonic line that turn into balls… or ASR vehicles!

  70. i know I already submitted one, but here is a silly idea. A Mr. Potato head type Chao toy. You can give your chao whatever different eyes, ears, mouth, wings whatever, it comes with a bajillion different parts to switch around.

  71. Are you kidding me?

    Super sonic
    Super shadow
    Super Silver
    E 123 Omega
    Hyper Knuckles
    Super Tails
    E 123 Omega
    The Biolizard
    Rouge the Bat with full custom accessories from sonic adventure 2 treasure scope, pick nails, iron boots,
    Sonic the hedgehog with full custom accessories from sonic adventure 2 flame ring, bounce bracelet, light shoes,
    Knuckles the echidna with full custom accessories from sonic adventure 2 hammer gloves, shovel gloves, sunglasses, air necklace,
    Shadow the hedgehog with full custom accessories from sonic adventure 2 flame ring, air shoes,
    Blaze the cat
    chaos, and different character themed chaos

    A nice actual chaos emerald could be included with a little stand to make all seven, plus the Hyper Knuckles figure would have a master emerald with it

  72. For those who want to display AND play with their Sonic 3 inchs, I’ve got the perfect idea! Zone themed play sets! There can be sets for green hill, Spring yard, hidden palace, death egg and more! One or two figures would come with each set, along with those giant warp rings, goal posts, chaos emeralds, power rings, and other stuff. They would have those little pegs for displaying figs or getting fidgety figs to stand up.

  73. surely we can get 9 more comments in.

    How about a tickle me Shadow doll. “ha ha ha, ha ha, ha, STOP IT!”

  74. How about a Egg Carrier in real size and a giant army of robots.
    With it you could conquer the world and for thr kids it’s also fun, and all this for just 100000000 $.
    (P.S. If it’s destroyed 2 weeks after bought by a blue hedgehog you get a 2. for FREE.)

  75. Make a music game like Guitar Hero, but it is music from the SEGA games and have the best Sonic songs! The name of the game can be SEGA Hero on Guitar! With a specially designed guitar to the game tat has Sonic on it ore somting like that!

    What do you think?

  76. Hey, here’s an idea if Jazwars are ever willing to make Archie Sonic stuff.

    You guys know those Simpsons figurines/statues whatever that recreates a famous scene from certain episodes? How about playsets that recreate famous moments from Archie Sonic comics?

    Each set would be named after the story arc that they are based on.


    “Home Invasion” set (StH#210-211)- Features Sonic and Amy taking on the Iron Queen in her dragon form.
    “A Bold New Moebius” set (StH#189-190)- Based on the covers from those two issues, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters take on the Suppresion Sqaud outside of Freedom HQ (Freedom HQ would be on a cardboard background).
    “Eggman Empire” set (StH#175)- Sonic battling Eggman in his “Egg Beater” robot.
    “Turnabout is fair play” set (StH#200)- simular to the above, only Eggmans mech of choice is the Egg Tarantula.

  77. Here’s My idea:

    A transformers-type Sonic that comes with 7 keys that are emerald-shaped. You put them in certain spots on sonic’s body(ie, arms, legs, chest), and the toy opens up, forming super sonic!


    A pull-back transformers sonic that you push into spinball form, a voice activation yells, “READYYY”
    Ya pull it back, and.. “GOOOOO!!!!”

  78. One more…

    An eggman mech with Eggy action Figure that comes with his mech. Also, there could be extra pieces you snap on to make his bosses( Egg Hornet, Wrecking Ball, Flame shooter from Sonic 1 with real firing missle-flame ball).

  79. The computer room game!
    Fun times with this new board game from Jazwares! it’s a fun adventure as 2-players (Shadow and Vector respectively) try to find the computer room! Comes with a base for both characters filled with your favourite slogans:


  80. …ok, so I’ll make it 100! First prize is now triple the size, so keep the entries coming!

  81. Another product: 5-inch Sonic Rider Sonic the Hedgehog with 12-point articulation, removable sunglasses, and Blue Star, his Extreme Gear. Would also come with Blue Star II.

  82. Product 2: 10 inch Super Sonic figure! 25 Points of articulation, comes with a base shaped like a ring, all 7 chaos emeralds, and a rod for flying poses. Limited Edition press.

  83. Jazwares has already released 4 Werehog products, so why not one more.

    Werehog Arms! similar to those Hulk Gloves they sell, except these werehog arms can stretch, they are made of elastic material so when you wear them you throw the fist so as to punch your friend across the room. Then the elastic arm brings the fist back to you kind of like a sticky hand you would get out of one of those quarter machines.

  84. How about another Black knight product too.

    Talking Caliburn. A life size caliburn sword and gauntlet that kids can wear. Kids will love being their very own knight of the wind as they slash through enemies provided by their imaginations (hopefully). But wait there’s more, Caliburn talks. That’s right, with each swing he will call you a fool or some other condescending name. Caliburn has over 300 insults to throw at you, so you might as well leave your self esteem at home. And if you get so mad at caliburn that you break him, you can just buy a new one! Heck we all bought a second 5″ Werehog, 3.75″ Tails and 10″ Metal Sonic after they broke in a day right?

  85. A 8″ polyresin statue with all classic sonics to modern sonic standing in his signature pose on a green hill zone base like the 12″ statue. All in a circle or a line what ever works best.

  86. Why not a memory game. It mixes the cards on the table and you have to find two identical cards that have the Sonic characters or something from Sonic world. Fun games for all ages!

  87. figures related to the archie comics!! a pack of sonic & sally for example that came with a comic! they could even do it with other characters like tails and rotor that with comic #195 or something! ( i instantly thought of this considering i am a huge fan of the archie series.)

  88. A remote controlled Sonic with wheels placed in the super peel out position with Sound effects as it’s charging up, lights could be flashing around, making it seem as if its moving on the spot and then dashes off. The speed will be determined by length of time charged (the though came to me while playing Sonic CD this afternoon)

    Another idea i’ve had is why not produce a how to draw book, I know it’s not toy related, but it’d sure be appreciated by a lot of fans, especially if it taught how to draw harder characters like Vector and E-123 Omega


    Can you guess who, do you have a clue?

    Is your person wearing a hat?


    Bye Nack, bye Bark.

    Is your person a hedgehog?


    Bye Sonic, Metal Sonic, Silver, Shadow and Amy.

    Does your person have 2 appendages hanging off their butt?


    You’re Tails!

  90. Okay, what the Sonic merchandise series never get to have are collectors quality figures. With the sales of the first 4 figures by F4F, it is clearly shown that Sonic figure set with details that matches anime figures will sell well.

    The debut idea here is a “Sonic Adventure: DX Figure” set, recreating the Vs. Final Chaos scenery with a darker tone (ignoring the fact that Super Sonic did it all alone):


    The figures will be PVC-made with the effects sculpted with clear materials and is around 210 mm, perfect for shelf stands! We must take on any price at all as this will be collector’s item. However, it is assured that even if one is only going to get one out of the set, each is as good as another as a stand-alone. This will be another feature of the series.

    End of speech. 🙂

  91. “Where’s that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?”

    Uh oh! Shadow’s not very happy. On a mission to uncover his past, he’s having some difficulty finding the fourth Chaos Emerald. You don’t want Shadow to stay angry, do you? So grab a character and lets play!

    Playing as one of 4 characters, work your way around the board answering questions related to the Sonic the Hedgehog games. Each correct answer results in a ring (these are used for your protection).

    Now, notice Shadow standing in the center of the board? Be careful not to land on a ‘CHAOS BLAST!!!’ space, otherwise Shadow loses his cool, resulting in a “Where’s that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?”. Players with enough rings can survive this, while those who don’t must say “DAMN!”, followed by missing a turn.

    The first player to reach the Chaos Emerald at the end of the board wins.

  92. MONOPOLY – Sonic The Hedgehog Edition

    Can’t believe this hasn’t been done already considering there’s a Mario monopoly, Disney monopoly, even a Simpsons monopoly!

    The whole board should have a retro feel about it! Rather than the iron/dog/car tokens, you play as classic Sonic characters! Sonic, Tails, Robotnik, Knuckles, Amy, Flicky, Metal Sonic, Motobug (all 90’s style of course).

    Rather than buying famous locations, the properties now become ZONES! The ‘brown’ colour zones are the ones worth the least money like Ice Cap Zone and Aquatic Ruin Zone (seriously, who would want to live there?!) Then the most expensive Zones could be Starlight Zone and Oil Ocean Zone (all that oil, think how much that place must be worth!!)

    And of couse, rather than paying with ordinary money… you now have RINGS and EMERALDS!! You have smaller rings worth £1-£5, larger rings worth £10-£50 and emeralds worth £100 or £500! Community Chest and Chance cards will all be Sonic related of course and the whole board will have a retro checkered design.

    And of course, rather than ‘Go To Jail’ it is now called ‘Go To Robotnik’s Dungeon’ or something :p

  93. @ Cerium

    That’s a great idea!

    How about instead of go to Jail, it is go to the Roboticizer. And the Railroads could be the Egg-o-matic, the Tornado… and some other things, maybe a super shoe and a spring? Anyway, great idea.

  94. Fang/Knack, Bean, Bark, Mighty, Tikal, Sally Acorn (SatAM or Fleetway vers. — you pick!), and [insert your favorite character (or characters) here that Sega no longer does anything with] talking plush toys! They’re super cute, soft, and cuddly! When you squeeze their tummies they say stuff like, “We need love too!” “Please love me! Sega doesn’t! :(” “Why, Sega?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????????!!!!!!!!!!!”

    They’re fun for all ages! Batteries not included. Do not eat. For “children” over 19. XD

  95. The 4 Railroad properties will be classic TELEVISION MONITORS 😀

    The Ring monitor, the Shield monitor, the Shoe (super speed) monitor and the 1up Life monitor!

    Oh and the Water Works and the Electric Company spaces will be Springs and Starposts.

  96. A Sonic Jeopardy game with questions about the Sonic world. Where one who is not a fan learn about the Sonic world in a fun way!^^

  97. @ Elizabeth the Bathog

    That is such an awesome idea. I would buy that without thinking twice.

  98. Super Sonic Glower

    My idea is a Super Sonic action figure that glows in the dark.

    It also has two rings that attach to Sonic’s wrists that have the chaos emeralds on them. The top emerald on each ring plays music and they all light up when the music is played! The first ring plays You can do anything, from Sonic cd; the second ring plays The Fastest Thing Alive from the cartoon called Sonic the Hedgehog Sat am.

    Imagine Sonic lighting up the night as he glows in the dark! Right back at Ya!

    link to my idea of this picture is as follows:


  99. SuperSonic 1up Music Box

    A 1up box with 5 Buttons that lights up SuperSonic when it plays These themes

    Sonic The hedgehog 1up

    Sonic The hedgehog 3 1up

    Sonic & Knuckles 1up

    Sonic sonic Adventure 2 1up

    And the Sonic 1 Ending Theme

    Think of all the fun youl have getting 1up’s all the time

    Link to my idea of this picture is as follows


    Link For my video of what it would be like


  100. Hope I’m not too late..but here goes..
    I propose a Eggman robo boss collection..each boss varies from the different sonic game (EG Sonic 1-4 robots could be used). Each will come with a badnik and a mystery part. When all the mystery parts come together they will form a never before seen Eggman mech. Then to top it off, a deathegg action toy will be sold to house all the robots that are bought seperately.

  101. OK two words: Mecha Sonic. Its the one figure every Sonic fan should have. Its not merely a robotic copy of Sonic, but Sonic actually roboticized! Its painting should be detailed, and it should have at least 24 points of articulation. Heck, You could even package it with a Mecha Knuckles figure as well.

  102. If you think school is boring and sit and draw on lessons in the books! Buy a pen with Sonic and his friends or his enemies, enemies on. In addition, it will sound and lights from the pen when you write with it! You can remove the batteries if you do not want the teacher to hear you!

  103. A Hyper Sonic action figure. It can be the same sculpt as the new super sonic action figure, but his fur will be clear similar to the clear blue sonic. Inside his body will be a number of colored lights, when you press a button on the figure the colored lights all flash making him look like the multi colored flashing hyper sonic from the game. They could also do this for Hyper Knuckles and Super Tails using the same sculpts of the current standard Tails and knuckles figures. (we all know Jazwares like to re-use sculpts).

  104. Eggman Evolution pack

    A five pack of 3.75 inch figures. Each one is a different design of our favorite villain.

    Original Robotnik
    AoSth Robotnik
    SatAM/SU Robotnik
    Current Eggman
    StH ’06 Eggman

    Send in your proof of purchase and receive an El Grand Gordo figure in the mail.

  105. A Dr RRRRRRRRobotnik room guard. Stops people from rooting through your belongings. Set it up before you leave the room, and when someone enters they are caught “snooPING AS usual, I seeeee!”. Thanks to the used phrase, it also insults them.

  106. Now that summer is approaching and it is warm outside. Then it is not stupid to take a refreshing bath! Choose a bathing ring a migratory mattress or inflatable bath balls with Sonic and his friends and enemies on! Extra fun at the beach!^^

  107. A Sonic Princess Collection.

    Hear me out before you tune out because you are a teenage boy who hates princesses.

    This will be part of the 3.75 inch line. a wave of 2 packs that consist of a princess and a Hedgehog.

    *Super Silver and Elise
    *Shadow and Maria
    *Secret Rings Sonic (with ring and flame) and Shahra
    *Excalibur Sonic and Merlina
    *Anime Sonic (With Sunglasses and Beach chair) and Sarah
    *Anime Knuckles (with Australian hat, bag and sunglasses) and Sarah in Wedding Dress
    *Concept art Sonic with Madonna
    *Rouge and Topaz

    This allows us collectors to have more characters and save the teenage boys from the embarrassment of buying a girl action figure (they can say they just want the Sonic…like there aren’t enough Sonics already).

  108. An “Are You smarter than a Sonic Geek?” Game, where you answer trivia questions about Sonic.
    The 5th grade questions would be for super-smart sonic lovers, like who’s sonic origional creator?
    The 1st grade questions would be easier, like what year did Sonic Adventure come out?
    The 3 Helps would be Speed Sneakpeek where you can see your opponents answer, snatch, where you must use your opponent’s answer, and helper, where if you get the answer wrong, you can get Tails’ help.

    Also an Sonic Band video game, where you can sing or jam to all of the vocal songs or the stage music!

    Chaos emeralds that glow in the dark! Collect all 7!

  109. Even More…


    Really works! Even includes the Cannon! You place a ball or some round object in the cannon, press a button, and..”Sonic Power Cannon….FIRE!!!!!” And BANG!!!

  110. 20th anniversary 1:1 scale Gold Mobius Ring Statue.

    Expertly created to be a visually perfect replica of the golden rings found in the popular Sonic the Hedgehog games, this gold plated steel piece measures 7-inches in diameter and sits atop a brown checkered mount. With a gold plated Sonic the Hedgehog title screen logo adorning the front of the mount and a certificate of authenticity, the Mobius Ring is a must for any die-hard Sonic or Retro-game collector.

    Item is a limited run of only 1,500 pieces. Due to be released on 23rd June 2011.



    Tails’ Tornado Sonic Adventure 1:16 scale Statue

    Based on the model from the classic 1999 Sonic Adventure video game, this Tornado plane features every detail found on the in-game model, including turning rudders, drop-down wheels and movable propellers. This vehicle is made with high-quality materials, hand painted and detailed to the exact patterns found in-game.


  111. Mugs with motifs of Sonic, Tails, or any other character from the Sonic world!

  112. I was staring at The Sonic Cronicles DS chip next to me, and an idea formed.

    A real working Sonic Chronicles RPG Set, with all 10 Fighters(Each sold seperately, of course)

    E-123 Omega

    With real working parts so you can imitate all of their moves from the game!

    And! The robots and Aliens from the game can be enemies too!

    Sonic’s figure can have a button you press on the back to make his plastic glow yellow, and twist his quills up to make(Although this has been said 50 times over) Super Sonic to crush ix in the ultimate showdown!!

    Plus stage fields(Overdone too) and maps to recreate the game in action figures! Act out the final showdown between Sonic & Eggman in the prologue, and Angel Island crashing into Metropolis!

  113. I have a brain flowing with ideas as sonictoast’s! He’s definately gonna win this competition!

    Remember that game where you have to lift that ball withh your mind, well…

    A silver headband you strap to your head, and two gloves like Silver’s, also comes with several projectiles.

    The headband projects your mindwaves to the special telekinetic gloves that transfer the waves to lift the special projectiles off the ground and, if you concentrate hard enough, might be able to throw the projectiles! Amaze your friends!

    It could be possible, but would be terribly expensive. Wait..

    Amaze your friends! Only $9595.95!!!!

  114. Why not transparent bouncing ball with a little Sonic character in that you can bounce around with!

  115. A candle is sculpted as a Sonic character in such detail that you do not want to light it but have it as decoration!

    I have a brain flowing with ideas to!^_^

  116. A ‘Stop the Sonic 4 Leaks!’ board game.

    You play as SEGA, happily working on the Sonic 4 game and it’s marketing. You’ve just uploaded the website and expect fans to be happy. They sure are! You’ve accidentally left open access to the websites folders, leaking all of your hard work! That’s not all however, as you’ve also uploaded the game to Parternet, where it has been stolen and is now being uploaded to the internet!

    It’s up to you to stop the leaks by any means necessary. At your disposal are ‘Cease and Desist’ emails, ‘This video is copyright of SEGA’ YouTube notifications, and your power to delete topics on the SEGA forums. Get to it!

  117. Sonic Shuffle board game

    The board game is based on the Dreamcast game Sonic Shuffle Riot Train Zone

    Game consists of the board, each person gets their own deck of cards which go on different spaces to fight/defeat different enemies.

    Also included are eggman cards to cause each player conflect, when you get one of these cards, you must spin the spinner to see what eggman has instore for you.

    The board game is based on the same idea as the video game but a board game version.

    Each boss is guarding a Precioustone. Whomever gets the most Precioustones wins
    and you receive money in the award of rings that go into a Sonic Piggybank like in the video game

    The video game is alot of fun. Imagine a board game that you have no idea what your adventure/fate will be, depending on the card you choose, or what obsticles that eggman will have in store for you. Collect as many precisousstones and rings as you can and defete the enemies and eggman at the same time.

    Here is a link of a video i found Explaining whut i mean
    (This Video is Not Mine)



    Link to a pic I made of it


  118. Sonic Riders Air Ride Machine Driver.

    From the games Sonic Riders/Sonic Riders Zero Gravity.

    Its Sonic’s Air Ridea Machine but as a remote control car.
    Sonic’s Air Ride Machine But with Wheels.
    As Sonic is Standing on top looking So Cool your Driving it.
    It has 4 Wheels that Have Sonic Face on them.
    The Control Looks Like to Sonic Shoes Together From the game.

    Imagine Being on Sonic’s Air ride Machine Adventure but Air ride Machine in car Form.

    Link to my idea of this picture is as follows.


  119. Ultimate Sonic Timeline Packs!


    Super Sonic & Perfect Chaos

    S. Sonic, S. Shadow & Biolizard

    And Metal Sonic and Sonic from OVA
    With real diolauge from the movie ! Like:
    “SHUT UP TAILS!!!” and
    “You think you know everything I’m going to do, but that’s not going to help you since I KNOW EVERYTHING YOU’RE GOING TO DO!! STRANGE, ISN’T IT!?!” lol

  120. Sonic The Hedgehog Satam Freedom Fighters Play Set
    All the Heroes and Badniks as tiny Action Figures in a Knothole
    and Robotropolis world With Power Rings

    Imagine Bring Your Favorite Sonic Show to life With
    with is your favorite sonic characters Like Sonic Tails Sally Uncle Chuck/Sir Charles
    Dr.robotnik Snively Swatbots (Sonic Pet Dog Mustky) And All your other Favorites
    Join the Freedom Fighters and you too will be a Hero Like Sonic the Hedgehog

    Here’s a Pic of EveryBody


  121. (I made a mistake So i put the comment in again)

    Sonic The Hedgehog Satam Freedom Fighters Play Set
    All the Heroes and Badniks as tiny Action Figures in a Knothole
    and Robotropolis world With Power Rings

    Imagine Bring Your Favorite Sonic Show to life With
    your favorite sonic characters Like Sonic Tails Sally Uncle Chuck/Sir Charles
    Dr.robotnik Snively Swatbots (Sonic Pet Dog Mustky) And All your other Favorites
    Join the Freedom Fighters and you too will be a Hero Like Sonic the Hedgehog

    Here’s a Pic of EveryBody


  122. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (AOSTH) Mobius Play Set
    Just like my Sonic SatAM Play Set Here’s another one

    A World of Mobius and Dr.Robotnik’s Fortress
    Mini Figures of characters are Sonic Tails Dr.Robotnik’s (Ma Ma Robotnik)
    Scratch Grounder and Coconuts

    Imagine Saving the World From Dr.Robotnik And His Bots And His Ma Ma
    Join up with Sonic and Tails and There’s Know way youll Lose
    This is what Dr.Robotnik Had to Say I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!
    Sonic Says See you later Slow Mo

    Here’s a Pic of EveryBody


  123. Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Track

    Set should consist of a race track of Bingo Highway, with 6 Sonic characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Dr. Eggman, and Shadow)

    Special racers to include: Super Sonic car, Metal Sonic, Banjo & Kazooie.

    No race would be complete without a NiGHTS flag holder mini figure to start and finish the race!

    Ready, set, let’s race!!

    Link to my idea of a picture of what the racetrack, characters could look like as follows


  124. The Tornado II Remote Controlled Airplane

    Featuring Sonic & Tails action figures

    Remote control for airplane features Sonic and Tails buttons that when pressed, will speak. Controller looks like a Dreamcast controller.

    Imagine the adventures that Sonic and Tails lovers would have flying their own Tornado II remote controlled airplane!

    Link to my idea of a picture of what the remote controlled airplane, characters could look like as follows:


  125. Theas to ideas I Already Posted But
    they disappear so i put them back
    look at the 2 comments above this one

    (Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Track)

    (The Tornado II Remote Controlled Airplane)

  126. Kids will have fun with this all new ALL-STAR SONIC KART RACER!

    This life-size model of Sonic’s race car from Sonic and Sega All-Stars racing is sure to make you the envy of all your friends! Now, you can drive around and challenge your rivals to a race and become the fastest racer of all!

    Comes with 10 Cones, a Racing Flag, 20 Rings, and an exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog Helmet!


    Amy Rose Buggy (comes with a Pikko-Piko Hammer instead of the helmet), Big Scooter (Comes with a Froggy plushie instead of the helmet), & Knuckles Wheeler (comes with the Hat and Sunglasses from the OVA, instead of the helmet)

  127. and yes, it’s meant to be acctually “driven” (I’ve seen toy buggies that can be driven before, this SHOULD work!)

  128. (Comment 4 Elizabeth the Bathog)

    Thanks Elizabeth the Bathog
    I have many ideas i have a very good imagination. 🙂

  129. Remember those poke’mon soft toys that you turn inside out to put them into their poke’ball?

    Did someone say this already?

  130. @DWalrus

    They already made a sonic one of those back in 1993, when you fold him insideout he looks like he does rolled up in a ball. Someone suggested that also on hear except they said you fold him out into Super Sonic.

  131. Good Luck T-Bird On Choosing your Winners
    It will be hard with all the way Past Cool Entrees

  132. It’s ok T-Bird
    just relax and take your time
    I Know it’s a Very hard decision
    Good Luck have fun Choosing 🙂

  133. I knew I should have included the ability to fire (fake) missiles. T_T

    Hadn’t thought of an alarm clock…

  134. just basic model of sonic, that can move each part of his body, like his head, arms, legs & hands. His eyes google but centered with magnets so that they move around, And comes with a spiral shaped ball for when he is in curled form to place him in. Or a super sonic toy that has glowing eyes and glow in the dark figure, that would be cool

  135. Maybe even a virtual chao garden like in sonic adventure 2 battel, but it is an independant game like the tamagochi but with way better graphics and animations, with tones of mini games and an almost endless amount of costomization choices, it could be for the nds like nintendogs but better because each chao would be completly unique depending on it’s choices in food care and behavioural patterns, have battels with friends and even have babies with other choas to see what it turns out like, include stats xp and other rpg qualities to make it a mist hve for evry nds ownerwith wifi connectivity.

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