Sonic X Now Streaming On Hulu

Sonic X Now Streaming On Hulu

A lot of you probably have already seen the first season of “Sonic X” many times and own the DVDs, but hey, why not watch it again on your computer?

Today, Hulu has uploaded the entire first season!  Currently, the episodes are only in Japanese with English subtitles that you can switch on and off with Hulu’s closed-captioning feature.  Hulu will be working with 4KIDS to obtain the English-dubbed episodes.   In addition, if you’re outside the United States, you will be locked out from watching them.

Watch Season 1 of Sonic X on Hulu now!

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  1. I hope they stick to the japanese with english subtitles, the english dubs are terrible.

  2. I agree the English translations make my ears bleed. I found the series to be tolerable if watched in Japanese. I’ve never seen the Metarex saga all the way through in Japanese, though so hopefully they release the whole series. 😛

  3. @Stasis

    You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! Where are you from, UK? Yeah, you’re SOOOOO jealous. You and your theme parks and look at the beautiful hotel room and holy crap there’s action figures everywhere.

    America: Sonic X with a language half the people in our country can’t speak.

    Please, shut up you ungrateful United Kingdom bastards! (Not all of them)

  4. the show may get mixed criticism but its 1 of the closest if not the closest sonic iterations out there today imo

  5. That was probably the only series in which the german dub was better than the english one, imo at least.
    Watched some episodes, won’t watch more.

  6. @mesocyclone

    for sure, the metorex saga is what saved that series. Even the english dub of it was pretty good, but the japanese was beautiful. I too truly hope they get to it. The first season was alright, but the next season where they translated the video games and stuff was just bad. The animation was horribly slow and it felt like Sonic was more of a side character than the series’ main focus. So yeah, the Metorex saga is really the only reason to go back and watch the show.

  7. “A lot of you probably have already seen the first season of “Sonic X” many times and own the DVDs, but hey, why not watch it again on your computer?”

    Umm…..because the show is dogshit?

  8. This show is not bad. It’s the dub that is terrible.
    I already have the first 2 seasons subbed on my pc anyway, but I really want season 3 subbed!

  9. You don’t like it, then maybe you should consider reading the equally-less-than-stellar Sonic X Comics, set in a different Universe, as evidenced in the Final Issue of Sonic X, with the New Metal Sonic and Shadow fighting each other, only they’re from the Mobius Prime, and not the X Dimension.

  10. @YoshiAngemon

    Yeah trust me I read those….bought them for the collection-value…(which I’m second-guessing, lol) It was very bad….

  11. @Robbie: I was too. 🙂 Obviously we’re the minority, but Sonic X had its shining moments.

  12. sweet Japanese with english subtext. Defiantly better than what we already have.

  13. @SonicHedge:

    So sooner release dates, cheaper game prices and having a non-Nazi age rating system aren’t all bonuses for the USA, then?

  14. @evolbunny you know there is a DVD set published by Shout Factory. So stop whining and go buy it and start watching it.

  15. I already have the SatAM DVD. If you want the internet to cheapen the price of SatAM, by putting the show on, as well as Hulu, then that would really make it cheap.

  16. @ Stan and Yoshianmon

    You guys are nuts, the Sonic X Comics were amazing. A thousand times better than the show. Why?

    1. They were hilarious ( examples, Eggman’s sugar Rush, Sonic in a dog show, Tails getting chased around by crazy evil bocco and decoe and no one helping him, Tails being pinned to a wall by a fan and being stuck there for hours. Sonic explaining that he just keeps going right and eventually he gets somewhere. etc etc etc.)

    2. Sonic is the star, not stupid Chris.

    3. Eggman is a much deeper character than the pathetic team rocket type who always gets easily defeated, we see in the comics that he has feelings for Ella and that he wants to be loved by people deep down (like when he is El grand Gordo).

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but i for one was sad when they ended the comic.

  17. Wasnt there some rumor going on awhile back about a new 4th season or something? Or was that just a bunch of b.s. ?

  18. @sonictoast

    Amazing? That is the overstatement of the century. The art was bad, the story was typical of a children’s anime….throw-away plots which get resolved within the span of a single issue, and Eggman was only a deep character because you’re comparing him to a crappier rendition. Compare anything to crap and of course it’ll be better….doesn’t make it good though, by any standard.

  19. @ Stan

    Honestly I never noticed anything wrong with that art in the Sonic X comics. We have definitely seen worse in issues of the regular Sonic series and in Sonic the Comic. I do admit, I never liked the rounded arrows on the word bubbles, but that wasn’t too big of a deal. And the simple 1 issue plots were very refreshing. For longer, multi-issue, serious plots, we could read the normal StH Archie comics. Sonic X was nice because it was different from the regular on-going series. You could tell the writers really had fun with it and they didn’t bog themselves down trying to make it seem like the cartoon. It was the alternate, care-free, fun loving Sonic Comic, for the fans who could use a good a laugh.

  20. My overall impression is that Sonic X has its good moments, and everything else is so terrible that it’s hysterical.

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