Sonic Universe #15 hits newstands, now with glossy paper!

Sonic Universe #15 hits newstands, now with glossy paper!

Sonic Universe #15 is out on newstands today (since Wednesday, actually, but I only just found the time to get this article done). Continuing Sonic’s adventures int he Dragon Kingdom, this issue contains the strongest written moments this arc has seen thus far. For those looking for a story with action, drama, and humor, you should be able to eat this issue up! In addition the strong story, Sonic Universe #15 also represents a big change in general for Sonic’s comics: glossy paper. The Sonic comics are finally joining the 21st century, and replacing the cheap newspaper that has been used to produce the comics since their inception in 1993, with more expensive glossy paper typically found in magazines and comics today. This is the reason for the 50 cent rise in pricing that many have noticed in the previews for future issues, it seems. Let me say, it is a very welcome change for the comic.

The 5 page preview and solicitation are, as usual, posted below.

“No Love in a Conquering Storm”: The epic “Journey to the East” story arc continues! Sonic and Tails must confront Fiona and the Destructix – but whose side are these rogue mercenaries really on? The action heats up in an all-out assault on the Raiju Clan of Lynx Ninja and the return of a character pivotal to Sonic’s success!
SCRIPT: Ian Flynn
PENCILS: Tracy Yardley
INKS: Jim Amash
Shipping Date: April 7th, 2010
On Sale at Comic Shops: April 14th, 2010
Newsstands: April 27th, 2010
32-page, 40 lb glossy stock, full color comic
$2.99 US

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  1. Hm, I wouldn’t have known about the glass until I bought it, Cheers.
    I’m okay with a 50 cent rise.

  2. The #1 pic.
    That is probably the most badass version of tails ever imagined (not saying much though inspite of this)

  3. Glossy Paper….S**t that’s one reason the Beano went and died….It better not smell weird…

  4. Does glossy paper prevent photocopying? If so, it could put an end to the rife piracy issues that plague the comic…

  5. Wasn’t this comic supposed to be more true to the games when it first started? Who are those wierdos.

  6. Archie’s Sonic went from AoStH/SatAM/Games mash-up to straight up SatAM continuation to Dreamcast/Underground/SatAM mish-mash to SatAM/occasional game nod. IMO they should have done a reboot in 1999 and simply gone off with the world established in SA1&2.

  7. lol, I don’t see why. It’s not like they suddenly wouldn’t have any original characters if they did a reboot.

    And those are the Destructix. B villains.

    And…Sonic Universe was never supposed to be “more true to the games”. It was supposed to tell stories from other places in the Archie universe.

  8. Now sonic comics will be worth MORE in the future buy this one and it will be worth ALOT in the future for the 1st timer thing

  9. …..okay i know this has nothing to do with the post so i apologize in advance…really dont wanna be flamed for that again

    anyways i found some gameplay for mad gears….and if it was previously posted then again i apologize…it also has some bgm created by the user that he feels fits sonic 4 a little better
    personally i think that the spin dash needs some work and so do the enemies graphic wise…..but im sure itll be fixed when the time comes….enjoy it if you havent already

  10. I just read the new main comic, #211. It’s funny, I missed the whole story arc and only saw the tail beginning and tail end. XD

  11. ANOTHER price increase? They just raised the price last year! And to think the reason I haven’t been buying them as much lately was to save money. Seeing as how I rarely ever read a comic more than twice, and have no intention of selling them, paying $3 an issue just isn’t worth it for shinier paper.

  12. @ Barry,

    No way. If we want the game stories we can play the games. These comics have so much good stuff to offer, they are way deeper than the games, they are also more clever and the plots actually make sense unlike the games. Plus these comics are full of fun cameos by characters we don’t see anymore, like Grounder in that last page of this issue. Plus they gave Bark and Bean personalities. I love these comics and hope they never end.

    @ Everyone

    I’ve been looking forward to this day that they start using the glossy paper like Marvel and DC Comics. Though I’m not crazy about the price increase. But it is still worth it. Ever since Ken Penders left, the stories have been priceless.

  13. I do find it odd that the paper change was made mid-saga. Why couldn’t they wait another two months?

  14. No way!! Glossy paper?! I though they would never do that, not that I wanted them to, but I always wondered why. It’s probably gonna be wierd for a while.

    And no way they should have done a reboot with the current game continuity plotline. I know the comics aren’t as nearly as strong as they could be, but they have the potential, in their roots. The original SatAM storyline was and still is a strong one. The characters were people you could care about, not just typical heroes vs badguy trying to take over the world plot, which the games have fallen into. Robotnik was a credible threat not just a silly mad scientist, and….I could go on for a while. But I won’t. The comics have been getting more “segasonic” (to use the ill-founded term, cause really, it’s all segasonic, every scrap of it. But for clarity’s sake), which I think is causing or will cause it to lose not only originality, but also its, oh I don’t know the word for it. Not to say the current sonic game plot isn’t original, but it would be a shame if that’s the road this comic took. Hopefully it doesn’t. I enjoy both continuities, but I want two, not one.

  15. good! I stopped buying the comics XD
    getting expensive and the stories suck.
    good thing they ain’t canon.

  16. I stopped reading around issue 100, back then the shit was $1.50 and we didn’t care about the newspaper-paper! We were just happy to have SatAM storylines in a world without any SatAM DVDs, save for that EXTREMELY LIMITED release that was pulled instantly.

  17. Everything in the comic is officially sanctioned and approved by SEGA, Hedgy ;). Their as a canon as any other Sonic universe.

  18. Another price rise.. aw well, doesn’t happened all that often..
    They shouldn’t have rushed the regular series .. the East saga is over now yet continues in SU.
    Still a great story thou, hope the Freedom Fighters find some time off in the future before Eggman gets back

  19. @ Jix

    Yeah, it’s very similar to what they did with the death egg saga. But oh well.

  20. I dont mind the fifty cent increase in price actually.If it’s for better paper quality,what the heck ­čÖé

  21. Am I the only person that misses Spaz as cover artist? Seriously, his stuff was great! Unforunately the local comic book store moved out of the city, so I haven’t even been able to see Yardley….

  22. @ Sparkles

    Yeah, SPAZ was so good, but tell you the truth I really like Yardley too. They both have their unique styles, and I think they are both great. Plus Spaz still does covers occasionally.

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