Sonic The Skellinghog T-Shirt

Sonic The Skellinghog T-Shirt

Sonic has gone bare bones spikes and all in the above new t-shirt SEGA Nerds caught sight of at Tee Fury in one of their 24hr only availability sales. In this creepy looking T-Shirt Tee Fury have oddly captured Sonic’s essence as we can all agree Sonic would likely take his cool attitude to his grave but his sneakers and gloves too? Guess Sonic is quite literally attatched to his belongings. Since these were only on sale for 24 hours they’re going to be pretty hard to track down, we’ll keep an eye out for any on eBay and report back.


  1. Woah.. that’s a new sonic twist. Let’s just hope SEGA doesn’t get any ideas for a new game after seeing this.

  2. @Jackskellinghog

    Ya know, when I first thought this, I thought “What are the damn odds of someone making a shirt of your user name?” XD. Cool shirt, but not really my tastes.


  3. Saw it when it was on sale and I SERIOUSLY considered buying it. Then I realized it’s like one of those thug shirts people wear, aka lame

  4. Well, maybe the “retro” sonic fans will like it. cause he aint got no GREEN EYES!!!!!!11111one

  5. @Hudson: “See! We told you he was dead!”

    Someone should tell the person that made that thing that spines aren’t made of bone. And ditto the people who said they’d pass. If I saw one of these in the wild, it would creep the heck out of me.

  6. Anywhom this shirt looks god-awful, not something I’d like my username attached to to be honest. XD

  7. Just made it my homepage. After seeing the sonic one, and tonights shirt, i’m not missing another shirt again!

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