Sonic 2 Speeding Onto iPhone Next Week, Preview Inside [Update: No Tails?!]

Sonic 2 Speeding Onto iPhone Next Week, Preview Inside [Update: No Tails?!]

Apple App review site Appolicious is reporting that Sonic 2 will be hitting the app store sometime next week for $5.99.  They have a preview up on their website, discussing the games features, or lack thereof in a few cases.

What’s missing from the port of Sonic 2 that was in Sonic 1?  Well, the fullscreen option, as the preview only says that a windowed version is available:

The first thing you’ll notice is how strikingly similar Sonic 2 is to the original game; while the first iPhone game had two view options, a full-screen mode and a slightly smaller screen (which also offered sharper graphics), this version only has the smaller view.

While that’s a bit of a downgrade (some people don’t care for stretched graphics), the controls are apparently more responsive than the port of Sonic 1:

While the first game was quite successful and for the most part critically acclaimed, there was a common complaint about the buttons not being responsive enough. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with Sonic 2, though, as the game plays remarkably close to the original (though I do acknowledge it’s been a few years).

The reviewer also said that it was hard to preview the game due to the nostalgia washing over him.  Color me surprised that he hasn’t had the opportunity to play Sonic 2 on the millions of other devices that it has been ported to.  I hear it’s going to be on SkyNet in 2020 before it takes over the world.  At least it will be fun for a little bit.

Ports of the Genesis games have been widely reported to have instances of lag.  Will this port fix that issue?  With the track record of quick and easy SEGA ports, I doubt it.  Yet, it will sell thousands.

UPDATE: PocketGamer is reporting that Tails is axed from this release.  We all figured that 2-player mode wouldn’t make it due to the nature of the iPhone, but to have Tails not even be an option is puzzling, especially with the two-tailed fox on the cover.  PocketGamer has contacted SEGA for comment.

And I agree, commenters.  It’s nice to have something to talk about this week.  It has been a slow-go for Sonic anything the past two weeks.

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  1. @The Angelic One: I’m going to have to agree a little. I mean I like the fact that there’s another remake, but removing Tails is a stepback.

  2. *Looks up from playing Sonic 2 on Free Genesis Emulator on Android phone* Lovely. *Loads up S3&K*

  3. @BudokaZ: Yeah. I own iPod Touch, but I hate its restrictive position to developers. Apple should not require all apps to go through the App Store like they do now. It’s a real bummer to people. Instead, you get a few good games on the device with the rest (sadly 1000s) being a treasure trove of B-games. That’s why I vastly prefer free and open mobile OSes – say like Windows Mobile and Android. Those make iPhone OS seem like a joke. Sure, iPhone OS can be jailbroken, but why do I have to hack MY device to use it MY way. Shouldn’t I have the option to run a emulator on my Touch without the communist state of Jobs keeping me from doing otherwise?

    Complain all you want about Microsoft, people, but think about it: Apple is just as bad as them, if not worse. Apple keeps people both controlled AND ignorant.

  4. It’s probably cause the options menu won’t be selectable in the game… which is lame.

  5. Sonic 2 with no Tails? Next up will be Sonic 1 without Sonic! W8, Sonic 1 is already out… Then Sonic 4 without Sonic!

  6. I’m not getting this, because Tails was what made Sonic 2 what it is.

    Also because I don’t have an iPhone.

  7. I won’t be bothering this. I already own all the old MD games on Megadrive, Saturn, GameCube, on my modded Xbox, on live arcade and countless other formats lol.

    I did buy the first Sonic on iPhone and I found it to be pretty much unplayable.

  8. I bought the first sonic game for the iPod Nano, didn’t buy a single other port for an iPod since. I must say though, the temptation for jailbreaking this iPod Touch of mine is getting more and more alluring…

  9. I found Sonic 1 on the touch an amazing game. I could control it just fine personally, and I never had an issue with not being able to feel the D-pad. It’s a shame Tails might not be playable in the touch version, as some one said, it’s most likely as the options menu won’t be available to actually get to him. There was a different way of accessing it in Sonic 1 iTouch too.

  10. What made Sonic 2, Sonic 2 was tails so basically this is a bad replica of Sonic 2. Well done, SEGA! Next thing I’m expecting is Sonic 3 with no Knuckles and somehow the Chaos Emeralds magically float out of sonic.

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