[UPDATE: Comment From Sumo]Rumor: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Getting A Sequel?

[UPDATE: Comment From Sumo]Rumor: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Getting A Sequel?

Sumo Digital representative SumoRex at the SEGA Forums has made a couple of posts in a topic there regarding this rumor.

lol …youz guys!
It’s true we *are doing a sequel. No! no! Wait …don’t get your panties in a bunch. I’m kidding.
Or am I?
I definitely am.
or is that the lie?
or this?

Rumours totally crack me up! lol

Official line:
“I can neither confirm nor deny the existance (nor absence) of the truth or a lie in the above statement”

Is that clear enough for you? If that doesn’t stop these pesky rumours one way or the other nothing will!



According to the above 18th Feb 2010 report from WatchMojo Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is getting a sequel and that’s not all, they say SEGA have hinted they are saving characters from other games in their library for this sequel. WatchMojo also say SEGA Miles are also used to unlock artwork in the game which as you know is nowhere to be seen in the game, maybe a scrapped feature? (Thanks to Veritech Guardian at the SSMB for pointing that bit out) Whether any of this is true or not is unknown so we advise you to take it with a grain of salt.

Would you like a sequel with characters from other SEGA games? Sound off in the comments.


  1. You better believe I’ll be the first one to buy the sequel. I still play the original religiously, I’m just about to get the silver license. Shame of it is, if it wasn’t for Yakuza 3 and Fist of the North Star I would’ve beaten this game to the ground already.

  2. No.

    Wheres my DLC for the first game?

    Anything they put in a sequel can be added with DLC to the first. Graphics dont need improving, everything else can just be DLC.

  3. It could end up just being Dlc instead of a sequel. Although I would love a sequel, I’ve already 100% this and online is very addictive.

  4. While I agree to a point with Mike’s post, fact is the DLC we have is overpriced and at least a disc sequel would drop in price.

  5. If they really tried, they could release some great DLC for this game. For a PS3 exclusive character, Crash Bandicoot and his girlfriend (They had Crash Bash, not like they are new to the kart racing game.)

    You’ve got Master Chief from Halo (The warthog in Halo handles exactly like a kart anyways, although most people wont agree wit adding him)

    You can bundle together a few characters, a few tracks, maybe make a new cup out of the tracks, throw some achievements on it, price it at about 800msp’s, itll be a big hit.

    Maybe even add in some new all-star moves, add abit of variety to already made characters.

    And, when you do release new DLC, make it so you have to purchase it in the shop first, to help all those that have the glitched “Buy Something” achievement.

  6. Not this again…
    Why would Crash Bandicoot be an exclusive character for the PS3.
    Crash is no longer part of sony nor has he been since at least 10 years ago, back when naughty dog were in charge.

    I think a sequel would fail this soon to be honest.
    Give us some decent DLC.
    5 characters, a few new tracks and new achievements/trophies = worth the money.
    A forklift and nothing else = over priced.

  7. Maybe something like Super street fighter 4. Sega makes so much DLC, so they decide create the sequel with 44 characters (originaly was 40 character)
    18 Sonic-22- Sega and 4 Special features.

  8. Well, Sumo Digital are busy with Doctor Who right now, so I wouldn’t imagine we’d hear anything from it for a while.

    I’m up for a sequel. I don’t see the point in making it all DLC. Feeding it to us in bite-sized chunks will make it feel less substantial. If they give us a new game-sized game, I could play it for another 20 hours.

  9. @Mike Langlois

    Hi mike. Did you know that the reason why there is no Sony characters in the PS3 version is that Sony wouldn’t allow Sumo to use them? And did you also know that there is actually DLC out on the PSN right now for this game and more planned for this Thursday? That kinda makes your points about a sequel seem a bit silly now doesn’t it?

    Not to mention that if you had to pay for all the features you listed and what were hinted in that report thingy you would end up paying more than double the price for the original game?

    So why on earth would you want that when it makes more sense for all those to be added into a sequel.

    Mind you the game is brilliant so why not give it a seuqel. And oh yeah… 1970’s TROUSERS MODE!

  10. Sonic Riders had a sequel and no one cared. Sonic Drift had a sequel and everyone cared, mainly because the original was only released in Japan. Anyway, these are the characters I would want to see in the sequel:

    Toejam and Earl in their Spaceship
    Ecco the Dolphin in a Bathtub car because Dolphins need to stay wet.
    Vector Man driving whatever he drives.
    The Rhino boss from Altered Beat, driving a bicycle or something.
    Nack the Weasel in his flying Mobile thing.

  11. Who I wanna seeon ASR, DLC or otherwise:

    Master chief on a Warthog(If DLC, probably Xbox Xclusive)
    Mario on, I dun know, a Standard Kart M(Mario Kart Wii, Own’d it & Sonic & SEGA!). Most likely Wii Exclusive, but I have no idea on how that will work. Maybe they could release DLC packs on Wiiware!
    Other Sonic Charas, like Silver, Blaze, and Cream. But mostly Silver. Seriously, they should have put Silver in the game instead of Big, he’s a retarded idiot. Besides, he was only in 2 games!

    A sequel would be nice, but most likely it will be on the next consoles(Xbox 720, PS4, Wii HD), since the 7th generation era is coming to a close(Wii HD will be released to the public in 2012(or so Nintendo says), and 3DS will be released next March).

  12. If it is a sequel I hope it’s called Sonic and Sega All-Stars racing Featuring Banjo and Kazooie Super Turbo HD Championship 1970’s trousers edition….. DELUXE!

  13. A sequeal would be cool to some extent. This first one was quite the success, with the DLC, the crazy battle to get nights in, the fun filled countdown of characters, so another one qould be nice with some more things.

    Such as more vehicles to the characters that activate dif. allstar moves. Like something miedevil would activate Excalibur Sonic or a dark ring motorcycle would activate darkspine sonic. Heck, why not make them playable, that would be cool. Eggman could have a wide variety of machines to ride in ((such as Drill Eggman from STH 2)) and transform for his allstar move. With Amigo, he could have different dances and his friends can join in. Maybe some of the allstar move can be redone, intstead of just having boost. Skins to certain characters would be cool as well. Kinda like what they did with sonic rivals. ((O: This occurred to me now, what if the 16 bit sonic was like one of the skins >.> That’ll give whining fans something to be happy about….for the time being))

    Next would be even more tracks than before. No not 50 xD Maybe like 30-35 tracks. Some more well known levels such as Holoska and maybe even add in some stage transitions and with a wide arry of music, how wouldn’t that be fun. I mean in general, music is one of the man things that makes a game so great.

    Lastly the DLC. With Metal Sonic and the death egg as a pretty good outcome ((minus the problems)) it turned out pretty well (( xD I was expecting Neo Metal Sonic O;)) It would seem that they would build upon more characters, although a smarter idea would be: Have some exclusive characters already on the game then build upon that with the DLC. Just like wha tthey did with the 360 version, they had banjo and Kazooi on there already. Do that with all the systems, have an 3-5 exclusive characters already set on there. And please for the love of god include DLC for wii users. All you really have to do is include an SD card in there with the game. A cute little sonic custom SD card xD.

    Theres really nothing more to say, the first game was how do I say this in a PERFECT 20 out of 10. The levels were fantastic.It was nice to hear some famiiar music while racing.Character selection and allstar moves are a win. Build upon that with a sequal and BAM success.

  14. Th’ fuck? Why the fuck would you want to make a sequel when the first one hasn’t even been out for a YEAR?

    -and where’s all the DLC we were promised?

  15. Where is Alex Kidd and characters from Phantasy Star, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and Shinobi? It is not a Sega all stars without them.

  16. NO! More Sonic characters, I was pretty dissappointed once I found out there was no Silver, he’s my fav!

  17. I don’t really believe if this is true or not. I mean, the game came out only 2 months ago, and Sumo promised a lot of DLC. It just doesn’t make sense. Sumo should wait a couple years.

  18. Even though it sounds too soon to be announcing a sequel, I’m all for it. We finally get a Sonic/SEGA related spinoff title that’s not only fun, but gives its inspiration (Mario Kart) a run for the money. Not to mention that there’s always room for additional stuff and improvements. Hell, I’d like to see the Superstar/All Stars random sports series be dropped and focus it all on kart racing instead. It’s what Sumo is best at, and it could very well be the start of an ongoing franchise that we will all love. Nintendo’s got their crossover series going well (Brawl) and even though it was unstable for SEGA pretty early with that Eye Toy and Tennis, this kart racer makes up for it. Who knows? There might be a Mario/Sonic kart racing crossover that takes the idea that All Stars Racing does. Unique vehicles for each character.

  19. WTF is SEGA doing trying to make a sequel already??? wtf happened to Sonic 4?? u havent even finished that yet!!

  20. As far as them saying “hinted for the game’s sequel” so definitively, I don’t think that’s any different from Sega saying _tentatively_, “yeah, those characters aren’t in the game, but we might include them in a future game.” Every game company worth their salt says that for PR, right? It’s likely that ‘Mojo took it too literally.

    Still doesn’t change that a sequel would be AWESOME!

  21. Its amazing how the entire Sonic community loses their fucking minds when all Sega does is HINT at a sequel to a GOOD game. Seriously….everyone……shut the fuck up.

  22. A sequel would be fantastic. Perhaps they could focus on more variety in game series being represented through tracks, as well as implement All-star moves and the local multiplayer modes into the online play. I’m all for this! 😀

  23. I wouldn’t be at all opposed to a sequel, but I have a really hard time taking that source seriously and I doubt a sequel will happen for a year at least. After all, they have a DLC cash cow to milk!

    I bet a sequel would be great, though… fix the glitches, make more variety in the stages/music, fix dumb mistakes like the text size, make the Wii’s local multiplayer not suck…

  24. I liked the first game a lot. LIKED. A few tweaks and it would’ve been fantastic. I’m not sure SEGA realizes what fans want. Lose the goofy Sonic supporting cast, put in Vectorman, Joe Musashi, Tj&E, Kid Chameleon,
    some love towards Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Space Harrier, Seaman, Thunderblade, Afterburner, etc.
    SEGA has too many beloved franchises to give S&SASR a free pass. I’ll buy the sequel day one if they can deliver the goods this time. What if Jack Cayman/MADWORLD made an appearance? It would probably give everyone a headache, but it would be worth it.

  25. I’m not sure if this is something to hope for or something that could potentially ruin, conidering the Sega All-Stars series likes to move on, as well as how Sonic DRIFT 2 turned out…

  26. I wouldn’t mind a sequel…I just won’t be getting the Wii version of the original (I prefer Amy to Sonia). I’ll wait until I get a PS3 and then I’ll ask for the first game.

    Back on topic, I guess a sequel wouldn’t be so bad. They should have a bit more exclusive characters, though, besides Banjo & Kazooie (ex.: Sackboy and Sackgirl for PS3, the Mario Bros. for Wii, perhaps even Kirby for DS).

    Oh yeah, and um, RISTAR?!?!?!

  27. Hmm…Master Chief in a Warthog? …That’d be hilarious. I remember Halo 1, the warthog was near impossible to control XD Good thing they didn’t blow up in that game! Heh, maybe his All Star Move would have Cortona disable all the racer’s vehicles by flooding (oooh, another Halo reference!) them with viruses XP

    I don’t have the game (as of yet), but I wish Shadow had a different move. I mean, whatever happened to the delightfully destructive Chaos Blast? I miss it… It was one of the best features of his game (although being able to shoot everything, and hit enemies with a lamp post was also great).

    I, for one, wouldn’t mind the Werehog making another appearance. He was so fluffy ^^

  28. It hasnt even been a year! And theres a rumor going on?! Boy this is starting to turn up as the Pokemon games realeasing then announce

  29. A sequel, no. An Expansion Pack, yes. It’s more plausible for the Wii. I mean, it would make sense for DLC on other consoles to be available in an expansion pack, for the Wii.

  30. Also agreeing with Mike, how about building up on the original? The game was “made for DLC” remember?

    I’d only support the idea of a sequel if other game companies helped out with it… other than that, S&SASR is perfect and can only get better

  31. I agree with The Angelic One, SEGA needs to show Skies of Arcadia some love for the sequel!!
    Vyse ftw!!!

  32. One with Blaze, Mephiles, Vectorman, Team Chaotix, Omega and Jak and Daxter as a PS3 exclusive character playable and Shahra from Secret Rings as the flag girl, and I’ll preorder the damn thing… from Japan.

  33. Why does no-one want Gunstar Heroes in it? It’s one of the best games on the Mega Drive, and as far as I know SEGA hold the license. But no-one seems to have mention it yet. I’d love to see Red and Blue in a two-man vehicle like Jacky and Akira, and they could have their mine cart… things… or space ship as an all-star move.

    P.S. The comment makes me think thast they are doing a sequel. He’s teasing. And you wouldn’t tease if there wasn’t something to hide. Unless you’re very mean.

  34. Gunstar Heroes is first and foremost a Treasure property. Sega may have the rights to the first two games, but I have the feeling that they can’t just go and use characters that they themselves did not develop. Even if Sega could put Gunstar characters into the game, I think they’d first put the focus on Sega characters. Hence why Ecco, Bayonetta and Toe Jam & Earl are not in SASAR.

  35. It whuld not be bad if they did a sequel! it is because I have not internet to my consoles so i cant use DLC:(

  36. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were already working on it…
    Remember when Sonic Riders 2 was announced just before the first was released? 😛

    If they are working on it, there’s no hurry.. depending on how often updates are added to the first, I think 2012 – 13 is a reasonable release year

  37. @ Beast1

    It’s how companies roll. It takes 1-3 years of development for, not just sonic, but ANY game to get out on the market. They have to make ideas for new games before the ones they are already making are even 75% done!

  38. Wonderboy, Alis Landale, Wren (from Phantasy Star IV), Kid Chameleon, Kelisis (Golvellius), and of course, J.J., Apple and Champ from the Zillion games. Make this happen, and I will buy several copies.

  39. @Setnaro X: Good idea.

    I’d get this game if I had a PS3 or Xbox 360, but only have Wii, PC, and PSP. I’m not getting the Wii version since on top of not having DLC or the same level of graphics, and on top of them not releasing the ASR Wii Wheel bundle in America, I just recently read that they considered putting Mario in the game early on, but they decided against it because they didn’t want to “cross contaminate” with the Mario & Sonic series. (Read it here: http://seganerds.thekartel.com/blog/2010/02/22/exclusive_qa_with_sonic_and_sega_all-star_racings_producers).

    In other words, they didn’t even TRY to put exclusive content in the Wii version (and Miis don’t count, since they’re pretty much the same thing as the Avatars in the 360 version), never mind that they could have at least considered Captain Falcon (Sega developed F-Zero GX, a racing game of all things).

    I’d at least consider a PSP version (if it existed) if it came with the same DLC as the console versions, or the PC version if they would’ve released a disc version in the US.

  40. @ needsemail1:
    Correction they did try > > but they gave us a load of B.S response about how the SD card wouldn’t work out with its storage space and if ppl didnt have one it wouldn’t help – .-
    I mean I got the wii, 360, and DS verion but still they kinda set us up saying how the DLC would be so great and a week or two before the release they say oh hey DLC wont be aloud on the wii – .- they’re lucky I have two game consoles xD Im not one to cry but seriously this was a set up for wii users. But all in all you should buy the wii version. Its pretty good. A sonic game is a sonic game. Have fun wheeeee

    > > Why didnt they put it on the PSPP :/ Just though about that.

  41. i would love the sequel im already addicted to the first one
    A second one would be double the one so yeh I WOULD VERY MUCH ENJOY A SEQUEL

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