PS3 ASR DLC: Metal Sonic, Death Egg Zone and Ryo-F [Update 7: DLC Removed]

PS3 ASR DLC: Metal Sonic, Death Egg Zone and Ryo-F [Update 7: DLC Removed]

UPDATE 7: Mike Kebby of the PlayStation Store team has just revealed the reason as to why the Metal Sonic & Death Egg Zone DLC pack has been removed in reply to a comment at their PS Blog

We were just informed that the release date for this has changed, hence removal from store yes.

The Ryo-F DLC is still available on both the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace. Thanks to Amorbis at the SSMB for the heads up!

UPDATE 6: The Metal Sonic and Death Egg Zone DLC pack has been removed from the PlayStation Store, it’s unknown at present why it’s been removed but we’ll update you when we know more. Thanks to Casanova for the heads up. /UPDATE 6 END

UPDATE 5: Ristar cameo confirmed, thanks to Yuluga at the SSMB for the pic.
These are the new music tracks for the Death Egg Zone track –
-Comic Fall
-General Offensive
-Never Let If Go
-Egg Fleet
-Space Gadget

UPDATE 4: We’ve just got word that the not so subtle cameo Steve mentioned is Ristar from the Mega Drive/Genesis title of the same name. /UPDATE 4 END

UPDATE 3: Both pieces of DLC are out now on EU PS Store. Metal Sonic’s vehicle is called Metal Booster and his All-Star Move is Maximum Overdrive. The Death Egg Zone has 1 track and it’s called Egg Hangar. /UPDATE 3 END
UPDATE 2: Ryo-F is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace for 320 MS Points. /UPDATE 2 END

UPDATE: Executive Producer of Sumo Digital Steve Lycett has made the following post at the SEGA Forums

Don’t worry – it’s real. 360 should also be available shortly 😛

Let’s see who is first to spot the not so subtle Cameo we snuck in too 😛



Sony Europe have just announced via their PlayStation Blog that DLC for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing will be hitting the PlayStation Store later today. What is the DLC you ask? Fans of Ryo who didn’t get hold of the Ryo-Forklift pre-order code will be happy to be able to finally nab it and Sonic fans will definitely be pleased to be able to race as Sonic’s robotic nemesis Metal Sonic. Retro Sonic fans will be chuffed to be able to race and explore Eggman’s classic Death Egg Zone base.

Here’s the list of prices –

Sonic & SEGA Allstars Racing –
Metal Sonic & Death Egg Zone (£4.79/€5.99)
Ryu Forklift Character Pack (£3.99/€4.99)
Rating: PEGI 7
Availability: All locales

No word on if the U.S. will be getting this today, we’ve checked the U.S. Blog but no store update yet. We’ll let you know when this is made available later today, meanwhile let us know what you think in the comments.


  1. :(. I wish it was someone else than Metal Sonic. But the Death Egg will be cool (I hope).

    ALso, what if this is an April Fools joke from Sony xD? I’d be happy, but I don’T see it coming.

  2. So Metal Sonic announced eh? SWEET!!! But on April 1st………errrrrrrrrrrm SEGA!!!!!

  3. Don’t know how much in USD but I will say that it seems expensive. I could care less about shenmue but metal sonic and the death egg!? That was a suggestion from me! I need to get this game!

    I hope it’s sonic 2s deth egg… I wasn’t a fan of s3&ks version of the stage

  4. Well guys sony is a professional company, I seriously doubt they’d do an AF joke.
    Although it does sound like something they’d do

  5. Ryu Forklift is on Xbox LIVE now for 340 Microsoft Points. No Death Egg Zone or Metal Sonic though.

  6. Ermmm CCowell i just checked ASR page on Xbox Live and I see no Ryo Forklift DLC on there lol

  7. People are winding me up, I keep hearing the rest of the DLC is up and then I checked all regions of and my console but it’s not there XD

  8. BIGNEWS IS AWESOME, eh has the lastest info about ASR and tell me where should I go during holidays 😀

    Also, doesn’t afraid of anything.

  9. Wait…..Cameo = Non-playable…..Ristar is cameo….SHIIIIIIIIIII………!!!!!

    haha jks,
    I dont even have the damn game yet XD

  11. Ristar: So tell what am i donig here? yeeeeeeeaaaah right i’m from space and now i’m inside Eggman’s death egg so that makes me a part of the Sonic universe woohooo.

    That was so random Sega >:|

  12. APRIL FOO……. *see’s the video*

    Huh… how envious would everyone else be if you managed to snag the download before it was removed

  13. Doesn’t look like Ristar appears in online multiplayer. Shadzter, Casanova and I tried it earlier today and he wasn’t there. He popped up in Single Race though.

  14. …its times like this that make me wish i had a 360 so i can get the 360 version…

  15. @ GamerPriest.

    The file size for this DLC alone was well over 100MB. You need to talk to Nintnedo about the lack of the HD for that one.

  16. Because Sega changed their mind and didn’t want it released so early… Why they did this is beyond me.

  17. Metal Sonic would have been great, but Rouge would be even better!

    Surely it would make sense to give the fans as many new characters as possible?

  18. Damn, i was too late, i think there putting it up this week coming, apparently “This weeks DLC is Ryo in his forklift”

  19. wait my playstation store only has the forklift and it was pretty cool when i got it. but even if it came back i am saving for sonic 4

  20. Me too, but if I have some left over I’ll get metal and death egg (I found out it’s level intro is the egg hanger from fighters, and it’s theme is death eggs eye from fighters I SAW A VID WITH THAT!) but forklift is awesome (I wanna floor it when I get the allstar!)

  21. even though i don’t own a next gen console and dont own this game this game is preety cool though instead of metal sonic they should of given us Mecha Sonic and the ability of transforming into Super Mecha Sonic that would of been cool

  22. I see no metal sonic or death egg on the PS Network, oh well, Rouge or Silver would have been a cool driver add on, glad I got the PS3 version, it is nice to be able to invite a few friends over for a few laps on multiplayer, my cousin recently got it on his PS3 too so I can have a few online games with him, PS3 and Xbox version is a lot better, the graphics aren’t as crap, it is more realistic in many aspects, the physics seems more natural, it is HD and I find the tilt to steer on PS3 controllers to have much more control than the wii on this game.

    Who knows why Nintendo skipped out on featuring a hard drive or good graphics or HD resolution or any of that stuff but it must really be a pain for wii owners, all this great DLC extending the life of many games and they miss out :L

    I guess it doesn’t matter really, the majority of wii users are old people and 5 year olds anyway, 99% of them wouldn’t have even heard of DLC before so it probably doesn’t phase them lol, hopefully Sega will come out with more DLC for this great game, I’d like to see Blaze or Gum as playable characters, Rouge and Silver would be nice or maybe Sega could buy RockStar and have mobsters from GTA as playable characters, have a group of 7 in a saloon car from the 90s shooting Sonic’s tyres, possibly abducting Billy Hatcher or melting his engine, rofl

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