New Sonic 4 Screens Let You See Eggman Officially

New Sonic 4 Screens Let You See Eggman Officially

Kind of pointless, what with all the leaking and shit, but if you want some high res media of GreenSplash Hill and its boss, SEGA has released some screenshots today.   Check out the gallery below:

Man, do you remember when the first screen of this boss was leaked and a majority of you guys thought it was fake?  Remember when you thought everything leaked was fake?  Oh, memories.

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  1. Great thing about Sonic 4:

    We all bought the Sonic Advance games new for like $30 each.

    This is essentially a NEW Sonic Advance game for $5.

    I just owned all you nay sayers.

  2. You know what the best thing about this game will be? We’ll finally have a “use anytime” comeback to argue with when people complain about the series.

    “If you don’t like it, go and play Sonic 4 instead.”

  3. Great, now all the whiny hardcore Sonic fanboys who threw a hissy fit over modern Sonic being used in the game will all be like; “Oh NOOOOOOEZ!! Not MODERN Eggman, we want CLASSIC ROBOTNIK!!”

  4. Its just so pretty….I really can’t wait for this game. Shame what Will just said is true, some people eh?

  5. This really tempts me to get Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles on my virtual console jsut to have them all side by side. but I already have three versions of those games…still, can’t wait for this one.

  6. You know what would be super cool? If they released this on a classic Genesis Cartridge, then those of us who still have the old system can have a really great treck down memory lane as we play the new game.

  7. Man!!! Your comment is so perfect that I just copied it below! Sega could see this and really do that!

    ” sonictoast says:
    13 April, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    You know what would be super cool? If they released this on a classic Genesis Cartridge, then those of us who still have the old system can have a really great treck down memory lane as we play the new game.”

  8. @TheHumbleFellow

    Indeed. But the third picture brings nostalgia.. =) I’m not sure which console i’m going to buy it to know when ive sold my Xbox 360. I have a Playstation 3, but thats the familys console. And i’m going to get a Wii soon but i don’t want to scip the HD-part. I would get this to my Iphone if i’ve had one, it feels more comfortable to play a Sonic 2D game on a handheld.

  9. Oh, and btw, have you guys seen the Sonic Channel websites feature of this game? It has the whole level layout and you can scroll sideways through it

  10. @ McFurry

    You do know the iPhone hasn’t been OFFICIALLY confirmed yed, right?

  11. Has anyone actually stopped to look at the background.. how awesome are those clouds!

    No that wasn’t sarcasm.
    They are some bad ass clouds! XD

  12. @ Radioactive puppy

    Who cares. Sonic & Knuckles isn’t in HD and it’s still one of the most amazing games ever.

  13. You know, when the reaction to all new material is “it’s fake” en masse, that does not exactly inspire confidence in the quality of the work.

  14. @Egg

    Thank you for proving my point

    (okay, I guess you wern’t necisserily “whining” but still…)

  15. @Brad Flick:

    Agreed. Still, I think Sonic 4 will be awesome. It’s level design alone is vastly superior to that of the over-rated NEW Super Mario Bros.

    (By the way, I still dislike the BGM. Those synth instruments are not what I’d expect in a Sonic game. I am just hoping Sega will release Sonic 4 to iPhone OS so I can upgrade the BGM with the superior fan tracks.

    Don’t get me wrong, though – Senoue’s music in every other Sonic game has been a slice from musical heaven. The music just has poor development and instrument in this game. Perhaps, he’s a little rusty from his Sonic 3 years.)

  16. And here he goes again.
    One of the best point of Sonic 4:
    Eggman: the ONLY Badguy and no creature thingys.
    This game may be a stepback from the classics, but a HUGE forward step for the franchise altogether.

  17. I gotta say, the fact that it’s a 2D game alone is a huge ass step in the right direction. I mean, ignoring things like Sonic Blast and Tails’ Sky Patrol, it’s pretty hard for SEGA to screw up something not 3D, yes?

    Also keep in mind that 4 episodes of the game would make it pretty damn big. I just hope there’s an option to link them all as one game and to use the inevitable Tails and Knuckles anywhere, like S3&K.

  18. I never thought the leaks themselves were fake.
    I did suspect some of the early impressions given were a) exaggerated and/or downright incorrect, and/or b) untruthfully claiming to be based on more evidence than the people giving the impressions had actually seen at the time. I still suspect this. Evidence seems to be steadily confirming my hypothesis.

  19. As always, it looks pretty good. After so many leaks and all that, I can say I’m not actually anxious to play this game, just waiting for the release to enjoy it, no stress :]

    @Brad Flick (If you ever come to read it XD)
    Sorry about my comment in your last community blog post. It was more a matter of poor writing than plain whining. I felt I needed to apologize, afterall I’m always commetning on your posts and all that 😀

  20. My only worry about this whole sonic 4 thing is this …… sonic unleashed the hedgehog engine was amazing so why didn’t they just cut out the slow werehog and make another title like that ??? it puzzles me :S

  21. @Lazor844

    Cus alot of ppl didnt like Sonic Unleashed not only because of the werehog, but because it was pretty easy to play thru the game by just pushing the forward button. In other words, Sonic was extremely fast and thats good, but it was boring cus speed wasnt a reward for good platforming.

  22. @Beast1

    yeah true but as a first attempt with the new engine was a good one. thats why i dont understand why they are not trying to improve upon this… also your point sparks another question ..people moan about the “lack” of speed but when there given it they simply ignore it or moan about it

  23. y, know, i think people though it was fake cuase its to good to be true they were pobably like “me he, its not real, sega could never do something like that!!!”

  24. Looks like Sega is pushing the official video back.
    Maybe they’re improving the physics a bit more.

  25. Hey, also: Remember when everyone thought this boss was just going to be the straight Green Hill boss with no changes? Including the people who supposedly had access to people who’d played the boss? Oh, memories.

  26. Looks pretty awesome to me.

    @Eggman123 = You’re absolutely correct. That’s one of the main reasons I’m hyped for this release– with the focus where it should be, hopefully the franchise will indeed continue to take steps forward.

  27. yes i agree sega needs to get there rears in gears and start progressing and make games that appeal to people instead of just going hog wild (no pun intended). but i do agree that this game is a big step in the right direction and am excited to play it and without a doubt brings back great memories of playing the original for the genesis; man i wish i still had mine.

  28. GASP!!!

    Is that… A NEW MOVE?! He’s trying to crush sonic with the ball! Take that, people who thought this was going to be a easy(or at least, similar) 1st boss!

  29. Way past cool! this looks like a new twist on an old boss, at least robuttnik finally figured out how to use that checker wrecker ball right!

    And on a more serious note, I am absolutely disgusted with all of the complaints that this game is getting, even from the guys who said they wanted this, so you know what? All of you whiny fanboys out there who say this game sucks… YOU KNOW SOMETHIN? YOU SUCK!

  30. I preferred it when the wrecking ball swung, but I think Eggman wants to do more then just whack him into submission, but clearly he wants to CRUSH HIM.

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