Get Excited: New Sonic the Hedgehog Mini Figures On The Way!

Get Excited: New Sonic the Hedgehog Mini Figures On The Way!

You’ll all be aware of the really snazzy Sonic the hedgehog classic mini figures line that are produced by First4Figures, well, while snooping as usual around the internets, I’ve found that Forbidden Planet UK are already taking pre-orders for:

– 1.5″ Mini figure Amy Rose
– 1.5″ Mini figure Super Sonic


1.5″ Mini figure MECHA SONIC!!!!!

Now hopefully they haven’t gone and got their robots mixed up (because usually this is what happens) – becuase if they haven’t, there may very well be a chance of owning a tiny version of the robot you fight at the end of Sonic & Knuckles, to many the coolest incarnation of Sonic’s robot counterpart! Either way, fans will at least be getting another Metal Sonic figure…something you can never have too much of! Until then, I guess we’ll have to make do…apparently Amy and Super Sonic were on display at the Neurnberg toy fair, with punters being forbidden to take photos, but hopefully some will surface soon!

Expect these figures to hit UK shelves around the 30th of July, 2010. Exciting stuff!

Source: Forbidden Planet International

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  1. I’m sorry to bring this up, but it needs mentioning in regards to the Mecha figure. The figure could be of Silver Sonic aka Mecha Sonic in Japan. As is know, Sonic and Knuckles featured an upgraded Silver/Mecha Sonic aka Mecha Sonic MKII, which would eliminate him from being this character. The only over character this figure could be is Metal Sonic with a slight name change.

    Either way, I’ll be getting these for my collection.

  2. Wait, MECHA Sonic!? That’s Sonics robiticized form from the Archie comic series. Is this ACTUALLY a figure based on him, or are you getting METAL Sonic and MECHA Sonic mixed up?

  3. I think the like to the figures are broken.

    [Cheers for the heads up: link fixed – T]

  4. I hope that these things are high-quality miniatures. I wouldn’t mind having a set of tiny Sonic replicas hanging around my desk. Not to mention they’d make perfect garnishes for a birthday cake.

  5. @Will

    Are you being serious o.o

    you have played sonic and knuckles right?

    if have then i doubt they’ll ever do archie characters

  6. They’re also releasing a 6-pack with all of the figures in it too, just incase you missed one! Probably going to retail at about £19.99.

  7. Goody! Now my PopCo Mario mini-figures can have some company in my shadow box besides Pokemon and Batman.

  8. I’m loving how there trying to get all the characters in this series of mini figures.I hope to see some of the other characters as well 🙂 Only time will tell.

  9. UK gets Jazwares.. when does the US get f4f? D: I’d love to randomly place figures all over my house

  10. I too am hoping for more characters, like the Freedom Fighters, the Sonic Underground crew, Scratch and Grounder, heck they could even make stupid Chris Thorndyke and I’d be happy, (the more characters the better.)

  11. @John-the-Hedgie

    Yes I have played Sonic & Knuckles, I just didn’t realise that name also applied to that Sonic robot from that game as well as the Archie character.

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