Easter Madness

Easter Madness

Guess who’s back?  Back again.

Here’s some crap, Easter-heads.  I hope you’re celebrating with friends and family today.  If you’re displaced from those people for one reason or another (like I am right now by being in Minnesota on business), then you’ve come to the right place?  Let’s be bored, eat Reese’s Eggs and watch some dumb videos.

Sonic Easter Eggs:


That Easter Bunny ain’t no good.  Sonic delivers those eggs, bronik:


“I have plushies and a camera.  That means I should make a YouTube video.  Everybody wants to see that:”


“Yeah, I misspelled Easter in the end credits, so Happy Easter:”


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Brad, also known as "Slingerland," is a staff writer and editor for both The Sonic Stadium and Sonic Retro. His area of emphasis is the inner-workings of the games and laughing at everything. Follow him on Twitter. - @bradflick55


  1. If you fill a room full of monkeys and Windows Movie maker, you get similar results.
    But with less theft of other people’s art.

  2. I made a Sonic Easter Egg….. of epic fail. XD

    those Wax Crayons are hard to work with on an egg. Dx

    I’ll post it up anyways (not right now though- COOKIE TIME!)

  3. “All pics from: Deviantart”
    I loled.
    Btw far too less Eggman puns.
    At least there was no Elise bunny.

  4. Ah. It fills my heart with joy this Easter Sunday to know I’m not as big of an idiot as the people that made these videos.

  5. Each of these videos is just another nail in the Sonic community’s coffin……seriously. This is embarrassing.

  6. @Stan: Aww, lighten up, mate. This is fandom. You act like a friggin’ idiot and it’s all good fun. 🙂

  7. I found a chocolate easter egg with Sonic Printed on the box and on the wrapping of the egg

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