Buy More Sonic Underpants

Buy More Sonic Underpants

Via our friends at UK:R, we have links to two different pairs of Sonic underpants that you can purchase and show off to ladies everywhere.  The first pair is from ASOS and is only available in “extra small” (waist size 28-30)  It was recently discounted to £4.00.  Bulge not included:

The second pair of underpants is on eBay and runs for £11 (~$17) and is only available in large (waist size 34-36).  Here’s the listing’s description:

You are looking at a super cool, SEGA official merchandise, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG cotton boxers/briefs. They have an elasticated waist. It is made from 100% cotton and machine washable.

If, like me, you loved playing the Sonic games on the Megadrive when you were young then don’t miss your chance to own a super funky pyjama bottom – you will cherish it forever! It will make a super gift for a trendy guy that appreciates all things retro!

If you want in on this action, there are only two remaining.

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  1. At this rate there will be more Sonic pants than Sonic characters… Which is quite awesome.

  2. Second pair are available from New Look for cheaper and in different sizes. But are a bit rubbish

  3. @Will I think it looks kind of small, but could be just me.
    Also, have you guy’s seen the new Sonic 4 update?

  4. Jaws?
    Yes, but TSS probably doesn’t say anything since it’s not a great new thing.
    I wait for the SH zone trailer.

  5. Why are you guys putting so much emphasis on the bulge…lol Did you stare at it that passionately to wonder if it was big or small….I’d get these….minus the bulge lmao…

  6. At first I thought they’d be too small but then lookin at the picture i’m thinking differently. What age group is that size normally for?
    Hah, bulge not included. Very witty. Shame though…

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