ASR DLC Ball In SEGA’s Court Now

ASR DLC Ball In SEGA’s Court Now

After returning from a holiday in Japan (welcome back) Steve Lycett Executive Producer at Sumo Digital has begun his community support in the SEGA/Sonic community forums again and today revealed the current stance on future downloadable content for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing in a post at the SSMB.

Yep, you’ve missed one. Switch the leaderboards to Local only and then play through the tracks, if any have the ‘Staff Ghost’ racing on them, you need to beat it still. If it says ‘Sumo Ghost’ you’ve beaten the default ghost and can skip that one.

On the update, ta for that Mr. Casanova. Pretty much as I expected really

Someone else has a Ryo Forklift toy then? We got ours the other day, I was expecting something… nicer! Still, can’t complain, it’s now in our trophy cabinet – boxed up and never to be opened. Ours also didn’t come with a number painted on it. So therefore I can only assume it’s 1/1000 and Doctor Eggmans’s is 2/1000. You can quote me on that

Future DLC is all up to SEGA now. They’ve put out all the bits we’ve done, personally I think they’ll now look to see how the existing stuff goes and decide if they want some more. Not seen any figures yet, but then I’m only nicely getting back into the groove!


So it looks like the ball is in SEGA’s court as to whether future DLC will happen, currently for the game fans can buy Ryo Forklift and a Metal Sonic & Death Egg pack. Outside of the game Xbox 360 fans can buy Avatar items and a Premium Dashboard theme, there were reports of a PS3 Premium Theme being released on the 22nd April but that never appeared. Will sales of the current DLC be good enough to peek SEGA’s interest? Only time will tell and if we hear anything we’ll let you know.


  1. When I saw the title I thought it was about SEGA Superstar Tennis. Anyways if its up to SEGA then there is no more DLC…..Give it up guys…

  2. Personally, while I and my roommates would like it….I doubt they’ll make any more.

  3. If the Wii version had DLC I would care and want more, but since it doesn’t, more DLC would just be more stuff I’d miss out on.

  4. Ummm Sega how come your not doing what your fans want
    Of course your not going to make any money
    All the DLC U gave us for Characters are Metal Sonic and ryo forklift
    Even tho metal Sonic is cool you should do what your fans want
    in case you did not notes were your customers havent you ever heard
    the customer is always right
    Do you no how many fans tryd to get NiGHTS into the game
    Tru He/She is in the game But we cant play as Him/Her
    You Could Make Nights the Car and Let Elliot and Claris Or Helen and Will Drive NiGHTS
    With The All Star Movie Being NiGHTS turning back to Normil Flying at Super Speed with the Kids
    Im a Fan thats Whut i want
    It’s Like this Sega if you dont do what your fans want you wont make eny money you gada find out whut we want we tell you Guys all the time you Know
    So why is it so hard to do what we ask Just Putting Ryo in his Forklift
    is not going to make you much money And how come i have not Seen Cream and the Chaotix
    and if this game is about Sega Stars whare is Mighty the armadillo He was only in Knuckles Chaotix
    Do you get my point yet sega if you do whut the fans ask you will make money and if not well not so much money So come on sega have a heart for your fans 🙂


    if there has to be a flag holder well who evers not in the race why not make whos not in the race the flag holder you Know take let everybody take turns 🙂

  5. @SuperSonic100:

    I think SEGA tend to respond to messages that are 1) sent to them directly, 2) sent to the right department, and 3) spell-checked.

  6. DLC, no. Even though it was ridiculous quality.

    Considering the numbers its doing in Europe on the Wii and DS alone. Sequel announced at E3. 😉

  7. What did Steve mean by “you’ve missed one” ? Do we get Ryos forklift if we beat all staff ghosts or something?

    The game was “built for DLC”, I’m sure we’ll get more soon… unless of course they’re saving everything for the sequel.

    I want a Daytona track, preferably the one with the Sonic mountain and slot machine 😀

  8. @ Jix Hedgehog
    He was responding to a query I made about the Ghost Master Trophy not unlocking for me, I’ve put a link in the news post if you want to see.

  9. I think SEGA does listen to their fans and then it backfires. The fans are never pleased. Like when the fans say “Too many characters, we want only Sonic” they make a butt load of games with only Sonic. then the fans say “We want Tails and Knuckles and the chaotix including Mighty and Heavy and bomb and we want Froggy, eh!” Sega just can’t win.

  10. (Umiyuri)
    Umm im not the best Speller lol
    And i Figgered Sega Would not see it
    my mind just needed to say what i felt

  11. @Jix Hedgehog – You mean Three Seven Speedway (or 777 Speedway also)? You might want to also reword “Daytona” to “Sega Classic Racing” because Sega no longer have either the source code of the original game or the licence to the Daytona name. That just sucks – if they didn’t get rid of that source code, we could have seen updated graphics in that game to compliment the re-release.
    GAH, SEGA. WHY. What the hell is WRONG with them!?

  12. Let’s just hope SEGA gets the message through sales but considering everyone moaned about the price, I won’t bet on it.

  13. @ Shadzter : Cheers 🙂

    @ Fiera : Yeah, there’s always the licensing issues… saw a guy on the street with a Daytona 500 jacket on, same logo used in the game .. guess that’s what reminded me.
    I thought the track would’ve been alright since it doesn’t resemble the actual real life race course, can have everything associated with Daytona removed (billboards, the cars) and Sonic were in it D:
    I’m sure NASCAR wouldn’t notice 😉

  14. I would love to see more DLC for ASR although I also have my doubts that Sega will produce any despite the fact that Sumo clearly left room for it. I would also worry that new DLC created by employees would suffer from the same problem that sequels made by different development studios do: different design and direction that can make it inconsistent with the original vision.

    That said…

    I would be very open to purchasing additional DLC, albeit at a slightly cheaper price then the eccessively expensive Metal Sonic pack. Lowering the price will improve demand and increase sales of a product with infinite demand. Several companies have proven this, for example Valve, when it dropped (I believe it was Team Fortress 2) to half price, made 4 times as much off of its digital sales. Since then, Valve has constantly repeated those prices.

    Additionally, if Sega will offer DLC I would prefer to see a community hand having a higher level of involvement in it. If Sega were to establish forums strictly for discussing possible DLC, improvements and balances to be released, they could have a very successful game on their hands. Again, taking Valve as an example with TF2, which is still receiving updates for balance, still being played, still selling new copies and even opens its doors to user created content (reviewed by devs before implementation of course). If Sega were to throw serious commitment behind SaSASR and it’s DLC, they could potentially make a lot of money.

    I’ll buy 5 new characters a $2 a pop. I’ll by new courses for a buck or so. Especially, I stress especially, if players such as myself can log onto a moderated forum and offer advice on balance, vote on new music tracks and look at upcoming DLC in development and offer advice.

  15. @FieraDevilWings & JixHegehog

    Yeah, EA Sports has the rights to Daytona, and not SEGA anymore, but who knows? That might change with the recent cancellation of NASCAR 11.

  16. @ crippenstation : oh no, not bloody EA. Well, there goes that idea 🙁

    We should boycott any news on the (possible) sequel and demand more DLC!

    ” I will not buy S&SASR2 until we get more DLC! “

  17. @ Jix Hedgehog

    He means that EA only has the rights to the Daytona name. Sega still owns all the content in the original games they made.

    Also please don’t start that boycott garbage here, no one ever goes through with it, just cease and desist.

  18. @Jix Hedgehog and PsychoJosh:

    While boycotting is pointless and almost never accomplishes anything in the gaming industry, I must admit that I would be a lot less likely to buy ASR2 if I felt that the first one had been shunted aside when it clearly had room for growth.

  19. I still suggest my banjo-kazooie pack, of showdown town, spiral mountain, mayahem temple, grunty and piuddles, and mumbo jumbo, I rest my case

  20. @Tails6000: I would have to disagree. Besides, the Xbox 360 version has enough exclusive content. It’s got the most gameplay related content out of any version, and will continue to have the most unless new DLC is released exclusively for the PS3. On the note of new DLC though…

    I wish there would be more, but something tells me that I highly doubt it. Sega’s all about sequels, it seems, and they don’t release very much DLC for their games. Sonic ’06 and Sonic Unleashed are the only exceptions that I can think of (and even in the case of Sonic Unleashed, it seemed like many fans wanted/expected ‘so much more’ from the DLC that Sega decided to release.) Price also plays a role, for sure. I mean, $8.00 USD for one character, one track, and five songs?

  21. @ Sonictoast.

    I think the fact that some people here were suggesting to boycott the next game because they didn’t get their character in is quite a hilarious joke.

  22. @Starlight Rage Zone: Any other DLC ideas we could think of if DLC is made for this?

  23. @ Sonictoast

    I wholeheartedly agree. I actually don’t care what other Sonic characters are in it. Just no cheap gimmicks. I like my Sonic games clean. With the same 2D Platforming of the classic games or Sonic Rush, thanks.

  24. @ DashXFox

    I’m with ya dude! but if they make a sequal to sonic chronicles for real…I’d buy it….or a sonic and sgea adventure game (sonic and sega allstars adventure with banjo – kazooie if for xbox 360)

  25. an idea for dlc would be the crazy taxi course with all the hills (not sure if it is the arcade one) but that one have that as a track but the file size might be huge. The characters could start where the tram turntable is and then you go around then. There could be an adition to the battle mode then where you have to pick up people and take them to areas on the battle map this could also be a mission like of crazy taxi.

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