Xbox Live Addicts Hosting ASR League

Xbox Live Addicts Hosting ASR League

Got an Xbox 360 and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing? Enjoying the game? Fancy yourself as a bit of a pro? Want some competition? Like prizes? Well Xbox Live Addicts are hosting a racing league with SEGA Europe as official sponsors, which means you have the chance to win some official SEGA prizes. The league is open for 6 weeks and sign up for week 2 has just begun, if you’re interested you can go put your name down here. You must be a member of the league and the site to play of which you can register for here.

Source: Sonic City Blognik


  1. That sounds sweet!

    Thanks for the heads-up Shadzter!

    Oh, and is it “Enjoying the gam?” supposed to be “Enjoying the game?” or am I missing a new word on the internet? E.G: D.I.Y.S

  2. @ Kirboy

    Thanks for pointing that out, I was in a bit of a rush typing it all out so I didn’t notice it lol! XD

  3. I only got the chance to play this game over Xbox Live ONCE, coz my free trial period expired the very next day DX

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