UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine With Sonic 4 Scoop Next Month

UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine With Sonic 4 Scoop Next Month

Sonic 4 has seen more high profile leaks than SEGA would have liked but the marketing for the game looks set to officially kick into high gear soon as the first news of a magazine featuring a preview has been uncovered. As revealed in their latest issue (54, April 2010) the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine will have screenshots and impressions of Sonic 4 next month. The magazine will be out on the 9th April so in you live in the UK you can pick it up then or you can rely on TSS to give you the down-low. Thanks to MK Skillz of the SSMB for the heads up!


  1. ONM, huh? They´ll proably say that its great and hide some of the “not so nice” details like always! :/ It´s probably going to be a nice insight, but I´m better off when I play it myself on release, only then will I know if its garbage (a waste of time) or good (pretty fun)!
    I´m still not so sure on the homing attack, after playing a Sonic 3 & K hack with one in there (a pretty good implementation actually), I think it makes Sonic 3 & K way to easy, I sure hope Sonic 4 won´t be like that. That 3 & K hack was a total cakewalk with it in there! :/ And if they implement it with the Jump dash (without an enemy in range), why did they even bother with implementing the Spindash? I mean, you can just stand in front of a loop, jump and dash right above the ground and run trough the loop without even charging a Spindash! I´m just afraid the Spindash will lose its importance once again since that move has been terrible in newer 2D Sonics (Rush/Rush Adventure) and even in 3D Games (Sonic06 for example)! =/
    Heres still hope, but I´m being careful, I can either spend 5 Bucks on this or on a nice lunch, I´ll decide once I played the Trail Game in a couple months!
    Like I said, still hoping for the best, but I have a bad feeling about this game at the moment!

  2. didn’t classic collection got a 7?
    Maybe ONM don’t like classic Sonic games.
    Better just wait for the demo, but because of the last few info we got i’m rather optimistic.

  3. @ Eggman123

    What’s wrong with a 7/10. It means it’s a good game, if not very good. It just means it not great which is to be expected from another bloody Sonic collection. The review would (or should) give the lowdown on the game and why it didn’t score higher. Did the developers not enhance the games? Did they fix framerate problems? Did they add new features, not just stupid art extras we’ve seen a billion times? All those could be reasons that the game didn’t score higher.

    Sonic 4 wise I can’t wait to get the latest drip feed for the game.

  4. Oh screw what popular websites say. Unless it’s as obvious as Sonic 06, it’s the gamer’s own opinion, right?

  5. May be pickin’ this issue up…..maybe.
    Pff, the homing attack in Sonic Rush was pitiful, it barely homed onto anything, and the jumpdash didn’t accelerate you.
    I just hope it is implemented in challenging way, you know, so it ain’t to easy.
    Meh, who knows….

  6. @Tobibrocki: What rendered the spin dash obsolete in Sonic Rush was the boost ability, which was really really hard to ever run out of. The homing attack in those games was rather limited, as it only worked near enemies. I at least found the spin dash useful in the first Sonic Rush in those rooms where the doors would close and you had to defeat X number of badniks to progress.

    I’m not convinced that the homing attack will break the game. I don’t find it terribly game-altering when playing the Sonic 1 Megamix, and I still find myself using the spin attack fairly regularly in that game.

    In fact, as long as SEGA isn’t outright lying about anything, Sonic 4 should be really good. Classic cast, platforming > speed, jump physics supposedly addressed, and free-roaming Super Sonic. Now all we need is an epic no-rings rematch against Metal, Mecha, and Silver Sonics and I can die happy.

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