T-Bird’s Tour of the Sonic the Hedgehog Room at Alton Towers

T-Bird’s Tour of the Sonic the Hedgehog Room at Alton Towers


Well, I’ve just spent a weekend at the Alton Towers theme park in Shropshire, UK. As well as sighting Jonathan Ross, skipping past the rest of the crowd and getting into the park before the rest of the public, and riding Nemesis 5 times in half an hour (no queue! Insane!), I was there, in true T-Bird style, for the Sonic experience. I was lucky enough to be the first member of the general public to book into the Sonic the Hedgehog Room (which Dreadknux got to stay in a month ago for nothing…lucky badnik he is!) and once I’d stopped running around the room screaming like a child, I recorded a little video tour of the room – enjoy!

Also it seems like my UFO plush machine luck has taken a full turn, as I’ve come back with quite a handful without having to sell any kidneys for money! All the hats, keyrings etc are available from the Alton Towers gift shop.

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With a decade under his belt, Adam is one of The Sonic Stadium's most seasoned writers, with interests in the music and merchandise of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Adam is the co-organiser for the Summer of Sonic convention.


  1. A bit dark but good.. I heard so many rumors of Jason Griffith disconcerting his contract and hearing that guys voicing pretending to sound like sonic.. frightens me.. that he could be the replacement. dear spoon no..

  2. That voice at the door was the worst impression of Sonic I’ve ever heard in my life.

  3. ^^^^ Yeah I mean if thats there new sonic if the rumor is true I should enter that I can sound like a good Jason without the washed out crap of him..*makes youtube video*

  4. Don’t remember hearing any of those voice bits when I went in, just heard ring noises though someone told me there was voices at times. That voice actor is just terrible, I heard him on the ASR TV ad too.

    Anyway, looks like you had as much fun as we did 😀

  5. Also, no fair about the merchandise. They didn’t have any Sonic goodies on sale when we all went. *Shakes fist* lol!

  6. My favourite part, if you turn on youtubes transcribe audio it’s hilarious what it thinks T is saying. Just watch it back with transcribe audio turned on.

  7. I would laugh quite loudly if I saw a hat shaped figure driving away with the palm tree sticking out of the car window.

  8. “Also, no fair about the merchandise. They didn’t have any Sonic goodies on sale when we all went. *Shakes fist* lol!”

    I must agree, the first place I went to was the shop in an effort to bag the Sonic goodies first, only to be disapointed that they only had the standard plushies which are available anywhere. Any chance you can give us a price on the merch, T?

  9. @ Stasis
    Yeah, the plushies were all we found. The Alton Towers merchandise also had the Sonic Spinball ride’s old Spinball Whizzer logo on lol!

  10. @ Will
    I wondered that myself when I went in there, I figured maybe Dread didn’t want the ceiling light on but now I’m thinking maybe the room doesn’t have a ceiling light :p

  11. could have made it a lil bit better. and please take away the voice from opening the door! They are HORRIBLE!

  12. What the heck was up with the voices? That honestly has to get annoying after a while……
    But the room itself is just…. wow! Sonic themed to the extreme. I’d probably be running around screaming like a little kid if I got to stay there.

  13. I’m going in a few months time, I’ll be sure to video the experience and get some daytime shots of the room too. Hopfully that’ll improve the lighting conditions a lot! I imagine that during the day the room will be very bright.

  14. I have to get there, or use the excuse that I’m taking my 5 year old brother, though he would love it too. I want that merchandise so badly..

  15. Shadz: Most of the stuff was generably available UK Sonic stuff, no Spinball branded stuff apart from the photo folder.

    Sheza: Yeah. I got to keep everything. I say keep, we ate all the coins and used the fast track tickets!

    Eggman123: We did talk about the hillarity of walking out the door with the tree stuffed down my pants and the “is that a tree in your pocket…” jokes ensued.

    Stasis: The caps, keyrings and wristbands all price under a fiver…unfortunately the plushes and F4F figures are all more expensive than they are normal retail. The best things there are the SEGA Prize Europe plushes, but you have to win them out of the machine!

    Will: It’s so dark as there is no ceiling light – just Chaos Emerald glow!

    sonictoast: Thanks!

    Cass: Yeah, please do film in the morning! They do kick you out at 10am though, and in between breakfast and running to get back in the park before the general public left me with little time to do much. Still…good photos of my facebook if you’re my mate!

    Cheers for all the comments guys!

  16. I would like that voice more if it actually sounded like Sonic. Regardless though, that’s a awesome room. I make my room look like that if I could.

  17. For the lodge price.. I thought the room would be bigger, but what’s in there is really sweet looking! Nice job T-Bird, lucky son of a gun

    @ Extaticus : Yeah, exactly..

  18. I don’t think the voice was Jason guys, it was definitely some other dude. Which made me wonder a lot about how long it will be until the VA for Sonic will be replaced.

  19. @Shadzter

    I thought the room had a window? (That’s the impression I got when you talked about the curtains).

  20. Why do I have an urge to prank the whole room?

    I mean, I would want to post up giant posters of Dr. Eggman on the walls, rules from Dr. Eggman you have to follow, and place sticky notes on the wall quoting sarcastic replies from Robotnik to Sonic?

    Hmmm…. Something to consider if I do go here.


  21. You know, that voice did not sound AT ALL like Sonic. It reminded me more of some random dude “trying” to sound cool. Note “trying.”

    Also, I just hope this isn’t Sonic’s new voice. The voice actor does not fit Sonic’s character in any way, shape or form. He’s funny, though. Sort of like the ASR announcer, that is.

  22. Awesome, but what was with that Sonic voice? Seriously, that’s the most freaking hilariously bad Sonic voice I’m ever heard. XD He sound constipated, really.

    “So yeah, I stayed at that new Sonic room at Alton Towers, it was awesome! I heard a voice talk to me when I walked in. At first, I didn’t think too much of it, but then to my surprise, when I went to the bathroom to freshen up, there was a guy sitting there with his pants down talking into a microphone!”

    But anyway, I do wish they had something like this in America, that would be awesome. Really cool stuff here!

  23. I would be a better VA for Sonic than that guy. And I’m a girl! XD
    I just need to change the voice in the computer and…voila! XD

    Well, if they will replace Jason…I hope they do it soon and replace him with a really good actor! Sorry Jasonn, but you suck. You did a great job in SU…but it wasn’t really Sonic….Sonic was a little bit to calm in SU.

  24. @Osnic: You know, I once wrote a speech as Sonic, recorded it, and the response from the guys was that I actually sounded pretty Sonic-like for a British girl. XD

  25. Just to piss you off T. (X3…)

    Darkspeeds says: “One night’s stay at Alton Towers… Think of what you could do with that money…! ;___;”


    Seriously cool footage as always, thanks for sharing an exclusive ‘visual’ insight to the Sonic Room at Alton Towers. I’m sure you and your mates had a fantastic time. And holy crap! Why do you guys up North grow your hair so quickly (i.e. Andrew’s got back his beard and long hair?! I thought he was James Blunt there for a sec…! :D)

    Anyways keep on rockin’ dude, I’d love to watch more videos from ya in future! *thumbs up*

  26. Elson, one day I will oil the hinges on your rusted-shut wallet, and we shall see how much we can get at auction for the gold dabloons inside, that you were supposed to hand over when the Spanish Armada failed.

  27. DUDE.


    “There it’s Knuckles hiding over there and he will watch you take a dump!” LOL.

  28. I did expect the room to be much larger, it was so dark I had to go in the bathroom to read my book. one bedside light didn’t work. The sink in the bathroom was badly crazed. And someone left an item of clothing in the secret drawer. Bed was really comfortable. Staff very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended Staying in room again before S.o.S.

  29. Loved the Sonic impression so much I recorded it and use it as the alarm tone on my mobile.

  30. Doesn’t the sonic voice blaring get really annoying every time you open the door? I know it would tick me off after the 10th time!

  31. Oh lord.. now that i hear the sonic voice…. THAT ISN’T JASON!!! If it is him, his voice got deeper.

    SEGA, if you REALLY have to change VA, get Ryan on the phone! I’m sure he’d be glad to hear from you!

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