Sonic Fan Videos: An Itch Sonic Can’t Scratch by back2s0ul

Sonic Fan Videos: An Itch Sonic Can’t Scratch by back2s0ul


While sorting out “merch mountain” on my day off today I’ve been crusing youtube for my usual selection of heavy metal, Bentley Jones contest entries (still waiting for more killers!)…and eventually I came to this. A lot of you will already know of back2s0ul on youtube already, but this looks like it’s fairly new. The animation is fab and fluid, the choice of tune is catchy (Good ol’ Junior Senior, and this video seems to fit in quite well with their acid trip style of video) and there’s also a nod to the Sonic OVA.What more could you ask for. Why are you still reading! Watch the video…and perhaps this one too…over, and over, and over…


Watch “An Itch Sonic Can’t Scratch” BIG STYLIN’

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  1. Seen this a couples days ago. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Still cool to see it being posted as news – I love how she consistently brings some ‘soul’ back into the Sonic series in an artsy manner.

    I’m currently colouring me cartoons and listenin’ to you and the J bros chatting away about your experience meeting up with the Jhunny Babee in London 2 years ago via TSH. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. First video…weirdest thing I’ll probably see this week…no, MONTH. But still awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€

    2nd video make me laugh ’cause I really wasn’t expecting it. XD

    Both amazingly animated, I look forward to more of the same!

  3. These were amazing. I remember seeing the 2nd one in Deviantart.
    The first one was a bit redundant, but loved the little limbless animations. and the silhouette. And the dancing of the actual Knuckles and Sonic dancing at the end was fabulous.

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