Sonic 3 MegaKONATA Mix & Sonic Doesn’t Need A Story

Sonic 3 MegaKONATA Mix & Sonic Doesn’t Need A Story

Ever wondered what Sonic 3 mashed with one of Lucky Star’s most annoying yet funny character would sound like? Akhts decided to try it out in the below video.

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Thanks to Pearl at the SSMB for the heads up.

If that wasn’t enough Alex Day has expressed his thoughts about modern Sonic games in song which even the most hardcore Sonic fans should get a laugh out of.

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Thanks to Indigo Dude at the SSMB for the heads up.


  1. Blue hair, green eyes… Hmmm. >:|

    (And running at the speed of sound is not the same as decent acceleration, Mr Day.)

  2. I got some laughs out of this. I mean i love Lucky Star and mixing it up with some Sonic music is always a good time. The fan bit was my fav.

    Though it, at the same time is annoying…

  3. The first one was okay, but the other one wasn’t fun at all. Sometimes, i wonder if this website is driven by Old School fags, not Old School fans.

    Ok, i might be to serious but still…

  4. @ McFurry
    How does posting various media created by people in the Sonic community make us fags? What would be wrong if any of us were gay or fags as you like to put it? Nothing, either keep your vile comments to yourself or go spread your hate elsewhere.

  5. @Shadzter
    I don’t think he means fags as in homossexuals, but rather as people who complain too much about something (In this case, how Sonic changed from the simple Genesis games to story-driven next-gen releases). I didn’t like the song very much myself, but it’s kinda funny.

    Talking about story-driven games, yesterday I watched the last story cutscenes from Shadow the Hedgehog. Man, that’s awful 😀

  6. (Ah, btw, I don’t think people complain too much about it. There’s plenty of cool stuff for people who appreciate the “modern” sonic, so oldschool players like us sometimes like to make fun of it all 🙂 )

  7. @rafthehay
    Well in that case we’re not trying to give off any biased notion with what we post wether it be old school or new school, just that we’re all around Sonic fans. We try to accomodate for all areas of the fandom so there’s something for everyone be it the site features, news or our community blog entries. 🙂

  8. @Shadzter: Oh, sure thing, I know that. It’s the lighthearted nature of this site that makes me come here many times a day 🙂 I was just commetning the meaning of “fag” in Mr. McFurry’s post. Rock on!

  9. @ rafthehay
    That’s cool, I wasn’t aiming that at you. I was aiming it at McFurry but discussing it with you if that makes any sense XD and thanks for the comment about the site and for visiting many times a day 🙂 Will pass it on to Dreadknux

  10. @Shadzter
    Dude/dudette, just relax. Stop jumping to conclusions. >_>

    I’m black, if someone used the “N” word, I wouldn’t be bothered. I wouldn’t automatically assume they were racist losers. I would just think they used a poor choice of word.

  11. @ Ianmanna
    I am relaxed, why is it everywhere I go people think I’m not relaxed? I couldnt be more calm, you can’t judge how calm someone is by looking at their text.

    I wasn’t jumping to conclusions, I’m very open minded but it’s to be expected that I would think McFurry was hating on us and calling us gay by using the word fags. I’m in the UK and people use that as an hate word towards gay people here. I know words can mean something else in other countries McFurry may be from but I’ve never seen anyone from other countries use the word with a different meaning.

    I deeply apologise to McFurry if he was using the word in a different sense but not once in my 24 years of life have I ever heard the word used to describe as raythehay said ‘people who complain too much’.

    Again I apologise to McFurry and I am calm and relaxed before anyone possibly thinks I’m not again with this long post.

  12. okay…it was ingeniously well done. Synchronizing the voices with the music. Wasn’t really that funny though. Probably cuz I don’t watch Lucky Star.

  13. @ inyuji
    Yea i don’t watch it as well…..until last week, when my subscription on youtube got the English dub and when lunar watches an anime once, hes addicted NOOOOO But I guess I have to start catching up *sigh* What punishment. But at least I’m not watching Hellsing >.> Id rather sit and watch Big O than that crap xD

  14. What is that blue-haired giant-headed thing and why do I see it everywhere I look on the internet? Is it Crazy Frog?

  15. Nice video.

    Lucky Star is awesome.

    and in my opinion, the most annoying character is Patricia Martin.

  16. @ Ookami_94

    Amen. She has the most annoying voice in the world in the English dub. Like mickey mouse on helium with larengitis

  17. @Edge

    Lucky Star has an English dub? And you actually lived through it? ¦D *SMACKED*

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