SEGA Superstars Tennis Now Available On Xbox 360 Games On Demand

SEGA Superstars Tennis Now Available On Xbox 360 Games On Demand

It’s been a month since Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing was released in the U.S. and to mark the occasion SEGA have released the last game in the Superstars/All-Stars series SEGA Superstars Tennis on the Xbox 360 Games On Demand service. The game costs £19.99 in the UK and $19.99 in the U.S. and weighs in at 3GB in size so it’s not too big compared to other Xbox 360 titles. If you’d like to take a swing at a court first you can download a free demo before you net yourself the game. Let’s hope this re-release will get the online multiplayer ball rolling or in this case bouncing again.

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  1. The pricing is a bit high, considering you can buy the Xbox 360 bundle version, new, for £5 on eBay and Amazon and the like. Still, great game. I played it again today, and it seems the Games On Demand release has given it a much needed boost in online activity. Last month, I couldn’t find any online matches, today, I played several. 😀

  2. Wow i got that game for free when i got my second xbox lol kinda off a rip off the price, I say it should be around about the same price as Perfect Dark Zero (£14:99) or less

  3. It’s a good game but certainly not worth what MS is charging (although that’s true for everything on Games On Demand).

    I got this in a pre-owned PGR4 double pack for £10 last year.

  4. 20 bucks?! 1600 Microsoft Points?!

    Please. For around $10 bucks, I can find this game bundled with the XBOX Arcade disc in the pre-owned bin at GameStop.

    Cheaper, since I’ve got the EDGE Discount card.

    But still pretty cool.

  5. @Jix,
    Yeah in the Ps3 and xbox versions, although it was impossible to get a match, it was always a ghost town.

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