Recent Super Sonic “leaks” a hoax

Recent Super Sonic “leaks” a hoax

Well, I guess there’s such a thing as being too quick on the trigger, eh? Some of you may be wondering why the earlier news post was removed; well, it appears the screenshots were a hoax. Perhaps the most glaring flaw was the use of the Egg Dragon, which served as the final werehog boss battle from Sonic Unleashed. I suppose that particular boss battle wasn’t exactly memorable, as several sites seem to have fallen for the hoax to some degree.

Well played, hoaxers, well played! Good going on not using a boss from the Rush games either: Egg Dragon was a pretty good choice for something like this. I, for one, am glad that Microsoft’s lax security measures over at PartnerNet (the source of most of the Sonic 4 leaks) hasn’t spoiled the final boss for the rest of us: we can only hope the final boss battle will remain unspoiled until the game’s finished and out. A special request to all those with access to PartnerNet: please, don’t spoil? πŸ™‚

And no, we are not putting the screens back up. πŸ˜›

Oh, and special thanks goes to SSMB member Dusk for bringing this to my attention! Appreciate it, man ;). I would also like to take this opportunity to push the website SEGA Bits, were I first found the hoax.. They are a great new site for SEGA fans everywhere, without the Kartel’s silly ads. I highly recommend a visit!

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  1. Should be “were a hoax”, not “where a hoax”. Can we get some proofreading grammar shiznaz up in dis place? :3

    Other than that, well done on correcting the news relatively quickly πŸ˜›

  2. Although I don’t believe it’s real, how does that confirm it’s a hoax? It could be a rehash. Plus, the boss is missing the drill from sonic unleashed.

  3. I don’t have a link to the photos any more, but if you look at them in context it’s obvious enough. I’ll go over the basics: The boss is from Unleashed, the Sonic graphics are from Unleashed. The blur behind Sonic looked photoshopped, even with the horrible photography designed to hide that sort of thing. The life count and what we could see of the timer was identical to a previous leaked screenshot. In the other screen that included the score/timer, that whole section was conveniently obscured by the camera flash. The score was new, but consisted of numbers available in the timer of the aforementioned previous screenshot, likely downsized and recoloured. On top of that, the score counter ended with a 7, and I’ve never heard of a Sonic game where the score didn’t end in a 0. Finally, the title screen that was intended to be “proof” that it was genuine is something that was already leaked a while back.

  4. You know, hurry up and post news like last night (it was during night in my country) without any further information that proves legitimity about the aforementioned newsmakes us look like *The Site that Shall not be Zetta named*…

    TSS, I am dissapoint :-l

    Having said that, I saw the pictures, and it was Epic, also, it would mean that for some reason Sonic Unleashed happens before Sonic 4, thus the lack of knuckles and shadow and all the other characthers πŸ˜› (and the fact that Tails was not so independent), but there would be a plothole because Sonic 4 states to happen exactly after Sonic 3 so*stonned before keeps posting*.

  5. Well *cough* Either way, the boss is gonna be easy as normal. If its called the final level then why is it so damn easy. I mean seriously, you can beat the dark queen in under 3 min and beat Dark gaia in under 6. On top of that, the bosses in Shadow the Hedgehog AND sonic heroes didnt serve much of a challenge. Well maybe Metal Sonic was pretty hard…BUT still. Im hoping they give us a harder boss in STH 4.

  6. @Lunar_Sonic96

    Dark Gaia in under 6 minutes?! You must be talking about the Wii/PS2 versions of the game… Dark Gaia was SUPER HARD on the 360/PS3 version of Unleashed, where you can barely defeat in 9 minutes at the least(and that’s only if you’re an expert at the game). The 360/PS3 versions had 7 parts to the fight, plus in the normal sonic parts you had a short time limit (especially on the third sonic part…), and if you failed to reach Dark Gaia in time, you die… When you hear Chip shout “HURRY SONIC!”, then you’re about to die.

  7. Aw come on imarafan. It’s from a source thats shown legitimate stuff before. We where just played by a good hoax. I’m not going to check a list of bosses everytime something like this is leaked ;). Though, I admit I was probably too quick to put this up; but I can’t think of any other way I’d do it.

    Besides, at least we’re willing to admit we where played πŸ˜›

  8. Nothing is proven, just assumed. I hope it’s not a hoax to make this action seem hypocritical, regarding “jumping the gun.” There’s a lot of evidence that can lead it to being a hoax, but there’s also a lot of counterpoints that can say otherwise.

  9. The title screen also had a different font from before, and the background to it was exactly the same as 1080p screenshot of the title screen released by Sega, even though the background scrolls (making it very hard to take a picture of the EXACT same position of the title screen that was in the official screenshot), and Sonic’s finger waves.

    Yeah, these were very, very fake.

  10. And I was just thinking today how odd it was that Super Sonic was in the first episode…

  11. Your welcome, Sharky. We try. πŸ™‚

    It’s not hypocritical, cause the evidence put against this is pretty hard to refute. The boss was what sealed the deal: these are indeed fake.

    Heck, it’s recently been revealed that these come from an already confirmed hoaxer. No, we’re not linking to that either.

    Achievements have already confirmed Super Sonic for this episode.

  12. @ some dude.

    Uhhhhh. I beat dark Gaia in SU PS3 in about 6 or 7 minutes. To me he was harder in the Wii version… Even though I beat that one in whatever time it took to S rank it (I hated that version so I sold it… Which is why I can’t remember… I think it was 2:30 or something like that…)

    It wouldn’t have surprised me if that hoax was truth though. This is SEGAs least original game yet… And that’s saying alot. Well it wouldve been cool since Egg Dragoon is my favorite non-Disgaea boss ever. But it still wouldve pissed me off since it would mean reusing ANOTHER enemy.

  13. Oh and @lunar_sonic96

    My best time on dark queen was just under 1 minute… SO THERE!*shot by some enraged armadillo*

  14. Wait a minute, is it Sharky and George from the OLD SEGA Nerds working on SEGAbits? Did you guys up and leave the new SEGA Nerds to go back to the old format? Fair play to you guys, I gotta say.

  15. @ Some Dude
    >.> Obviously I am an expert….

    @ Edge
    My best time is 56 sec. Hell, I owned the black knight in less than 2 min. I think mostly its because of luck, because I cant get that good of a time again. >.< Ill post my time with the Knights of the Round later xD
    My only regret in a sonic game is that they didn't combine both versions of the final battle. 360 version were Chip goes up to dark gaia, wii version were chip fights dark gaia. Sonic attacks the three eyes, 360 version were super sonic and chip go towards dark gaia and take down its shields. Dark gaia grabs chip, save him ((behold my thumbs of destruction, because I nearly broke my X button)) then finally the wii version with taking out the eyes. and last but not least on the final eye, just do the 360 version. Theres a real final battle. Now all that's missing is pie =D

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